The Power of Your Permanent Wealth Account


“The Power of Your Permanent Wealth Account”


How much money has flowed through your life? How much have you kept? If you haven’t kept very much money, that’s because you didn’t have a structure – until now.

In his Prosperity Consciousness course, Fredric Lehrman invites you to imagine living in a time before bank accounts and finance on paper. See yourself carrying around a leather pouch and receiving your income in the form of 10 gold coins. You buy shoes. You eat. Eventually your pouch is empty and you do work to go get 10 more gold coins. Your pouch fills and empties and fills and empties – a natural ebb and flow. Most people spend as much as they make. When their income goes up, so do their expenses.

Now, imagine that you have a SECOND POUCH. And every time you put 10 gold coins in the first pouch, you immediately take one of those coins and move it to the second pouch. You continue to add and subtract from the first pouch, but the second pouch, you NEVER spend those coins. Eventually that second pouch would grow until it’s too heavy to carry around anymore.

This is the idea of the permanent wealth account.

Open a bank account that is completely separate from all your other accounts with the sole intention of putting money in there and never ever touching the principle.

Remember the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs? You wouldn’t ever kill the golden goose, would you? You’d want to live off of the eggs. The permanent wealth account is your Golden Goose.

Having this account reinforces two very important beliefs:


Belief #1


“I have money.”



What you focus on expands. If you’re always complaining about how you’re broke and have no money, it’s hard for money to come to you.

It’s easy to receive more of what you already have. So if you already have money, it’s easy to attract more.

Belief #2


“I have more money than I’ll ever need.”



What an abundant belief! You’ll never touch the principal, which means that you have more money than you’ll ever need.

In my experience, the amount of money in my permanent wealth account is the amount of money that moves easily in my life. It’s like a magnet for more money. When I got to $10,000, I found it easier to attract another $10,000.

It’s easy to calculate 10% of your income. And it’s easy to live off of 90% of your income. You won’t even notice it’s gone, as long as you pay yourself first.

You MUST pay yourself first!!! Otherwise, that 10% will get spent.  Every time you receive a check, automatically transfer 10% into your permanent wealth account. Do this until it becomes a habit and is automatic for you.

If you don’t have any income, start by contributing whatever you can. The practice of managing your money is more important than the amount.

You’ll have so much fun with this account that you’ll want to put more money in. Having fun is important! You’ll start by putting aside 10% of your income, and soon you’ll find that you can contribute even more.

Please post a comment below and let me know how this is going for you!  Your Permanent Wealth Account is a powerful tool.


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  1. Liz Ramos says:

    I like the concept – how about the piece of having your money work for you (at a better rate than the bank account intersest)?

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      The primary “job” of the money in the permanent wealth account is to be there to reinforce those two beliefs and give you the experience of being financially free. So for this account, it’s important to keep the principal in something very low risk.

      Oh the other hand, this is just one of several accounts that I recommend having. Another is an investment account. The “job” of this account is to grow, and you can take more calculated risks with it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this valuable lesson, PJ. I had so much trouble putting away 10% of my income because it was so erratic and never enough at the end of the month. Finally I signed up for an automatic withdrawal from my special bank account to buy $100 worth of silver coins every month. I had to put at least $100 in every month in order to fill the order. So I was able to pay myself every month just that small amount, and have the money in a form that I couldn’t spend. After I started doing that my financial picture began changing for the better and has been getting better every since.

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      I love the solution you came up with Jeannette! YES! Automatic savings are a GREAT way to go, and I’m so happy you’re doing it. : D

  3. Kristi says:

    This is great! I have a money market account with Capital One. I WAS putting money aside then got caught up in fear about being able to pay for this and that so I stopped. I’m going to start again and NOT touch it!

  4. Teresa Aziam says:

    I heard you say it on the call you did with me for the Money and Freedom for Mompreneurs telesummit, but I didn’t act on it. Now that I’m hearing it again (and from another source recently) I’m getting the message loud and clear. Thank you for your sage advice!

  5. Angel says:

    Awesome tips PJ! I love your articles. :)

  6. What a great reminder, PJ. I know this lesson, but haven’t followed it in awhile. Time to get back on that horse and ride it like there’s an abundant tomorrow.

  7. Love these tips, PJ! I’m actually working through Jenn August’s Money Magnetism programme at the moment after coming across her through her List-a-Paloooza interview.

    I’m starting to work with my accountant now to figure out a smart way to manage my money as my business is getting off the ground, and I’m feeling SO MUCH more relaxed around money now!



  8. Oh how I needed to read this today. Like some of the other readers I have tried before and allowed a scarcity mindset to clean out the account.

    I am taking you up on your challenge starting today. Thanks for the abundance of excellent information you continue to provide PJ!

    Summer Alexander
    Summer Alexander Research

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  9. I love that! I actually used to do that with every paycheck when I had my former job. The only thing is that after a certain point, I broke down and spent the money! LOL

  10. Anne Perry says:

    Love it! It occurs to me we an apply similar principles to our *time.* We have to pay ourselves first with time too, otherwise our days get swept away by other people’s priorities. When we give ourselves our first hours in the day to work on our most precious goals, or when we actually schedule our fun in the calendar, we end up filling our lives with what’s most important to us. More happy moments means a happier life!

  11. Lisa says:

    This is Excellent advice PJ! Thank you! It is also something that I intend to implement today!

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    Little Known Uses of 5 Magical Herbs – From Bringing Success in Court to Curing Impotency!

  12. Amy says:

    Oh I really enjoyed this post. Super helpful especially the mindset stuff that helps magnify abundance. I have a savings account, and I put 10% of everything I earn there. But I have to admit it’s mostly just for overdraft protection. So how do I start generating golden eggs?

    Amy Pearson
    Master Martha Beck Life Coach

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    “The Approval Trap — the secret reason you can’t raise your rates, attract your ideal client or create kick ass results in your biz and life (and how to fix it right now)”

  13. Tara DuBois says:

    A concept that would serve so many well, but can be so hard to follow in difficult times. Nice reminder though about never harming the golden goose. I knew someone who would pay with everything by cash. Not only did he feel like he had full control of his money (fear banks would take it), but he could really see what goes out. The beauty about technology in today’s era is that we can have them take the money straight away to that separate account. I need to practice this. :)

    Have a super day!

    Tara DuBois
    Social Marketer – Strategist
    Unbound VA

  14. Great tips, PJ. Have you tried turning these into Afformations? I love Afformations by Noah St. John. They are like affirmations, except they are in the form of a question. They force your mind to subconsciously work on the answers. So you would ask something like, “Why is it so easy for me to have more money than I’ll ever need?” :-)

    Amethyst Mahoney

  15. Lena says:

    Great advice, I already do this but I think saving 10% is a great number for me!

  16. One thing to consider if you don’t have enough money to put aside 10 % each month is to focus on increasing your income. Look for ways to generate income fast and to generate income long term. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs run ragged because their practice is filled with clients who are low paying and low profit. Get a picture of your ideal client and start moving your practice towards being filled with high-paying, high profit clients. Once you do that, the 10% per month will be much easier.

    • dave says:

      I hear what you say but the poor need help too
      Find a balance for passion and profit
      and everything else will fall into place

  17. PJ thank you so much for this article. I’ve heard the “pay yourself first” concept before, but never had it explained in a way that made so much sense and that made it simple to understand and follow.

    Shannon Bednowicz
    Wine, Women & Wax

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  18. Great post P.J. Pay yourself first is very much like what I tell people about taking care of themselves first. If you don’t take care of yourself, you have nothing to give to another. If you don’t save something first, you will not have anything saved.


  19. Ikeena Reed says:

    Thank you for that sage insight and reminder PJ! I recently visited a financial counselor and took a course at Operation Hope to help me get started. As my income is low right now, I wanted to find out how I could reach my goal of saving every time I get paid. It really been tough, but I can honestly (and proudly) say that I started this week and plan to continue.

    Believing that I have enough is going to be key in my continuing in this effort to maintain a healthy sense of financial stability/security. Instinctively, I know it to be true–I now have to “believe” it and follow through. (Did that rhyme?)

    Thanks PJ!

  20. Lisa Smith says:

    Great concept, PJ.
    My bank has a program where it will automatically round up any debit card expense to the next dollar and put the difference of that and your purchase into a savings account.
    For example, I spend $14.45 at the grocery store and I get charged $15; the 55 cents goes into my savings account.
    I thought this was a great program. I never signed up, but thinking now that I should do that!

  21. Kim Fennell says:

    Great tips and something I will definitely begin to implement. Saving has always been a challenge and putting a system in place to automatically save will help help until I develop the habit.

    Kimberly Fennell
    Entertainment Business Support
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  22. Great concept PJ. I love the idea of paying yourself first. It’s easy to spend everything when you don’t save first. There will never just happen to be leftover money unless you make a conscious effort to create that amount beyond what you spend.

  23. Thank you for your blog, Pj! It is great for me to revisit the whole permanent wealth account concept. It is a great and prosperous idea!

  24. Mary says:

    Fantastic Post PJ, I started mine about a year ago with Just £40 a month , since then I’ve had all my offline workshops that I run paided into that a/c and its quickly grown (True what you focus on expands) and I have now increased the monthly payment to reflect my increase in income – Having a relationship with money and treating well and giving it attention really works and makes it want to stick around. I used to just want to get rid of it like it was something dirty, any money I had just had to be spend like a compulsion – my mindset changed completely once I read rich dad poor dad – I have no debt and the peace of mind is amazing as Now when I want something I think – what can I do to create this morning to pay for that – simples – I also plugged up any money leaks like old subscriptions, changes utility companies etc

  25. This is a great idea, PJ! Simplicity is highly under-rated today. Thank you for the reminder.

  26. Ruth says:

    Great reminder that we should do this even if we are not working and earning funds as we used to do.

  27. Great advice PJ and thanks for sharing this! Yes, we should all have “the untouchables” :)

  28. Anjanette says:

    Every penny of our income is budgeted to something before we even make it. We do set aside money for our IRA, and that adds up to almost 10%. What we need to be better at though is saving the extras that occasionally come in for things like birthdays.

  29. I hear this over and over from every successful author, business owner, visionary, you name it. And you know what? Their absolutely right. And so are you. I especially appreciate the way you explained it. Drives it home once again and keeps me on track! Thank you.

    Anita Crawford Clark
    Author, Speaker, Social Media Specialist
    Founder, Abundant Life Success Academy

  30. Jeannie Spiro says:

    I like this post PJ because it reinforces what I’ve known and teach too. I’m always shocked that people don’t put aside money in their saving or toward the future. It’s so necessary.

  31. Lorii Abela says:

    “The practice of managing your money is more important than the amount.” – a big YES to this line PJ. Thanks for the reminder..

  32. Ellen Kramer says:

    I really like the idea of the permanent wealth account. I am going to try it.

    Ellen Kramer

  33. Janelle Alex says:

    Paying ourselves is so very important! I have heard others talk about paying yourself even a few dollars every time you do laundry or mow the lawn or do the dishes. It adds up.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip about a permanent wealth account PJ.


  34. Sharron says:

    Paying myself first is a concept I am going to put into practice. I remember hearing a story of some one who thought they had no money to save. It was suggested they have $5.00 automatically transferred from their checking to savings monthly. After a period of time, they were surprised how much was saved & that they had not missed the money. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of saving & explaining how the action can affect our wealth vibration.

    S. Williams

    I am not able to be on the life calls. Is there a way to listen to the replay? Whenever I use the replay link, it say sorry over.

  35. Anne Kenney says:

    I’m committing to believing “I have money.” Great reminder to help me relax and let the money FLOW!

  36. Jayson says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.. going to put into practice ASAP.

  37. Patti Rose says:

    PJ, great post!

    Especially for women! Building long term wealth is absolutely crucial for financial security both now and in retirement when we will need our money to last as long as we do. Actuarially speaking, women outlive men, which means we will need more money at point of retirement not only to live on but to pay for costs such as Long Term Care and other health care costs.

    Anyway, getting in the habit of saving EACH AND EVERY MONTH is a necessary money habit that is better to start ASAP.

    I like that title, Permanent Wealth Account. Just the name is empowering.

    Thank you for this great reminder!

  38. Caylie Price says:

    Hi PJ,
    I have an automatic transfer set up the moves a portion of my day job income to a savings account. I have a habit of dipping in though to pay for courses that will help me grow my business. I need to start paying for courses from non-savings money.

  39. Rose Hawley says:

    Love this idea! It is always great to know that you have the money you need! What a great reminder.

    ~Rose Hawley, Mindfully Organized

  40. I always do this, and have it set up to go automatically into that ‘other’ account. But I had to dip into it after I had my son. Very lucky that I had it! But then there’s the ‘other other’ account- the IRA. And that doesn’t get touched. So that’s good :) Thanks for writing this and putting it in the front of my mind again. Confirmation I’m doing good :)

  41. I love this post, PJ. These are all tips I have used and believe in. I like to tell myself, “I am a money magnet. Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources. I use my money for good.”

  42. Michael Hancox says:

    PJ, great advice. I saw in one of the posts that you separate the wealth account from the investment account. Do you have a complete list of accounts that you recommend?

  43. I used to be recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not positive whether this put up is written by way of him as no one else recognise such precise approximately my trouble.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

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