List-a-Palooza Pinterest Power Hour!


Step 1:

Post the link to your Pinterest profile as a comment on this blog post so that other List-a-Palooza participants can “follow” your boards

If you have one (or more) boards specifically related to your business that you would like us to re-pin from (or even a specific pin that you’d love for us to re-pin), include the direct links to those, too.
Step 2:

Check out other List-a-Palooza participants’ boards and “follow” the ones that appeal to you.
Step 3:

Pin Away!

* Pin images from your website that you would like people to re-pin.

* Re-pin things you like from other List-a-Palooza participants’ boards, especially those that link back to their websites.

* Have fun! If you haven’t used Pinterest before, it’s way easier than it sounds. : D

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

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*** If you have a question or challenge, please post a comment to this blog post. I’ll be monitoring this blog post during our Power Hour.
*** Remember to REFRESH this blog PAGE every now and then so that new comments will show up!
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  1. Tamay says:

    Hey All!

    I manage social media for businesses. Check out my free eBook I created because of this group!

    I don’t have any business specific boards yet. But I do have pinterest with boards such as Quotes, infographics, things i want, Ha!, Logos and Rebrands, Social Media Laughs, Inspirational and more. Follow one or all! I look forward to pinning with you!

    Because of that call. Im now kicking my pin game into high gear!

  2. My Pinterest profile:

    It’s about teaching kids to be financially literate. We teach parents how to teach their kids.


  3. angela says:

    Look forward to sharing

  4. There are different boards for my paintings…those are the ones I’d love re-pinned! Thanks!

  5. My pintrest page:

    self care, retreats, inspiration… Good stuff like that.

  6. Here is my pinterest link:

    Mostly fun stuff except for the following:

    You are welcome to share anything you like :-)

  7. Kaira says:

    Pinterst is awesome! Energized even more after listening to Beth yesterday. Come take a look

  8. Desiree says:

    Hey Pinners! Here is my blog board with pins from blogs and trainings I have written for Mamapreneurs and Small Business Owners

  9. Paula Boylan says:

    Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank P J from the bottom of my heart. I am learning and doing so much as a result of List a Palooza. I will never forget your generosity :)

    Today is the day I am setting up my Pinterest account…I have no idea how much will be on there, but this is such a good impetus to get started. Happy pining everyone :))))

    Now, here is my Pinterest link. Let’s hope there’s actually something there by 5:00 EST!

  10. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s my profile:

    Here are a few specific List-a-Palooza pins that I’d love for you to re-pin (if appropriate): < ---- This one is my favorite! : D

  11. niki rebin says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m excited to learn more about your Pinterest boards, and to start using Pinterest more often.

    Here is my professional board sharing success and speaking tips:

    And, if you love cats here is our non-profit board for stray and feral cats:

    Here are some of our rescued cats:

    We love all animals so have included a board on beautiful animal pictures:

    Happy sharing!


  12. Ana Goncalves says:

    Hello everyone,
    This sounds like so much fun. I love the Power Hours because they are a great way to connect and make new friends.
    I have been on Pinterest for many years and have used it for fun, and recently have started using it for Business, so I have a new profile and am not using it as much however now will start.
    Looking forward in connecting and loving everyone’s boards so far.
    Thanks again x

  13. Hi Everyone,
    Here are my pinterest links
    My profile:

    My favorite board for Small Biz Owneres:

    My favorite pin that I would love for people to repin- It is my free eBook 11 Ways to Relax Into Making More Money for Your Biz :

    In Happiness,

  14. Looking forward to learning more about you and connecting!
    My Pinterest board about ASTROLOGY is here:

  15. Hello All! Our website is all about shopping and supporting your favorite museums with free donations, so on Pinterest, we pin on a variety of interesting & educational topics… Art, History, Science, Crafts, Gardening,Travel, Museums in the News, Collecting, etc. We have several fun boards too- Our Steampunk folder is one of our most popular.
    We’d love some extra help with repins from and

    Thanks! -Karen from

  16. This will be fun. Here is the link to my profile:

    And here is a link to my board that is a collection of my blog posts – hopefully you will find some useful info here:

  17. Hello List-A-Palooza!

    Here is my Pinterest page:

    I post training, encouragement & time management strategies for Mom Entrepreneurs. Can’t wait to see what you are up to.


  18. Amy Maier says:

    Awesome — thank you PJ!

    I love pinning video and marketing tips, as well as home renovation and food! I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone else through their boards!

    Here’s mine:

    Or go straight to my Video & Voice-Over board:

  19. Hi Fleshe!
    I enjoyed looking at your site.
    Important info for moms with businesses!
    I have an online resource you might like:

  20. Hi PJ,
    On several occasions I have wanted to Pin the person but it is only allowing me to follow the board.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks again for your awesome work!!

  21. Amelie says:

    Pinterest on intuition, alternative healing and health and wellness

  22. Hi Everyone,

    I can’t believe I ignored Pinterest for so long. I got an account a long time ago, but did nothing until the last month or so (thank you, List-a-Palooza!).

    I’ve got some fun stuff that just interests me, and am slowly adding some business-oriented boards. I’m truly in experimental mode and happy to learn by doing. :-)

    So, here is my baby page:

    Hopefully it will be a toddler soon, and then… well, what will the teenaged phase be like? Who knows! LOL

    Looking forward to playing with you all today.

  23. Nancy says:

    Sorry A bit late on this one but here are my boards.

    My main profile is at

    There are 23 different boards with over 200 pins relating to marketing, social media, inspirations and business. I hope you can find one that interests you.

    Content Curation
    Social Media

  24. Joanne says:

    My pinterest page is

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Joanne
      Thanks for following. I just followed some of your boards
      tutoring, food, health and the two quotes boards
      Love your home page. Reminds me of a Doctor Who set.

  25. Gloria Oren says:

    My Pinterest profile:

  26. Lisa Long says:

    Hi Everyone! I help people align with their Divine Self so they can live the life they have always wanted to live. I help people become God Conscious.

  27. Stephanie says:

    I will reply to each person I ‘pin’
    My husband and I own Grams Outreach Group, we specialize in Health & Wellness and Charitable Giving.

    Our board is constantly being build and we would love to connect with you on Pinterest

  28. Hi Everyone!
    Here’s my pinterest profile page

    And my specific business board is here

    Thanks! I’ll try to get around to everyone’s tonight.

  29. Amber says:

    My business, Celebrate Your Path, helps women in a run bring more joy, fulfillment, and fun into their lives. Two of my passions are bucket lists and Spirit. Naturally, I’m excited to see so many of you with a bucket list-themed board! :-D

    Besides bucket list boards, a quote board, and one for pins that lead back to my blog posts, I’ve started a couple of holiday boards and one for my dream office. Some day! :-D

    Here is the Celebrate Your Path Pinterest page:

  30. I own and operate two businesses.
    One is my Astrology, Intuitive work that I do
    and the other
    is a community of Conscious Business Owners that work with Heart and Integrity!

    Here is a board I just created to support Women Entrepreneurs.

    Lets grow together!!

  31. Joanne says:

    My URL is
    I would live it if people could pin from books written by me and tutoring.

  32. Hello Everyone,

    My Pinterest is

    I am looking forward on connecting with more awesome people on Pinterest.


  33. I can’t wait to see your boards and pins!!

    Here is mine

    My favorite quote

    You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on top of the world always! (this is my mission and the message I shared in The Anxiety Summit)

    “The Antianxiety Food Solution” book cover


    Author “The Antianxiety Food Solution”
    Host of “The Anxiety Summit” – we just finished season 1, the next one is November 2014

  34. Hello Divine Ones!

    Here’s my Pinterest page:

    So great to connect with you ALL!


    • HA! I just realized I should have introduced the board. :) I’m a business coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, healers, holistic therapists, energy therapists, coaches, etc. My boards are a mix of my own personal fun interests (animals, crystals, angels, nature), and business (marketing, using energy techniques to help build your business, combining spirituality and business, organization, etc.).

      I’d love to connect with others who have similar interests and passions!

      • niki rebin says:

        Rev. Anne:

        I so so so love your boards! Every one of them is a magnificent celebration! Re-pinned and followed all over the place.



  35. Hi! You can find my on Pinterest at: and check out my Conscious Business and Social Media boards, among others. Thanks!

  36. Clive says:

    Hi Everyone

    I’m looking forward to looking at all your boards


  37. Dave says:

    Hi All,

    Just set this up yesterday, but lots coming soon!

    Can’t wait to check your boards out!!

  38. Hi everyone!

    Here’s my Pinterest page:

    It’s currently both personal and business. I’ll probably make some changes to that after hearing yesterday’s expert session.

    Looking forward to spending time (hopefully not too much time, LOL) checking out everyone’s boards.


    • I’m still new at Pinterest, but I’m finding that I prefer a mix of personal and business. I would get bored with just one topic or focus. I am enjoying seeing a random collection of business ideas, social media tips, along with cute animals and breath-taking nature photography. I think this speaks to me as a whole person… so, for now, I am planning to keep my account a mix of both. (But who knows what I will discover along the way!)

  39. Catherine says:

    Hi, I’ve created a new Pinterest account for the occasion: Looking forward to checking out other boards and getting ideas how to use it well. So far the Chakras board is most relevant to my business, I’ll be adding more boards in the future. Thanks!

  40. Hi everyone,

    My Pinterest profile:

    I only have 3 boards…


    About me:
    I’m a spiritual life coach helping others discover and explore their unique spiritual path.
    Free Video Training on practical spirituality:

  41. Hello everyone,

    Although I have boards on many ‘topics’ I would really appreciate it if you would share one of these two pins – they are both AWESOME products that my company worked closely with the manufacturer to bring to market!

    Really looking forward to seeing everyone’s boards!!

  42. Dot Hurley says:

    Hi Everyone
    Here is my Pinterest page – its all about natural health and wellness

    I’m now off to investigate some of the other boards mentioned on here

  43. Kim Scott says:

    Wow, everyone posts so quickly! :) Here is my pinterest for my business:

    I’m not at all sure I want to be on this today, because Pinterest is an addiction!! lol :)

  44. Hey List PaWinna Family!

    I’m doing my best to keep up with ya! I have only ONE pinterest board and one post and it’s to support my Travel Blog and my “10-Months to Manifest Your Desires Campaign” I’m currently engaged in, in honor of my mother. It has been a challenge keeping up with all the tasks, but I’m not ready to give up yet! Oh! on my latest post, I have a poll to find out what type of travel stories people are most interested in reading. Let me know what’s your favorite category!

    Thanks again!

  45. Ruzica says:

    Hi all!

    Here’s my profile and board on Pinterest. I have one board so far and I am all about spiritual growth, feeling good, the LOA & manifesting :)

    Will came back later to check you all out :)

    Ruzica Kozul
    LOA Life Coach

    Grab your free report:
    “Get the Happiness You Want & Deserve”

  46. Love love love pinterest … my boards are at eclectic mix of coaching, quotes and beautiful things.

  47. Lark Ismail says:

    I love Pinterest and am excited for our power hour today.

    My profile is:

    I also have a large group board on Tools Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that you are welcome to follow. Email me at if you’d like a contributor invite.

  48. Hello again, List Builders! My Pinterest profile is

    I haven’t used it much, and I just converted it to a business profile this morning, so it has a few personal boards in addition to business boards, dedicated to helping authors, coaches and other service-based business owners and entrepreneurs to earn full time income from sharing their wisdom.

    Looking forward to mutually-beneficial cross-pinning campaign!

  49. Hi there. My boards are at:

    I’ve got a mix of things, take a look. Would love to have you re-pin from my Intuitive Eating board

    and Healthy Eating Tips board which is here

    I’m off to check out all your boards.

    Thanks PJ and everyone for this opportunity.


  50. Suzie Cheel says:

    Hello what awesome boards there are her, off to check more out and here is min

    I have just set up The Heart Whisper 30 day Gratitude challenge board that i will be adding to each day in July as well as using to create a gratitude vision board
    Some of my boards:
    Daily Inspiration:
    Healing Journey:

    I need to reorganise my boards too very haphazard

  51. Gloria Rand says:

    Hello all!

    Can’t wait to check out everyone’s Pinterest boards!

    If you’re looking for social media & SEO tips, check out my boards:

    I also have some cool travel pics as well as kitty pictures! :-)

  52. Hello everyone,
    I am new to this and am checking out your boards. I am an educator/consultant who helps people be happy in their job and careers.

    I look forward to learning all about you!

  53. I have mostly health and wellness boards but also a few for fun like inspiration, online business, and cute animals.

  54. Amethyst says:

    Lots of information and inpsiration for Spiritual Entrepreneurs on my boards:

  55. My biz is in direct sales as a scentsy director, I am loving the programme, thank you :)

  56. I have a Pinterest board that is all about your career and finding fulfilling work.

  57. You’ll find me at:
    I have boards focused on marketing and foodie topics. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s boards!

  58. Lauren Sweet says:

    My boards are about using EFT to lose weight and inspirations for loving yourself just as you are.

  59. Hi everyone,

    Here is my Pinterest link:

    Check out my board Affirmations! There is tons of great empowering pics :)

    Plus, for July I am doing an affirmation challenge. Sharing an affirmation (or 2) each day on social media. Thanks!!

  60. I have initiated a giveaway contest through Goodreads for “Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals”. Be sure to stop by and register for a chance to win (Please share)
    I also have an Author board, inspiration, and “easy listening” for those moments I need a break from all this.

    • Linda says:

      Hi Peggy!
      Good to see a fellow writer here. Shared your contest pin and just got lost in several of your boards. What fun This doesn’t feel like work. I had to stay out of the Indie board … not enough time!

  61. Linda says:

    Hi! I’m a writer preparing my first novel for submission.
    I currently have four boards (if there are other Dr. Who fans or recipe hoarders), but my primary board will be The Writer. That’s where I will start once I’m in the publishing loop. Hope you enjoy the expressions.

    This is my latest blog post pin from this morning:

  62. Angela says:

    Here is my pinterest link:

    I am working on breaking up my social media information.

    I would like to hear your opinion about how the boards are laid out and if you were able to find the information that you were expecting to find easily.

    Thanks! I am looking forward to connecting with many of you.

  63. Here is my Pinterest profile link

    I am on a mission to inspire caregivers with practical strategies to avoid burnout. Thank you and Happy Pinning!

  64. Jerry says:

    Would love to get pins from this board for new book coming out in about 2 wks.
    All pins and follows would be appreciated.

  65. Hello, Magnificent Community!

    Here is a Pinterest board I put together full of resources for YOU.

    Wishing You Absolute Joy In Your Journey!

  66. Hi everyone, great to be here! I help women with MS reclaim their energy with a healthy diet, exercise and energy healing so they can have a life they love! Feel free to visit my page at . Happy pinning!

  67. My pinterest profile is
    I have a variety of boards focused on:
    *healthy recipes: and
    *my Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Prescriptions which are the focus of my upcoming book!:

    My most recent pin is from my latest blog post with tips for Intuitive Eating and a special offer on my ecourse What to Eat?

    I look forward to connecting!
    Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE
    Preventive, Lifestyle & Environmental Health Physician,
    The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method
    Get Your Free Nourishment Journal here

  68. I teach Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs how to Master their Psychology to shift from a Poverty Mindset to a Prosperity Consciousness so they can do work that they love and generate a great income doing it.

    Happy Pinning Everyone

  69. I have an account and several private boards at:

    May use this power hour to do what I should have done before and work on my boards – and then make them public :)


  70. Linda Xochi says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    This is a link to my board regarding my Angel Day Videos I do every Mon through Friday! :) Daily Angelic Messages.

    <3 <3

  71. Here is my Pinterest main board:

    What I would love help with is pinning any of the images from my blog located at

  72. Hi Everyone, My Pinterest site is – . It is for my business, Infinity Coaching. We offer a keynote presentation, organizational training, and Career, Transition and Life Coaching. I am adding new boards this week one for Career Management Resources and Tips and one for Entrepreneur Tips and Resources. Look forward to visiting other boards as well. Have a great night!

  73. Ash says:

    HI All!

    Pinterest is so much fun!!! :D

    My business profile is here:

    The pin I use as my opt-in is here:

    Looking forward to seeing your Boards and pins!

  74. Woohooo Pinterest time!
    Thanks for highlighting this outlet PJ, it lit a fire under my booty to get this rolling for my biz:

    I have a few fun boards right now:

    Change-Makers to Watch!
    This is where I’m highlighting my amazing clients with a description of what they’re up to, and show the portraits I have created for them. is a collection of wealth consciousness quotes.

    For those of my clients that will be doing their own hair prior to their photoshoot with me, I’m gathering hair tutorials for styles that will look good on camera (as 2-dimensional photos — because some styles look good in real life but not in portraits).


  75. Minette says:

    Here is my Pinterest page:

    And here is a board I am trying to build and would love more traffic to, if you are interested in marketing your business:

    Thanks, looking forward to exploring all the pins above.

  76. Jennifer says:

    Just jumped in and excited about this!!!! I haven’t been using Pinterest much but will be starting to now!!!!

  77. I am a novice pinner but love this idea of sharing! I just made my pinterest account a business account after Tuesday’s call with Beth. Here is my profile:

    Since my account was more of a personal account before yesterday, I just created a few boards on stress consequences and stress management. I would love it if you would share the stress management board’s pin which is and it goes back to my blog post. Feel free to explore any of the other boards/pins as well! Thank you all.

    I am now off to do some sharing and pinning for my List-a-palooza peeps!!!

    Best energy!!!

  78. Minette says:

    Here is my Pinterest page:

    And here is a board I am trying to build and would love more traffic to, if you are interested in marketing your business:

    Thanks, looking forward to exploring all the pins above.

  79. Hi everyone! So looking forward to connecting with you all!

    We all have experienced a relationship in our life at some point and time, that is difficult!
    I share how to empower and liberate yourself by making peace with it in my blog this week:


    Diane Altomare
    Speaker l Author l Master Certified Integrative Coach

    Get your free audio:
    “Use these 5 simple steps to move past self-doubt, fear and worry!”

  80. Mary T. says:
  81. here’s some fiery goodness that might inspire the eyes! :)

  82. Can addiction begin in 15 minutes? If so, I am so addicted to pinterest

  83. Hi everyone! I just did my first pin…yay! lol My first board is all about the things that bring a feeling of happiness and joy to our lives. For me, it’s often the little things…small moments that mean so much. I thought it would be a good place to start. I’m all about creating a life you love!

    You can find me here: I’ll be adding more pins as I figure out what I’m doing. And I’ll be visiting your boards as well. This should be fun! :-)

  84. Here’s my pinterest board:

  85. My pinterest profile is

    I have a few boards focused on:

    *Creating a powerful year:

    I look forward to connecting!
    Diane Altomare
    Speaker l Author l Master Certified Integrative Coach
    Get Your Free Audio: “5 simple steps to move past self-doubt, fear and worry!”

  86. Hi all,

    My personal Pinterest is
    and my business Pinterest is

    I just created my business Pinterest an hour ago so I’m looking forward to finding some pins which relate to my biz – automating and streamlining business processes for online entrepreneurs who DON’T want to spend their time on figuring out how to actually IMPLEMENT all that great advise they got from their business coach! :)

    Anybody got some good pins to recommend?


  87. Hey everyone,

    would love you to look at my BRAND NEW Pinterest profile & Boards:

    I currently have 2 boards… more to come:

    Inspirational Quotes

    Money Tips:

    See you all on Pinterest

  88. My post here says that it’s still awaiting moderation. Never saw that before. Just in case no one can see my post, here is my pinterest address: and I would LOVE if you would share this pin or any other ones that you like!!

    Thanks and happy pinning!!

  89. Charlene says:

    Eeeek! I almost missed the power hour! I have to tell you ahead of time, I have some pretty awesome pinboards. You can find me here:

    I specifically am posting my blog posts to this pin board and would love to see them spread – they are all about animal medicine, so I hope you enjoy them!

    Now, I’m going to go follow a bunch of your boards! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got! <3

    • Jerry says:

      Just followed your favorite places board. Got some beautiful scenes.
      I re-pinned the Fairy Pools in Scotland.
      Wish I had seen this 2 months ago. My Vic novel Never Give Up is coming out in about 2 weeks.
      Vic is in Scotland and I would have let her go by the pools if I had seen this!
      I get a lot of ideas for scenes from graphics I like.
      My PIN is at

  90. Hmm… Pinterest is different. I’m game for an adventure. :-)

  91. Hi everyone!

    My Pinterest profile is

    Check out my lasted pin:

    Have a great day!

  92. Having tech problems again, but I’ll follow folks once I get stuff resolved. Hope you all are having fun!

  93. Seneca says:

    Aaaaahhh! I’m coming in late but my Pinterest profile for my flower essence company is

    My main biz board is

  94. Emily says:

    I’ve had an account for a long time but haven’t used it at all. I’ve just set up a couple of boards that are completely empty now, but I will be adding to them.

    Find them all:

    List-a-Paloozites may be especially interested in these:

    I’m very interested in connecting with others to participate in group boards. Contact me at support[at] if you want to explore this.

  95. Hello! I unveil and equip world-changers through helping service-hearted folks get healthy and find their purpose. My pinterest is See you there!

  96. My post got stuck in Spam LOL –

    Here is my Pinterest main board:

    The board I would like to focus on is

  97. Hi – I have a pin on my board that outlines which fruits/veggies are best purchased organic vs. which ones contain less pesticides. I’d love it if you share that pin or any of the others I have.

    My other pins contain info. about immunity boosters, stress busters, healthy treats and more.

  98. April says:

    I help and encourage those to get healthy through proven weight loss methods ~ diet and exercise.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Noelle
      Thanks for following!
      Just followed your work it out and healthy eating. That eating board is one of the best I have ever seen. I’m hungry! The steak stuffed portabello looks especially good! Pinned some things from your work it out to my inspiration board. Nice!

  99. Hi everyone,

    My name is Blaze Lazarony, Business Strategist, Founder of the Entrepreneur Networking Collective, Best Selling Author and Speaker.

    You can find me on pinterest at:

    I have a number of boards for both business and personal, please consider following the boards that you like the most. Eager to follow you too!

    Light it up!

    • Minette says:

      Great pages Blaze!! Lots of useful information to poke through. Followed all.

      You can find me at to see if there is something of interest.

      Love your name and your vision for business.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Blaze
      Thanks for following! Just followed several of your boards. I will be back to look at words words words. You have a lot of quotes/ideas I haven’t seen. I was reading them and listening to music by Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule and just wanted to get up and fly away! Thank you!

  100. Janelle Alex says:

    I am so late sharing this, but perhaps some of you will come back (or be visiting later like me). So, here are two of my boards.

    The In Business And In Love board is new as we are launching our new book on this topic!

    Honoring you all :)

  101. I missed this power hour because of moving, but I’m adding my link anyway. I’ll check out your boards as well :). My profile is

  102. I’m late to the party – but better late than never!

  103. Sarah says:
  104. A little late to the gathering but looking forward to connecting with everyone and seeing what great pins you’ve got. My pinterest is

    Thanks for all of the List-a-palooza fun!

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