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***** You do NOT need your own blog to participate *****

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Step 1:

If you have a blog, post the theme of your blog and the link to ONE awesome blog post that you would like to get comments on here.

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

NOTE: Choose a blog post that you intend to continue to drive traffic to for a long time in order to get maximum exposure for the people who are kind enough to comment.

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Step 2:

Your blog comments will be more effective in generating traffic for you when you include a photo of yourself. If you don’t know how to do this, here are instructions for how to post your photo when commenting on blogs:

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Step 3:

Another way to have your blog comments generate more traffic for you is to create a “signature” with a link to your site (ideally your opt in page or at least a website with an opt in box on it)


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List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Step 4:

Check out the blogs of other List-a-Palooza participants and comment on their blog posts. Insightful comments that demonstrate your expertise are best, when possible.

By commenting on other peoples’ blogs:

1. You are gaining exposure and visibility to people that read that blog post in the future.

2. You help them improve their website ranking.


List-a-Palooza Rocks!

List-a-Palooza Rocks!


*** Remember that you don’t have to comment on every single blog that people have listed. The intention of the POWER HOURS is to do as much as we can in only 60 minutes. If you have less time or more time, that’s OK. Just do what you can in the time that you have.

*** Here’s how to post your photo when commenting on blogs:

*** If you have a question or challenge, please post a comment to this blog post. I’ll be monitoring this blog post during our Power Hour as well as commenting on blogs with you.

*** Remember to REFRESH this blog PAGE every now and then so that new comments will show up!

*** If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry. Sometimes legitimate comments get flagged as spam for some reason, and I have to manually approve them. So please be patient. Thanks!

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  1. I will be picking up my son during the 5pm hour, so I hope it’s okay to post this now. My blog post is “What’s Your Earth Angel Realm?” …

    Thanks, everyone! :)

    I will be back to look at your blogs when we get back home.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I just posted this today … and I love it! It’s short but powerful, “How to Attract Magic Into Your Life!” Are you letting your persona get in the way of your authentic self?

    Hope you enjoy!

  3. Yiye Zhang says:

    Hello, you wonderful List-a-Palooza-ers!

    The theme of my blog is simple: teach you manifest your dream soulful clients & business.
    Here are 7 secrets to get ANYTHING you want:

    But you’ll need a healthy relationship with Money first:

    Let’s connect more on each other’s blog!


    • Jerry says:

      Hi Yiye
      Like your sight. Signed up. Thanks for the reminder to not ‘try’. Be here, be now, be calm and live more. If you’re interested my blog post is about historical accuracy in fiction. It’s at Bottom of the page in a scroll box. If you want to comment you need to scroll beyond the post.

    • Emily Rose says:

      Again, wow wow wow!

      Thank you so much for what you’re putting out there, Yiye!! So amazing. I commented, and am genuinely grateful to have connected with your via Listapalooza! Woohoo for community!

      Emily Rose
      THE Women’s Relationship Coach
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Get your action guide:
      “5 Keys to a Happier Love Life”

  4. Hello Everyone,

    I will be in a meeting during the Power Hour, so I hope you don’t mind me posting early! :) I decided not to do a blog for my company, Tusodo, a luxury travel accessories line. Instead, we have a magazine, which you can read here:

    My favorite article is on page 22 of our May issue ( It is titled, “The Adventurist,” and is all about how a blogger started to travel the world on her terms.

    I am raffling off two round trip tickets for our magazine subscribers. Feel free to subscribe here:

    Looking forward to reading all of your posts!



    • I didn’t see a place to leave a comment on your site, but I did subscribe to the magazine. We may be able to collaborate on some articles or ads on each others sites. You can contact me at

      I bought one of those roll up hats a while back at the airport in Panama City, Panama. I love easy to pack travel accessories!

      • Hello Debbie,

        Thank you so much for checking out the site and subscribing! I checked out the EscapeArtist site, and I absolutely love it! Let’s connect about collaborating. I will send you an email shortly.



    • Jerry says:

      Hi Teju
      I love your site! Love the photos! Love the flash system (I guess it is). I did subscribe. If you are interested in historical accuracy you can check out my blog post at The blog is at the bottom of the page in a scrolling box. Have to scroll to end of post to leave a comment. You might have more fun on Vic is my fictional heroine from the 1920′s. She is an ordinary woman who’s job is writing adventure travel articles! (of course that is as far as the ‘ordinary’ goes) Nothing comes to mind at the moment but if you have any ideas how we might help each other, I’m all ears!

  5. The theme of my blog is authenticity and life purpose, specifically for entrepreneurs. My post is The Ultimate Life Purpose Guide: and thanks for your comments!

  6. Misia Denéa says:

    Hello lista paloozians! I wrote about my yogic experience of celibacy. I wrote it a while ago
    I also have a few other posts. Enjoy..thanks!

    • Emily Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your self so deeply. I commented on your post, and will leave that message there for those who are interested in spiritual celibacy to view. For now, I just wanted to say that I’m so glad we connected via Listapalooza.

      Love to you, Misia!

      Emily Rose
      THE Women’s Relationship Coach
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Get your action guide:
      “5 Keys to a Happier Love Life”

  7. I have posted a blog about career development. The current post is “Why Interviewers Ask Weird Questions”

    I look forward to interacting with everyone’s posts!

  8. Silvia says:

    My Blog Post is “You can do it”

    Thank You, everyone!
    I’ll be back here later on today

    Lifecoach & Doula
    Empowering Women Through Motherhood

  9. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s a new favorite of mine on “Are You Being Called?” :D

  10. Hi getting a bit late here in South Africa so I’ll post this now,
    This is my latest post, might not be beautiful like the others but, but maybe a little bit informative

    Thanks you guys!

  11. Amethyst says:

    Going to a networking meeting or event? Here are 10 Tips to Network More Effectively:

  12. Looking forward to reading and commenting on your blogs!

    Here is one of mine called “Do You Know These Magical Words?”

    Love & Magic, Cindie

    Cindie Chavez
    The Love & Magic Coach

  13. Hi everyone,

    I have a blog about spiritual development. The post I am highlighting is one I shared last week on FB, it is called The Path to Compassion

    Thanks everyone!

    • Hi Karen,

      First — I really like your post. Compassion is so needed in our world (globally and for our own selves), especially these days.

      Second — I noticed that you are using a Facebook comments system. I used to have one, but it didn’t work very well. I’m wondering what happens if someone does not have a FB account — are they still able to leave a post? Also, would you be willing to share the name of this particular plugin? I want to get back to using the FB commenting, but haven’t quite sorted it out yet.


    • Ruzica says:

      Loved your post!

  14. Sarah says:
  15. I write a blog on the tougher issues of parenting such as bullying, abuse, suicide, etc. That compliments the fantasy I have written to inspire kids in trouble to seek help and the others to be the best they can be.

    This particular piece highlights teen suicide, one of the most terrifying consequences of depression in teens.

  16. I would love to share that it is important and why it is important to spread your online influence by sharing pic quotes through your social media networks.

  17. Diane Altomare
    Speaker l Author l Master Certified Integrative Coach

    Get your free audio:
    “Transform FEAR or FEELING STUCK into freedom and power in just 8 minutes!”

    Enjoy! I so look forward to connecting with you!

    • Loved it Diane! I spent hours with recording like this after a traumatic brain injury and it literally saved my life! Thanks for sharing. I posted it on my Facebook page for others to find a few minutes of reconnecting to themselves.

  18. I blog about writing and publishing — specifically for coaches, authors, and speakers. I would love to share this (older) article about resources for stock photography for your newsletters and blog posts:

    PS: When you link to your website from my blog you get a “FOLLOW” link so it helps your search engine ranking. I’ll happily comment on anybody who leaves a comment for me!

  19. Kristen says:


    I just wrote a blog called “Bucket List 2.0″–it takes the concept of a bucket list a step further to focus on the things we feel we MUST do to live a fulfilling life (not just things we hope to do). At the end I ask for what is on your Bucket List 2.0. (I would love to hear!)

    Here’s the link, thanks!


  20. Hi Friends!

    I inspire young entrepreneurship, but this BLOG post inspire ME more than I inspired HIM! See how this teen plans to graduate from high school a millionaire!

    Watch his interview and see how Donald Trump changed his life…all because he took persistent action!

  21. A post about my experience with a roadblock one night while in Mexico leading a retreat

    Looking forward to reading your posts.

  22. My blog is about natural healing solutions for allergies, asthma and autism.

  23. Erika Kalmar says:

    Here’s mine:

    The title is: “About Telesummits, Giveaway Events And Other JV Partnerships”


  24. Peggy Nolan says:

    Happy Wednesday List-A-Paloozers!

    Last month I wrote from the deepest seat of my soul…and ever since ever since I Quit what I was doing so I could focus on the stuff that matters deep within my soul of souls, the world has completely cracked wide open. The article, it seems, is having an impact on those who read it. I’d be honored if you’d stop by, read it, and if feel compelled or called, please leave a comment and share it with your tribe. Namaste.

    • roxy says:

      Peggy – You Go Girl! Could feel your excitement, passion and energy in your words and good for you for quitting!! :) xx

    • Emily Rose says:

      Wow, Peggy. I’m so stoked I found your article via Listapalooza!! Congratulations on your self-discovery, and for dropping into your flow! I definitely left a comment (for my fellow B-Schooler…) ;), and I look forward to being connected!

      P.S.- I can’t edit my comment, can I. It’s late, and I said “riving” instead of “river”. Phew. Time for bed. <3

  25. Angela says:


    I work with business owners to not only get started online but help them become confident and skilled social media marketers.

    One of my favourite posts is this one:

    What Does The Game Show Jeopardy Have To Do With Social Media?

    Angela Mondor
    The Geeky Girl

    Get your free report:
    “Driving Traffic With Social Media”


    My blog is a log of my paintings and thoughts about painting, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I was away on a painting trip last week(so it made computer follow up difficult), but glad to be back and looking forward to reading and commenting on all these great blogs!

  27. Hey fellow list builders! As you work to stand out from the crowd, your reputation for expertise counts. A well-crafted, informative book, authored by you, can give you the competitive edge.

    My blog post “Build Your Business, Write a Book” will provide you with the basics you need to get started, along with a few free gifts. Start your journey to authorship here:

  28. Good morning/good afternoon!

    The Anxiety Summit just finished and this is the blog for the final closing call

    Host of The Anxiety Summit and author of The Antianxiety Food Solution

  29. Paula Boylan says:

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for reading my musings.

    My blog has a design theme. When we connect with flow during the creative pursuit of design, we may just connect with our heart’s wisdom.
    Spoiler alert…there’s a surprise at the end of the blog :)

    I can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs and get to know you all a little better! Paula

  30. Hi Everyone!

    I’m looking forward to checking out your blogs. I’ve been a bit spotty with mine, but am back in ramp-up mode.

    My blog is for small biz owners and focuses on both the “life of your business AND the business of your life.” Here is one that I particularly like: “How to Have More Powerful Conversations with Yourself.”

  31. Hi all you lovely Listapaloozers,
    Here is my blog posting.

    This is amazing as I just starting blogging this month. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You will also get a sneak peak at my new website as well; it is still a work in progress. Bookmark it so you can take a quick peek again when it is all done.

    I love, love, love this group!

  32. Good Day all!
    My blog, In the Garden, is about Gardens, Gardening – All Seasons, All things Gardening!

    The post I’ve chosen is “Unique and Inspiring Gardens that will soon have you craving for More”
    You’ll find it at:

    Looking forward to checking out the other blogs. Thank you PJ for doing this!

  33. The theme of my blog is helping smart, capable women like you to get unstuck, get your life back AND lose the weight!

    One of my favorite posts (it’s older, but I refer to it and send traffic to it frequently) is about mindful/intuitive eating called, Eat Like A Baby!

    Thank you for reading and commenting, if you’re so moved.

    Lisa :-)

  34. roxy says:

    Hello Fabulous PJ – sorry if this is a stupid question – but just reading your instructions on this weeks “power hour” coming up later today – So in regards to instruction #1 – do we post our Blog etc ahead of the time – or once the power hour starts? Many Many Thanks and Much Love + Gratitude Roxy xx

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Roxy, it’s fine to post it ahead of time if you want. The “Power Hour” is officially scheduled for 2-3 pm Pacific and that’s when I’m here, moderating the blog.

      But some people start early or come back later after the official hour, depending on what works for their schedule.

  35. Hi fabulous list-a-paloozers!

    If you like tips about wellness and energy therapies and love fun freebies, come visit my blog!

    The post I received the most personal e-mails about was this one:
    What if you’re actually OK?

    I’d love to get your feedback!


    • Hi Stephanie,

      I crafted a fabulous comment but couldn’t post it because it made me log into WordPress. I can’t find my password, arrrgghh!

      The gist of my comment was that I loved your appreciative approach to things! What’s going right vs. what’s going wrong. I’m on board!

  36. steffie says:

    Hello everone

    I blog about intuition, intuitive kids, chronic disease being the dark side of being intuitive and finding your natural rythym through living by the natural cycle of the earth and moon.

    The post I wanted to share is the first one of my new energy booster series:


  37. Hi friends!

    My blog focuses on preparing your mind (and the rest of you!) for leadership. My most recent blog post is called “I Don’t Have Time For That!”

    View it here:

  38. Hello List-A-Paloozers!
    The theme of my blog is all over the place but more recently has been tied into my message of managing stress & more healthful living.

    Here is my blog post that I created today–very easy to quickly add your own moment of happiness:

    I will be visiting other blogs and posting, too!!

    LOVE this whole List-a-Palooza experience. Thank you, PJ!

  39. It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging so today’s Power Hour was just PERFECT! My blog theme is focused on accomplishments.

    Today’s post…. “Because Change Happens”

    I look forward to your comments on my blog!

  40. My blog is about helping people grow their businesses, especially online.

    Here’s a post I think would be helpful for just about anybody:

    Thanks for your support!


  41. Deb Brown says:

    My blog covers WOWing your clients for greater loyalty, retention, and referrals. Here is a post that went up today on increasing your referrals. Enjoy!

    Deb Brown
    Chief WOW Creator

    Wondering how to WOW your clients? I have some ideas.

  42. Hi everyone.
    I have only been writing a blog since March but I am loving it. My blog is about creating emotional balance and resilience through energy therapies and spiritual counseling. This blog post is about how to de stress after a traumatic situation. It is one of many posts about an Emotional First Aid Kit, something I think everyone should have. Thanks for reading it.

    I can’t wait to read your blogs…this is exciting! Thanks, P.J.!

    From Chaos to Calm, Centered and Confident

  43. roxy says:

    Hello Fab Listapaloozers :) Hope your all having a fab day.

    Thank you Gorgeous PJ for this wonderful opportunity to showcase us all in this way and like the rest looking forward to the power hour to start reading and commenting on posts.

    I wasn’t sure whether to post the blog that got published today or an older post – but regardless the theme for all my posts is to help women master their inner game and raise their worthiness and awesome factor, so that they can live their life in their fullest expression and become irresistible to life’s abundance.

    I will go with my intuition – here is the link to my post – “What Would Beyonce Do? (as it was the first post i wrote since i changed my website URL last month):

    Thank YOU All in advance :) xx

    Roxy Ahmed
    CEO/Wealth Mindset & Abundance Coach for Women

    Get Your FREE Guide:
    “5 Money Truths To Kick-Start Your Money Attraction Factor” :)
    Click here >>

  44. Wow! I was worried that I might be jumping the gun by posting early, but I ‘spose not! I have to run out and will be back to read all of your blogs at 5pm EST, but didn’t want to have to rush… This one I wrote last week about my post prego weight (I’m a Fitness Coach and I’m 30 pounds up!) and what I plan to do about it. Am curious to hear what other people have gone through or just your thoughts. Will repost this once a year :)

  45. My topic is “Mastering the Psychology of Being an Entrepreneur ~ A New Take on 80/20 Rule”

    This power hour is very timely. I’m starting to get the hang of blogging and I can’t wait to read all of yours! YAY! See ya at 2

  46. Tamay says:

    Hey All!

    My blog is about social media and small business both its integration and use as a business tool.

    Here’s a post about follow up and social media would love to have your thoughts!


  47. Here’s a favorite of mine: “Got Bad Money Habits?”

  48. At I share tips and advice about marketing, social media and running a small business.

    In this post I share one tip that can improve your LinkedIn profile in 60 seconds.


  49. Julia Kline says:

    My website, supports heart-centered entrepreneurs to fulfill their mission on the planet, and further their own spiritual development, by teaching them to sell!!

    That’s right – Spiritual Development Through Better Salesmanship!

    Cuz we can’t share our gifts with the world and promote the evolution of human consciousness if nobody ever BUYS our stuff right?

    This blog post is “The Effective Use of Questions for Closing the Sale.”

    Thanks everyone – I can’t wait to read all your beautiful posts, and of course read your comments on mine!

    ~ Julia

    Julia Kline
    Sales Blockage Remover

    Take the FREE “Sales Blockages Self-Assessment” today:

  50. Ann Rusnak says:

    Hey there…

    My blog is about getting out of your way so you can build a profitable purpose-driven business.

    You’ll lots of articles and tips on releasing self doubt and boost your confidence to go from stuck to unstoppable success.

    Fear can hold you back from reaching your potential and those who need your message.
    The latest post offers you 6 Ways to Get Rid of Your Fear of Failure

  51. Hey Builders and Bloggers,

    My website is for Mompreneurs and Authorpreneurs looking to build their business with marketing and launches. Check out one of my favorite posts that I recently shared. I would love to hear about your favorite part of working from home. You don’t have to be a parent to understand many of these!

  52. Anne Asher says:

    I wrote a post that also has a 7 minute audio on how – and why – to relax and sense your feet as a way of helping to better align your WHOLE body. Very relaxing and elucidating!

  53. Nandi says:

    Hello! This is a recent post I wrote that I noticed was shared a LOT on FB and a favorite of mine. :)

  54. Kevin Seyler says:

    Hi everyone,

    Here is a blog post that on following your heart’s desire! :)

    Let me know what your heart’s desire is!

    Take care!

  55. Hello,

    Welcome to the blog that I created to launch the release of my book. At the release I will be referring back to this blog due to the incredible process that allowed me to complete my book.


  56. Gloria Rand says:

    Sorry I’m a little late! My blog focuses on helping small business owners market their business online. I focus on SEO, social media and email marketing.

    Here’s a blog post to help you get a better handle on your marketing:

    Hope you find it useful!

  57. Jenny Kaplan says:

    I’m so happy to be able to participate with you all finally! YAY – so here’s my latest blog actually about PR – twitter to be exact recently in the movies – LOVE to hear from all of you!!

    MANY sincere thanks!

  58. Since we are focusing on list building, I selected a post suggesting ways to stay in front of your list at:

  59. My latest blog post is sharing some tips for creating a timeline to help you successfully market your business.

    Thank you.

    Camara Randolph — Cross Channel Market

    • Sally Rubin says:

      Oh, gosh! I just posted on my blog something entitled “Clean Desk Envy” as part of Lista-a-Palooza and decided to work from the bottom up of the Lista-blog and your post was first. What a PERFECT one for me to read just after writing this post. Your suggestions are excellent. BUT, I don’t want to reply via FB, Twitter, Disquis, or G+. Any other way to post on your blog?
      Sally Rubin

  60. Sally Rubin says:

    just posted something on this/my writing blog. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks you, Sally

  61. Lisa Meisels says:

    Hi, I have a health and wellness blog. With so many out there in this niche, I am really looking forward to your feedback! My message is that life is here for us to enjoy so I talk about how to feel great, love the way you look and enjoy life. Thanks a bunch in advance!

    Here’s my latest blog post

  62. Shelley says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My blog is 4 reasons for procrastination.
    I’m going into a meeting and I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs when I’m done.


  63. Vanessa says:

    Hello Everyone!
    My blog is about running my business while getting back to the natural way of life:

  64. Minette says:

    Hello Listapalooza friends,

    The post I am sharing today is about learning to love money! I blog about topics related to money, marketing and mindset plus my passion for creativity.


  65. Lynn Dorman says:

    My blog is about “a non-sequential journey through my mind.”

    This blog [I have others] is where I post my random musings and this particular post got a lot of comments on FB.

    I have others on this topic, but this post is more explanatory about the “issue”

    • Lynn, the only thing in English is the title.

    • Coach Stacy says:

      Thanks Reginald, your comment peaked my interest in reading Lynn’s article.

      Lynn, that was a VERY interesting read and I had to smile as I can relate. It’s always good to encourage others not to put themselves in a box. “Good on you!”

      • Thank you… the linear minded have trouble “getting it” – it takes patience and more patience….and I think an added “issue” is a total lack of spatial orientation leading to what some call “getting lost” but which I learned to call “exploring alternative routes.”

        Lynn – a non-linear in a linear world

        • Coach Stacy says:

          You’re welcome Lynn – bringing a smile to my face again. I am also very logical, and one of the things I appreciated about your post is you *took the time to define* non-linear, so I guess I have trouble understanding others who are still “exploring alternative routes.”

          Happy 4th if you celebrate.


  66. Hello Everyone,

    Another exciting day in the List A Palooza fun club! My blog can be found at: and I look forward to visiting everyone’s blog, following and recommending your blogs!

    Such an exciting and rewarding event for all of us! Have a wonderful Power Hour! Bloggin’ up!

    Patti :0)

    • I completely forgot the BONUS: We have 2 Group Openings Left! Let’s connect and see how you as a group can benefit from working with an OBM – Imagine for $400 a month you can work with an OBM?

      Only my LAP Friends can join! 3 Available spots open!

      We have already filled 9 of the 12 spots this week!

  67. Looking through my blogs I realize I need to be more strategic with how and what I write about. But here is one.


    • Jerry says:

      Just read your post and left a comment. Good info! Like I said in the comment on the site, I just finished a booklet on chronic inflammation and read dozens and dozens of research papers about healthy anti-inflammatory foods. And it’s a subject I’ve always been interested in – my good health :)
      But I had never heard of umeboshi plums. Gonna have to look for them. Thanks. If you have an interest in historical accuracy in fiction, my post is at At the bottom of the page in a scroll box.

  68. Hi All!
    So excited about today’s focus. The theme of my blog is “Helping Authors Share Your Message, Earn Significant Income, Make A GREATER Impact.”

  69. Hi paloozians,

    I’m not terribly active on my blogs – I have two. Here’s a post on the Coaching Toys Blog that might be fun – this blog focuses on creative approaches to personal development, products in the store and events.

    This post is a creative exercise using images.

    I’m looking forward to checking out some of your posts too!


  70. Devin Bisanz says:

    Hey guys, I wrote a special blog this morning, and I hope that together, we can come up with some great advice to help my young students have tons of confidence!

    Here it is, “Man Beats Up Bear To Save Dog.”


    • Devin Bisanz says:

      Question, using wordpress, if want to change the title of your blog, after you publish it, the permalink changes. Does that mean that all the places your blog automatically publishes too, go to a error page?

  71. niki rebin says:

    Hi, everybody!

    Today I’m posting a blog from our Success Mentors International professional site

    and one from our non-profit Cat Sanctuary site

    Happy to hear from you on either page. I look forward to commenting on your pages.



  72. Hi everyone,
    My blog is about giving more depth and understanding to the metaphysical laws that guide our physical life. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” and when we filter our life through that idea it extremely empowering. Recognizing that our reality is the outer manifestation of our inner spirit is powerful. It causes us to live life from the inside out rather than society and others dictating to us who and what we should be.

    My blog post is a short but powerful one. “What is the purpose of your relationships. “Thank you all in advance for your comments.

  73. Jerry says:

    Must admit I’m not much of a blogger. However I just made my third post just for this. I want to do more but keep forgetting – busy with other things. Hopefully this will get me going better. Usually when I do something just once under a little pressure it suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting.
    My blog is on the site at the bottom of the page.
    The hoped theme is rather eclectic – things related to my writings. Today’s special post is about historical accuracy in my fiction.

    • Jerry, I do not see a blog for you at the link you provided.

      • I found it! The blog is framed in a box (as opposed to a link) all the way at the bottom of the site below the visit counter. :)

        • Jerry says:

          Thank you for your comment!
          I took a look at your website. Great idea! Can I offer a suggestion for emailings and maybe on home page. I have bought fairly expensive gifts from museums in the past all for one reason. I wanted to get something really special for someone. Next to an antique shop that may have one in existence, no place has unique gift items like museums. Next to a book/library there is no more fun place than a museum. It’s like the full color illustration on the slick paper in the middle of an old time book, lets you see what you’ve been reading!

      • Jerry says:

        Hi Rachel
        Yeah I probably need to do something to make the blog more prominent if I’m going to start writing in it! It’s at the bottom of the page in a scrolling box and if you want to comment there is a link at the end of the post inside the box. Thanks for looking!

    • I don’t see any blog posts either. On my Android tablet the linked page does not view properly. I’ll have to check it out again when I’m on my laptop.

  74. My blog is Empowering Your Mind with tips and articles of mindset, motivation and empowerment.
    “Honor Yourself” is all about how putting your well being first isn’t being selfish.

    It’s one of the core concepts of an upcoming group coaching tele-training for women, “How to Take Care of Your Most Important Relationship – the One with Yourself.”

    Thank you,
    Linda-Ann Stewart
    Receive your free MP3:
    “Keys to Recreating Your Life: Shatter Your Barriers to Success and Abundance”

  75. Lisa Mallis says:

    Excited to meet some of you! I blog about time management, overcoming overwhelm, and putting first things first. This blog is about How to Complete Your #1 Task Each Day.

    Lisa Crilley Mallis, COC
    time strategy visionary
    SystemSavvy Consulting

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