“3 Keys to Writing Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients” with Michele PW


“3 Keys to Writing Copy that

Attracts, Inspires and Invites

Your Ideal Prospects to

Become Ideal Clients”


With Michele PW


June 26th, 2014


Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:


  • The 3 building blocks to writing copy that attracts, inspires and invites your ideal prospects to become your ideal clients. You’ll feel good using it and your ideal clients will love reading your copy too!
  • How NOT to throw the baby out with the bathwater — keys to modifying traditional direct response copywriting tactics so you still get great results without feeling like you need to take a shower every time you send out an email.
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when they try to shift to this type of copywriting, which ends up limiting their reach, their visibility and their income.
Considered one of the hottest marketing strategists today, Michele PW has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results. She is the owner and founder of Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, which is the premiere international direct response copywriting and marketing company around. She’s also a national speaker and author, plus her client list reads like the “Who’s Who” list of Internet marketing.


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  1. niki rebin says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m really looking forward to sharing another great List Building event with everybody. Writing great copy is so vital for online success, so I’m excited to hear Michele’s presentation.



    • Coach Stacy says:

      Hello Niki,

      Thanks for your encouraging comment yesterday, I appreciate that. I find that I am often reading such comments from you on each blog – we’re blessed! Thanks :)

      • niki rebin says:

        Hi, Coach Stacy,

        What a thoughtful comment! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really enjoy getting to know people and helping them to find and celebrate their gifts. I’m here to support and encourage everyone. If you need a little positive energy burst at any time just let me know!

        All the best,


    • Hello Niki!

      • niki rebin says:

        Hello beautiful, Sasha!

        Sorry for the late reply here…I just saw your message when I checked back in. A couple of hours ago I watched your video on your Tips sign-up page and was knocked over with your sincerity and authenticity. No wonder you have such remarkable testimonials!

        Sending energy,


  2. Sally Rubin says:

    sally rubin

  3. Sally Rubin says:

    I am the author of The Overfunctioning Woman’s Handbook: Uncommon Sense to Deal With Impossible Jobs and Impossible People.
    I’m not sure what my biggest challenge is for copywriting is.
    I look forward to hearing your presentation.
    Thanks, Sally

  4. Great to connect with everyone! I’m loving this community and all the insight and wisdom PJ shares!

  5. I’m looking forward to listening to todays call. Serving as a compassion ambassador it’s hard to add the sales component in my copy, or even feel okay with saying my service is for sale. How can I best design a format by which to do that. My start up page is at http://www.compassionindustrynetwork.com and http://www.facebook.com/SongsThatGive

    I look forward to your response!


  6. Leonardo has entered the building – we can start the partay now!

  7. I am a health coach specializing in natural solutions for allergies, asthma and autism.

    • Hey AnnaLaura… Thank you so much for allowing me to share my expertise with your audience. It was a lot of fun!

      List-a-palooza at it’s best. Thanks for making this happen PJ.

      Your Rich Chicks Money Maverick

    • niki rebin says:

      Hey, AnnaLaura:

      What an amazing topic! Your knowledge could help so many people.

      All the best,


  8. Hi Everyone,

    I made it in time — spent the day out on the farm with the horses, sheep, and the donkey! I love days like today!

    Patricia :0)

    • niki rebin says:

      Hey, Patricia!

      Good to see you here today. It must have been hard to pull yourself away from all of those wonderful animals. As you know we’ve turned our family farm into an Animal and Nature Preserve and I find it so renewing to share the day with our animals. This year we have an unexpected family of Pelicans…what a treat to see their young family growing!



  9. Hey everyone,

    I’m an ADHD strategist, an author of 3 books (working on the fourth)

    My biggest copywriting challenge is knowing what “voice” to use. Be gentle? Be real? Even if I speak my mind many times and might be perceived as insulting?


    • For example, ADHD isn’t caused by parenting, but tweaking your parenting can make it waaaaay easier. So sometimes I just want to say: It’s your parenting!

      I’m thinking people won’t be charmed by that!

    • My favorite client is fiercely loving and fiercely honest about not knowing how to parent effectively. They are totally willing to do what I ask them to do, even if they feel repulsed by it (like one mom was so mad at her daughter that she didn’t want to hug her when her daughter was sobbing in my office).

      And she paid on time.

  10. Forgot to share what I do:

    I’m a speaker, author and Master Certified Integrative Coach. I guide people to move past whatever is holding them back from creating all they desire! So great to be here.

  11. So looking forward to today’s call! Writing is so important, and I’m constantly doubting myself. Titles are especially hard for me for some reason, be they blog posts or e-books or longer books. I also doubt my writing abilities (despite what others say).

  12. Hey All,

    I love to learn about copywriting it’s something that drives all of marketing.

    I do social media for businesses and have a wonderful new eBook. Let me know what you think.
    Social Media From Bandwagon to Profit

  13. Hi everyone! Looking forward to today’s call. I’m a Success Coach and Family Caregiver Coach. I help families navigate the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial aspects of helping a loved one! My website is http://www.tandyelisala.com. My facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/successfulcoachingtogreatness. My biggest challenge with writing copy is knowing what to say for maximum effectiveness and conversion.

  14. I’m The Bee Mama and I create curriculum based science programs with a bee and pollinator focus for K-9.

    My biggest challenge with writing copy is that, although I like to write and create content, I don’t like writing sales letters/pages for myself (though I do it for others).

  15. Adam says:


    I’m starting my life coaching business and looking forward to the call today. My biggest copy writing challenge is finding the words to invoke the feelings I want the reader to experience.


    Adam Nettles

  16. Erica says:

    Hey everyone Erica here from Milwaukee, I’m a LifeAfter9to5 Coach helping inspiring entrepreneurs escape from their cubicle jail cell!


    Offering all List-a-PaLooza members FREE advertising for 6 months at our Cubicle Escape Exposure Marketplace. Email our team at cee@ehvconsultant.com

  17. Barry Selby says:

    Back for more! I am the Love Doctor, open hearted, gentle guide for single successful women tired of broken hearted, dating disasters, who are ready for real romance! My coaching, speaking, program and book are all dedicated to you. Please take a look at http://TheLoveConfidant.com.

    I can certainly use help with my copy, to make it land more powerfully and successfully with my audience (you may see that in my intro!).

  18. Hi everyone! Henry here. I help authors share your message and earn significant income so you can make the impact you were created to make.

    I am new to the copywriting arena, so I still use templates. So I guess my biggest challenge with copywriting is having my copy sound sincere, and not sound formulaic.

  19. Anne Asher says:

    When writing a sales page:
    How many times to put your Buy Now button? Should I wait till I’ve made the full case or can the Buy Now button appear before some of the selling has taken place?

    Here’s my sales page if you’d like to take a look: http://www.posturally.com/test4567
    Thank you, Michele!

  20. Daphne Wells says:

    Great to be here. I’m looking forward to this call. I’m loving being part of this group. Thanks PJ :)

  21. Aloha! My name is Shellie White Light and I AM a hoop dance professional, offering instruction and performance. My copywriting comes from the heart, I could use some power words and techniques to ‘sell’ my self/products with ease and effectiveness! Thanks for this call. Blessings kids!
    PS – I think the first power hour meet and greet that we had none of my social media links worked ~ So here are all of my links again :)
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iamshellie
    fan page: http://www.facebook.com/hooplightenment
    fan page: http://www.facebook.com/thehealthyhooper
    websites: http://www.thehealthyhooper.com / http://www.hooplightenment
    instagram: @hooplightenment
    pinterst: http://www.pinterest.com/hooplightenment

  22. Hi! I’m Priscilla Davis and I’m a Massage Therapist. I have no idea where I should start as far as copy. I’m not even sure I understand 100% what copy means. *embarrassed*

  23. rhonda says:

    Hello Everyone, I am a Clinical Nutritionist. I show women who are struggling with their hormones, how to increase their energy, and eliminate hot flashes, so they feel 10 years younger.

    my biggest challenge is being to direct and to the point.

  24. Julaina says:

    I’m a writer, teacher and speaker. I’m interested in promoting my books and writing classes and finding events for speaking. I’d like more followers on my social media sites.

  25. Oh goodness! I completely forgot to say – I am an Online Business Manager and owner of Mustang OBM…. http://www.mustangobm.com — and I love creating organization and systems that save time and money for my clients…!

    My biggest challenge with Copy Writing is that I have done so much writing for other’s for their business that I have a challenge finding my “voice”.

  26. Hello everyone!

    I am a financial strategist and coach!

    My biggest challenge is getting people to understand the numbers of your business don’t have to be scary. My purpose is to align the numbers with your inner guidance and pay attention to them before it is critical!


  27. Hey Ladies and Gents!

    I’m a money, mindset, and bookkeeping company that embrace, educate, and empower women entrepreneurs to increase profits and growth.

    So what I do is work with entrepreneurs that want to take back control of their lives, stop overwhelm of managing their business, clients, and growth.

    I bring order, clarity, and balance to your business while helping you make more money, save time, and attract more clients with stey-by-step strategies and systems.

    I’m simply Felicia and I’m know as the Rich Chicks Money Maverick!

    Excited to be hanging out with such an awesome group this summer.

  28. Fiora says:

    Great to be here and top up my skills!

  29. Gladys says:

    I’m with you PJ… just get to the point, so any tips Michele can share that will get me story telling will be most welcome. Also overcoming the challenge of just getting started!
    I coach people just getting started with online marketing!

  30. Question: Do you need a long sales page or short sales page. And which one converts better?

    Thanks Michele.



  31. Sally Rubin says:

    I think I’m in your camp, PJ. I’m a bottomline person. I’m like “Give me the beef!” Even if I want the data…
    Am I on the wrong blog? I don’t see everyone.

  32. hi everyone,
    I’m Marcy Nelson-Garrison
    I’m the founder of the Coaching Toys Store – http://www.coachingtoysstore.com. We carry products for personal development, workshops, retreats, team building and individual work with client. Our products are all created by coaches, counselors and trainers so if you have products let me know.

    I’m also a product mentor and creative business coach. I help heart-centered professionals honor their innate wisdom and create products and programs aligned with their personal manifestos.

    My number 1 challenge with copywriting is to articulate the unique value to the consumer in a way that grabs their attention and challenge speaking to the ‘pain’

  33. Daphne Wells says:

    I forgot to say I help women small business owners attract all the leads their business can handle and grow their revenues faster than ever before with greater confidence and certainty.
    Love this community :)

  34. Fiora says:

    oh. I am a fire dancer/eater and am learning how to market myself. I put together my own website, promo packets, etc and would like to see much higher conversion rates from my material…

  35. Christine says:

    My business is helping the technologically challenged entrepreneur by partnering with them as an assistant and partner. When I can help them grow their business, my business grows too. I implement and I also pick their brain to make them think in other directions.

    My challenge is that I’m a bullet writer also. Finding the other stuff to create good copy is a struggle.

  36. Welcome Michele!

    My biggest copy challenge is having too many articles on my list of “to write” and not having time to write them all in the time frame I want so figuring out how to prioritize the ideas I have. How do you determine what the best investment will be?

  37. Maia Alpern says:

    Hi. I am Maia, from GlutenFreeFairyGodmother.com and my challenge with copywriting is that so many people stress writing about the pain to get people to buy but it ends up so negative. How can you find the sweet spot between using pain vs pleasure in your marketing materials? Is there a good rule of thumb as far as the percentages? Thanks!

  38. Hey Everyone,
    My name is Denise Toffey of Legendaryleadrship.net. I help Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs learn how to Allow their Passion to Create their Prosperity.

    • niki rebin says:

      Hey, Denise,

      I love your LegendaryLeadership focus! You and I share a similar focus on helping social entrepreneurs to turn their passions into prosperity. If you’re interested we could connect and find ways to support one another.

      All the best,


  39. Helaine says:

    Hi everyone.
    I’m Helaine Treitman, the Tango Mojo Coach. I help mostly men who love Argentine Tango to stop struggling on the dance floor, dance smoothly and confidently, and make women melt in their arms. :)

    I love to write to my tribe, and they love my content writing. My biggest challenge is writing sales pages that really convert well!

  40. Hi Everyone,
    I am a metaphysical and shamanic mentor/coach. Copywriting – bring it on! I want to know where to start in easy and effective steps.

  41. I am Melissa, the CEO (chief everything office….for now!) from http://www.greenlightcoaching.com. I help overwhelmed women who are stuck in the sandwich between raising kids and caring for aging parents. I help them wake up and smell the cortisol: Identify and manage the stress that threatens their health and quality of life.

    My challenge is being too wordy, feeling too salesy and inauthentic when writing copy. How do you balance all of the factors??

  42. Multiple favorite clients come to mind but they all share one thing: people seeking transformation and change who evolved past their limiting beliefs or stepped into their power because of our work together.

  43. Anne Asher says:

    Favorite client is someone who is open minded active can follow directions yet think for themselves. They are doing better than surviving and don’t have an ax to grind yet have body problems that need solving. They are fun or at least settling to be with. I’ve found these people get some REAL relief and are fun to work with.

  44. “Pain is part of life but suffering isn’t.” Brilliant distinction.

  45. My favorite client fiercely loves her kids and is also fiercely honest about just falling short as a parent. She lets me lead her to better relationships and better parenting skills.

    And she pays on time.

  46. Fiora says:

    Fire Dancing-event entertainment. to answer your question

  47. My favorite clients are innovative companies who are unique to the marketplace and are on fire about what they offer.

  48. Thanks Michele! Great stuff. How do we position and focus on hope and transformation? How do we segue into these parts of the sales page or email?

  49. Angela says:

    My ideal client is a business owner knows they need to engage with their clients on social media but when they think about getting started they become overwhelmed with all the options and changes that they put it off. This leads to sleepless nights and stressful work days.

  50. Fiora says:

    So, I am marketing the fire performances to event managers/planners, people who are throwing an event, etc. I don’t really see how to identify their “pain?”

  51. Re fire dancing: My student’s pain is typically boredom, inactivity, klutziness, and/or a deeper connection to themselves and their bodies.

  52. This is so helpful. I’m a writer and I didn’t get this!

  53. Wise words — It was so useful for me to create a clear statement of our teaching style. It self selects out people who don’t resonate so I think it’s brilliant to remember your copy appeals to your tribe!

  54. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Free Gift from Michele: Copywriting Rescue Kit :D

    “Why Isn’t My Web Site Making Me Any Money? 10 Easy Steps to Make Your Web Site Go Ka-Ching!” Diagnostic Manual and Training Kit

  55. Sally Rubin says:

    Getting this message on the tinyurl: missing required parameter domain

  56. Sally Rubin says:

    tinyurl/lbc14copy – did not match any documents

  57. did I miss the coupon code?

  58. Coach Stacy says:

    “the rhythm of the words” LOVE that, great visual on how to convert the voice in your head into words on paper!

  59. Ruzica says:

    Hi List-a-Palooza!!

    It’s great to be on the call… As a LOA Life Coach, on my website this is my tagline:I cover how the Law of Attraction works, and how you can use it in your life to create your heart’s desires. Is this too generic?

    Great advice on talking out loud to get the feel of your voice.

    Thank you PJ & Michelle for your work!

    Ruzica Kozul
    LOA Life Coach @

  60. Great information! Excellent information. So many takeaways. My favorite is inspiration! :)

  61. LeeAnn Hardy says:

    Michelle – can you repeat the 4 components of a sales page?

  62. Perfect is the enemy of done!

  63. My biggest aha was writing like I’m writing to my favorite client

  64. Angela says:

    My biggest hurdle is that I am a straightforward person who scrolls past all things on a sales page – I just want to see the cost and the goods… my target market seems to need all the fluff and stuff of a sales page and I am learning how to give that to them.

    Is there a template that makes creating that easier?

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      When you write a sales page, you’re writing to 2 types of readers… people who skim and just want the bottom line and people who like tons of information and will read everything.

      What I do is give the bottom line version of my message in the headlines and bullet points for the skimmers. Then provide more information in the paragraphs for people who want it.

      • Angela says:

        Thanks PJ! My biggest trouble comes when I am trying to “stretch” my content into paragraphs :) I have a book coach helping me write my book, perhaps I need a copy coach too LOL

    • Angela, I thought I was the only one who skips to the bottom and bottom lines the sales page!! Maybe leadpages.net or optimizepress.com has templates that you just fill in the blank. I haven’t used that yet since they are wordpress based (so I understand) and my website (right now) is not a wordpress website. Check them out though, since that might help.

      • Angela says:

        Thanks Melissa – I was actually thinking about leadpages.net and I am hoping that it will help me build a better page.

        • I decided to go with Leadpages simply because I knew that the pages would all LOOK the same without my having to do much of anything.

          I am finalizing a couple pages now – and will be posting them soon!

          • Angela says:

            I have heard that it is easy to work with and that I will be able to integrate them into my own WP blog… what has your experience been like?

          • I’m still working on integrating with my WP site – I’m quite a WP/autoresponder/sales page newbie (less than 6 months in the biz) but I’ve gotten some amazing coaching – so I’m ahead of the game in many ways.

            In other ways (like the part where I start getting people to purchase my products) I am WAY behind! :( But I’m working on that now!

    • Angela, you and I share a similar style of checking out sales pages :-)

      • Angela says:

        I don’t think we are alone… but I don’t naturally think like my target audience so I do have to step outside of my brain often LOL

        • Michele PW says:

          Ah-ha! That is super true — just because YOU prefer something a certain way doesn’t mean your ideal clients do. So yes — definitely test different sales pages to see which one brings in your ideal clients.

  65. My biggest Aha today is to write to one specific person (and then proofread it so that there is no identifying information or verbiage that would not make sense to the masses!). I think that by putting a face to the person who will be reading the copy, this takes a lot of the mystery out of it for me and helps me put all the authenticity and passion in to help my potential clients. Thanks Michele PW and thanks PJ!

    • Angela says:

      It is funny – I teach people how to do this, but when I am trying to do it for my market is when I trip all over myself.

      I don’t have any trouble figuring out how to help other people :D

  66. Thanks PJ and Michele!

  67. LeeAnn Hardy says:

    My favorite take-away was the distinction between pain and suffering. Thank you for the great information!

  68. Michele PW says:

    Hey all — it was sooo great hanging out with you today. I may need to come back tomorrow as I’m supposed to be leaving for dinner with the inlaws (I’m in Wis right now) but I will check back (I especially want to see all of your homework) xxoo

  69. I have two types of clients:

    Homeschooling parents who are struggling to find good science curriculum about bees/pollinators

    Teachers who are overworked, underpaid, unappreciated and who have to create curriculum, lesson plans and activities for their students around bees/pollinators.

    I create lesson plans, activities, games, songs, crafts, as well as question/answer sheets that their children learn about bees and pollinators, while also supporting other parts of the grade-appropriate curriculum so they don’t have to.

    This makes it easy for them to just “drop it into their lesson plan” and GO! Less stress, more fun for you and your student!
    Written and created by an award winning author,
    multiple publications in children’s and parenting magazines
    as well as an experienced supporter and keeper of mason bees and other wild pollinators.

  70. Coach Stacy says:

    ~ E X E R C I S E ~

    My favourite client is someone who is sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, who feels like they have tried everything to lose the unwanted pounds but to no avail, and who was recently warned by their physician that they really need to make change NOW. They realize they need help, and they make a decision to work towards the necessary changes & will themselves to do “whatever it takes” to have their own transformation.

    I am excited to work with them because they have already made the decision and are now ready and willing to go forward and will stick with the program and get the results they want and the new life they dream of!

  71. niki rebin says:

    What a fantastic session! Thank you so much, Michele, and PJ. Michele, you provided such an appealing way of approaching a less-than-appealing task (for many of us…I’m guessing that you love writing copy!). Your practical guidance coupled with great motivation was very inspiring.

    Thanks again!


  72. Melissa says:

    Hello Michelle and PJ!

    Thank you for the call, it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I am struggling with the content on my “about” page on my website. What is the kind of content I should have on my about page? I ideally would like to build credibility and desire to hire…

    Thanks in advance!!


    • Michele PW says:

      Your about page should cover your story and bio — build your credibility but also if you overcame the same challenge your ideal clients are going thru now, make sure that’s in there too (that will help them know you truly are the right person for them)

  73. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here are the links we mentioned on the call…

    Free Gift from Michele: Copywriting Rescue Kit :D

    “Why Isn’t My Web Site Making Me Any Money? 10 Easy Steps to Make Your Web Site Go Ka-Ching!” Diagnostic Manual and Training Kit

  74. Thanks for answering my question. Awesome information shared, Michele PW.

    Your Rich Chicks Money Maverick

  75. Ruzica says:

    EXERCISE: My fav. client is someone who (actually, I am working with her currently, and I just love her) expresses lots of ahas, asks lots of questions, she is spiritual, believes in the Law of Attraction, has lots of inner work to do, but is self-aware. She has a big desire to improve her life situation. She’s appreciative, and is committed.

    Good enough?

    Thanks & Lots of Love to all ;)

    Ruzica Kozul
    LOA Life Coach

    Grab your free report:

  76. Michele PW says:

    Hey — so love what you guys put for your fave client — and yes it looks like you all have a good start on it. Keep circling back to what’s going on in their head as much as possible — try not to “summarize” what’s in their head, but instead keep thinking about how they’re phrasing it and what language they’re using. The more you can do that, the more successful you’ll be!

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