“Intuitive Email List Building: How Tapping into Your Authenticity and Harnessing the Power of Your Unique Spiritual Gifts Transforms You Into a Subscriber Magnet”


“Intuitive Email List Building:

How Tapping into Your Authenticity and Harnessing the Power of Your

Unique Spiritual Gifts Transforms You Into a Subscriber Magnet”


With Michael Mapes


July 3rd, 2014

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:


  • How to Discover Your Authentic Voice When Writing E-mail Copy
  • Three Steps to Immediately Become a Subscriber Magnet
  • Essential Mindset Shifts to Go From Sleazy Marketer to Authentic Change Agent
  • How to Devise a List-Building Plan That Will Allow You to Add Tons of New Subscribers to Your List (and That You’ll Actually Be Able to Implement!)


Michael Mapes is an intuitive business coach who helps conscious entrepreneurs make more money, get more clients, help more people, and step into their role as visionary leaders.


His unique intuitive approach to coaching enables you to quickly overcome obstacles that keep you from attracting ideal clients, and owning a thriving monetized business.


Michael’s philosophy is simple: using the practical power of intuition, anyone can massively grow their business, reach their ideal audience, and make a big impact on the world.


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  1. Michael says:

    Can’t wait! I’m so excited to be here and to answer questions!

    • niki rebin says:

      Hey, Michael!

      I just spent an hour on a Mastermind call talking about the value of using our Authentic Voice. I can’t wait to get your perspective. Thanks for sharing with us.



  2. delighted to be here…thank you! e’Layne

  3. Karen Wyatt says:

    This subject is dear to my heart since my message is all about integrity and authenticity, both of which have been largely absent in our business world in the past few decades. Thank you – I’m really looking forward to this!

  4. Hi Michael and PJ and everyone!

    My URL is http://GiftedWithADD.com. I’m an ADHD trailblazer and CESP (Chief Executive Square Peg)

  5. Emily Levy says:

    QQQ — Want to do the “QQQ” thing for questions, PJ?

  6. Hello, Palooza Peeps!!! Looking forward to this!

  7. Hey Everybody!

  8. Lauren Sweet says:

    great to be here. really need to get back to who i really am and integrate my business into me, rather than the other way around. i have been learning a lot of marketing information from others which has been so valuable, and now i am on a quest to find my authentic voice.

    • Hi Lauren,
      I can relate to learning marketing from others. I too am ready to find my authentic voice. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter: if you want to share your experience: twitter.com/genevievekohn

  9. Hi everyone,

    I’m Marcy and looking forward to this call! I’m a product mentor and one of the things I do is help people write their personal manifestos which is really aligned with today’s topic.

  10. Fiora says:

    Hi, happy to be here today!

    -Fiora (fire dancer/eater)

  11. OH YAYA!! Michael …. totally didn’t realize that you were gonna be teaching here … DUH!! YAY

  12. Lee Kemter says:


  13. Leonardo is present and accounted for

  14. Hi everyone, It is storming here in Maryland, hope the power will stay on for the call!

  15. Daphne Wells says:

    Hi all :) Great to be here. Looking forward to today’s call

  16. niki rebin says:

    Hey, everybody!

    I’m a professional speaker focusing on Finding The Energy To Get Through The Day, which of course, includes using your Authentic Voice to motivate your efforts.

    I’m also a huge animal and nature advocate, so would love to connect with anyone else who shares these values.

    With warmth,


  17. Hello Fellow Paloozers! Looking forward to hearing this call!!

  18. Minette says:

    Happy to be here, curious to learn more about this topic!

  19. I’m excited about this call and just to let you know, the connection is sounding a little garbled.

  20. Janelle Alex says:

    Great to be here today. The past couple of weeks have been crazy with family emergency. Now we are coming up on a move to a new city and our book launch. Eeek. But, I am super excited to be here today :)

    Honoring you all,

  21. Hello ‘palozzers! Good to see you.
    I help passionate women connect deeply with their purpose and integrate self-care in support of that purpose.

  22. Hi Everyone! I’m Henry, and I help authors, coaches, and service-based business owners and entrepreneurs to share their wisdom and earn full time income so you can make the impact you were created to.

    Henry Matlock
    Author Coach
    Find out how to build your business with a FREE teleseminar planning kit:

  23. Much better!!!

  24. sound quality is good for me

  25. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s the link to download Michael’s Get More Clients Success Kit:

  26. Tamay says:

    Hey I met you (Michael) at Transform! Great to see you here.

  27. PJ Van Hulle says:

    What’s your intention for your list?

  28. marian says:

    Hi guys … finally managed to get on to the call … not getting the emails this week? joinconference on skype is not working??? so managed to call using skype ~ from UK so sound is a little patchy and expensive. Here at last though so all good!

  29. My intention for my list is so that I can reach as many people as possible to let the world know that ADHD is NOT a disorder, despite the name, but a divergent way of thinking that has merit and power. I want to teach parents how to raise healthy, happy ADHD kids who will go out and rock the world.

  30. Lee Kemter says:

    Does Michael’s offer go deeper into how to create this filter?

    • Michael says:

      Hey Lee – we have an exercise that we walk people through called Creating an Energetic Business Plan that helps you clarify your vision – which is what you should filter every single piece of marketing through in my business.

      If you email me direct I’m happy to send it your way :)

      Mastering Your Psychic Abilities will help you go much, much deeper into connecting with your authentic mission and vision here :)

  31. Maia Alpern says:

    Hi all. Happy to join all of us Woo Wooers here!

    Maia the GlutenFreeFairyGodmother

    • Hi Maia,
      I have a question for you. I have found that when I’ve tried to go gluten-free, the alternatives to things like bread and pastaa can be more expensive. What do you suggest to help me skip those ingredients, but still be able to feel like I’ve had enough to eat without spending too much?
      Thanks so much!

      • Maia Alpern says:

        There are things I teach in my Gluten-Free and Easy Program. (Hint: If you join my list I will be sending out a 50% off discount next week for my group program.) Quickly, initially I decided to go raw and therefore avoided processed foods and made dehydrated “breads and crackers” that were delicious. Another way is to bake your own but that has a pretty big learning curve as it is different from baking with traditional flours. And as a last tip, I just noticed Costco is now carrying a big selection of gluten-free products now including what looks to be the Country Bakehouse breads, 2 loaves for $7.99 which cost around $12-14 at Whole Foods. Last, choosing to eat naturally glujten-free foods instead of commercial gluten00free foods automatically saves you money and provides healthier food as well as just because it is gluten0free doesn’t mean it is healthy!


  32. I love doing non dominant hand journaling to chat with spirit, medicine walks are also powerful

  33. “energetically connect to that person” Oh. Brilliant. Haven’t done that particular exercise!

  34. Hi everyone, this is such a great webinar, don’t you think?
    I have a brand-new focus of my business: I now help women with MS to reclaim their energy through healthy diet, gentle exercise and energy healing. Feel free to check out my site at http://wellsource.me.
    Happy 4th of July weekend to all in the US!

  35. I really love what Michael said about people can tell your intent when you’re writing your copy from on an intuitive level because my own experience really matches that and I’ve been coaching my clients on that as well! It may seem “woo woo” but I think there’s some science behind it. My body is actually more open when I’m in a good mood and my writing flows more. When I’m coming from openness and service rather than struggling with something (time, money, stress), I always have more enthusiasm about my newsletter and it really changes things, if only from the perspective of my sense of success about the finished copy. I almost always get better responses to copy I’m writing from passion and purpose than from a sense of needing profit. (I’d say always because I can’t think of a counter example, but there may be an exception I’m not remembering. ;) )

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Great insight! :D

    • I am sctually proud of being woo-woo! I feel that it would change who I am to change the way I relate to people.

      • I’m with you! I don’t think “woo woo” is bad or good per say, though i do know that some people (particularly those who prefer to operate in the rational domain in life) are turned off by it for some reason. . . I’m guessing, fear of being seen as a flake or weirdo or too on the outside to be trustworthy.

      • Maia Alpern says:

        Me too Genvieve. It is such a big part of who I am that anyone who knows me knows it too. And many end up on the woo woo bandwagon too!

    • Michael says:

      Every single time – the energy we put into something matters :) I believe in the next 5 years we’ll have incredible science to validate this. But at a basic level when we feel better we give ourselves permission to be better, to show-up more fully, and it’s amazing how people can sense this.

  36. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Get More Clients Success Kit:

  37. Coach Stacy says:

    Hello All,

    My intention is to build a list that empowers people to be more aware of how the food/non-foods that they eat AND they way they come to the table affects not just their weight, but their health.

    My imperfect page with my story can be found here: coachstacy.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/about

    Good call, just having problems today summing up the steps :| Thank you PJ & Michael :)

  38. I have already started Michael’s Mastering Your Intuition!! It’s AWESOME!!! JUST FYI!

  39. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Master Your Psychic Abilities in Six Weeks:

  40. TRUTH!!!

  41. the biggest ah is affirmation that I’m doing the right things to be intuitive!

  42. Suzie Cheel says:

    Biggest takeaway is stop waiting for permission. Thanks PJ and Michael

  43. Always fun to hear about intuition. I love that he said we all have it. Wish I had the $ to take his class.

  44. Thank you so much…love your energy!!! fun stuff and I appreciate your time…i love the idea of marketing from my strengths…that feels so right…and it gives me permission to not do what I don’t love…thank you again Michael and PJ!!

  45. Thanks for speaking today! I like how you said in writing a blog (etc) you will find your voice over time and your statement, “How can I be the most authentic I can be today?”

    -Karen from http://www.shopformuseums.com/

  46. becca says:

    My big take away today was – just use list building 3 strategies and choose the ones that resonate!
    What a relief!


  47. I’m so happy for the reminder to set a clear Intention for what I am creating in my list and in my marketing. Sometimes I get into a hurry to get to work and don’t stop and breathe into first. Remembering to just BE me in my marketing copy and in all of what I provide as I interact with my Ideal Clients. Thank you Michael and PJ.
    p.s. I also like the term of “Marketing Guilt” I hadn’t heard it before but I have felt it.

  48. Tamay says:

    My intention is that I build a community who wants to engage their ideal client in social media and wants to support them with their products or services. I want a list full of people on fire and in communication!

    Check out the free eBook. Or just ask me a question!

  49. niki rebin says:

    Thank you for such an incredible session!

    Biggest takeaway: if you feel marketing guilt it will show through in your communication and will actually turn off those you want to attract and influence!

    What a motivating hour!


  50. I’ so grateful for this training call today. Thank you, PJ and Michael. My biggest takeaway was to stop waiting for permission and just listen to my inner voice. Also, I feel released from my ‘marketing guilt.’ I get so overwhelmed with what others say that I ‘should’ be doing, that I end up paralyzed and not doing anything in a way that has any real impact. Focusing on three marketing strategies that resonate with me releases me from some of the struggle I have been feeling.

    • Michael says:

      What would be different if you chose to be powerful and implement those three strategies every week Cynthia?

      • Suzie Cheel says:

        As I found that the biggest takeaway I know that when i use those 3 strategies, i would be more engaged with my clients and have attracted the ideal client who is ready to work with me and secondly have my Heart Whisper Art shipping

  51. Emily Levy says:

    I especially loved the questions you suggested we ask ourselves to help us decide what to write about to our email lists. Thank you!

  52. Linda says:

    This was so helpful to finding that authentic voice. Should be easy for a writer, but emails and blogging is different than fiction! Writing to that one person in my target marketing age group who is nonjudgmental and accepting of my thoughts really hit home for me. Thank you so much!

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