“The Inner Game Secrets to Actually Making Money with Your E-mail List”


“The Inner Game Secrets

to Actually Making Money

with Your E-mail List”


With Amethyst Wyldfyre


June 24th, 2014

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:


  • The journey of moving away from the security you have always known and into the role of creating security for yourself through bringing your blessing out to the world
  • Understand why it is vital to be in right relationship to money in order to do more than survive – in order to really THRIVE in life
  • Discover how we can sabotage ourselves with our inner dialogue about money
  • Explore challenges around Asking for Money
Amethyst Wyldfyre is an internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist. She helps visionary entrepreneurs to feel great speaking, empowered asking for money and prepared to be heard by millions of people around the globe so they serve their purpose and profit handsomely from following their spiritual path.


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  1. Pumped to be playing with you PJ!!!

  2. niki rebin says:

    Hi, everybody!

    Happy to be here sharing again. These calls are so full of great information and motivation!



  3. Deb Brown says:

    I’ve heard about you from Sue Paananen. She brought the beautiful painting that you did to her event last year. Love it!
    Deb Brown

  4. So glad I got on the call–can’t wait to hear all that Amethyst has to share today about making money from my email list!!

    I am from NJ. I help overwhelmed mompreneurs find calm in the chaos. My website is http://www.greenlightcoaching.com.

    Any other New Jersey folks here??

  5. Corinne Rita says:

    Woo-hoo! Happy to be here! Every speaker you share is amazing, P.J.
    The inner game of money is a great topic! Welcome Amethyst!
    Thanks for being here to share your experience with us- Corinne

  6. Hello!! I’m Andrea Samadi, the author of The Secret for Teens Revealed and Founder of http://www.achieveIT360.com! I help parents, teachers and coaches inspire entrepreneurship as early as possible. Looking forward to learning more from this call as my programs are expanding!

  7. Hi there everyone,

    I’m Linda Mechner Partida, a health and wellness coach that specializes in helping people figure out their food intolerances (way beyond gluten) and transform their health. I am in Northern California and work with clients all over the country.



  8. Hi PJ and Amethyst! So glad to be here. I’m a Success Coach and Family Caregiver Coach!

  9. Howdy,
    I’m Sharon Roemmel from Practically Enlightened You. I help passionate women connect more deeply with their purpose and find a sustainable approach to living their dreams.

    Thanks PJ & Amethyst!

  10. Erica says:

    Hey everyone how are you today? If we haven’t connected let’s link up! Sooo excited for today’s call!

  11. Minette says:

    I am looking forward to this conversation today and hearing what Amethyst has to say!

  12. Hola everyone!

  13. Hi I’m Marcy, creative business coach and founder of the coaching Toys online store. Excited to be here – the sound cut out online. I’ll try dialing in – would hate to miss anything!

  14. Hi Everyone!!

    My name is Patricia, I am an Online Business Manager and Strategy Implementation Expert. I am the Founder of Mustang Online Business Manager (@MustangOBM). I work with coaches, speakers, authors, consultants and small business owners who need to declutter their virtual space, streamline their systems and train a team to kick butt in the market! I would love to connect with any one here on how we might be of value and assistance to each other’s success!

    Don’t forget to visit my Facebook Fan Page at: https://www.facebook.com/mustangobm – My goal here at List A Palooza is reach 500 likes on our new page and I will give away 1 month of OBM services up to 15 hours a $1500 Value to one lucky winner from all of my likes on the new page.

    If you visit my website you will find the side navigation opt-in will give you access to several free goodies right away…. be sure to grab them including How to Apply for Business Grants!

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

    Let’s Chat!!!!

  15. Ruth Thirtle says:

    Really looking forward to the call.
    I work with business owners on building their sales and marketing funnels/processes.
    Looking forward to seeing how I can improve – for me and for them!!

  16. Suzie says:

    Hi all!

    Excited to be here again today!


  17. Coach Stacy says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Glad to be back after some technical glitches (ironically). Sorry I missed your call Emily, I look forward to PJ’s notes; and a FB soiree too!

    As a Health Coach (based in Canada) I help busy individuals meet their health goals, live the lives they’ve always dreamed of, & lose unwanted pounds in the process.

    Looking forward to this week’s lessons.


  18. Hi PJ, Amethyst and everyone. You all are awesome! :-) I live in Nashville, and am transitioning to weave artist coaching into a fund raising/cause supporting venture, which as well serves as a great PR tool for small businesses. I’m looking to write and produce material with long time and first time song writers. Click my name and let’s talk if that sounds interesting to you!

    My best to you!

  19. Hi! Thanks for today’s call. Looking forward to listening to you Amethyst!

    I’m a Spiritual Life Coach… helping others discover and apply their own personal brand of spirituality.
    Free video training about practical spirituality: http://signup.lifecoachinginterventions.com


  20. Hello, everyone! Thank you so much, PJ, for creating this space to help so many of us with list building! And thank you, Amethyst, for sharing your awesomeness with us today!!

    I’m Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio, owner of Blogging with Gypsy — http://bloggingwithgypsy.com. I do WordPress installs, setups, customizations & training and help with blogsite maintenance and blogsite planning. Ultimately I help my clients create a web presence that reflects their authentic self and help bring magick back to their dreams. I can also be found on FB — http://www.facebook.com/bloggingwithgypsy

    I’m looking forward to today’s call! YAY!

  21. Barry Selby says:

    The inner game is huge. Thank you Amethyst and PJ for speaking to this.

  22. Maia Alpern says:

    Hi everyone! Every time I have seen or heard Amethyst it has been great. I an a certified holistic health coach specializing in people with celiac disease and other gluten sensitivities liive gluten-free quickly and easily so they can live a life they love.


    • Maia… that is such an important resource that you are offering giving the rising allergies to wheat and gluten.

      • Maia Alpern says:

        Thanks! I agree. So many people are suffering needlessly and frustrated they don’t know gluten is a cause of their health issues. I am starting my 4 week Gluten-free and Easy group online course July 21 if you know anyone who might need to learn how to really live gluten-free. Are you or someone you know gluten sensitive Sasha?

    • Thank you for your support and for listening in @Maia – would love to play at an even more intimate level with you – beyond just listening to what I have to share – since this is just the bite of the “gluten free” cookie! :-)

  23. Venetia Boyd says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m Venetia Boyd, owner of VEEBS’ Creative Design Enterprise, the umbrella of Design entities Interior Decorating, Photography, and Graphic Designs. Today focusing on Graphic Designs where I help businesses with creating their business cards, logos, facebook /twitter covers and other website banners, book covers, tradeshow banners, etc.

    Happy to be a part of this group!

  24. PJ Van Hulle says:

    “When Money’s Tight” Simple Steps to Feel Safe and Powerful Again so you Can Attract Your Divine Clients, Ask For Money and Get Back into the Current of Cash FLOW! (valued at $77!):

  25. I love that you said feel safe and powerful! So true. Thanks

  26. Hello To All!

    Feel free to post your fan page here so that I can become a raving fan..
    My business page is Your Soul Purpose Brilliance And Healing. Please come an visit with your beautiful Essence Presence: https://www.facebook.com/YourSoulPurposeBrillianceWithSashaSabbeth

    I am the Entrepreneur Intuition and Purpose Soul Coach Healer. I mentor and heal highly gifted, intuition and mission driven Entrepreneurs to shed their obsolete blocks and bring their Soul Purpose business gifts to uplift society and produce a fabulous lifestyle…

    http://www.entrepreneursoulcoach.com/Success-Tips.html is the Tip series to keep you soul aligned and prosperous..

    Tell me about you!

  27. Sally Rubin says:

    Hi Amethyst,
    Lovin’ it already.
    Sally Rubin

  28. Howdy PJ & Amethyst!

    Your Biz Rules helps women entrepreneurs revive and reinvent their business to get past too much to do, make great money and have enough of themselves leftover to enjoy it.

    I am a business coach and strategist, time leverage stickler and the Queen of Healthy Boundaries! I love helping my clients build and rebuild their businesses

  29. Nancy Rose says:

    I’m Nancy Rose, parent educator and speaker, author of Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want, which helps parents understand and accept who their children are so they can have a great relationship and raise a thriving child.
    Monetizing beyond my book, which is a great start.
    Over giving :-) Just heard Amethyst mention that.
    Best to everyone,

  30. Corinne Rita says:

    This is great content and definitely inspiring. Everyone has issues around money and messaging. Totally agree about big message, big money issue- giving it all away. Great point- no room for reciprocity. All giving=no receiving.

    Thank you for asking us to share who we are, too!

    My company:
    Fierce Focus. Working mainly with male high-octane entrepreneurs at my business, on cutting through their b.s. & having more life. Most are alpha-males with ADHD.

    New program launch for women:
    Brazen Branding- unleashing your inner business bombshell- it’s all about attitude.

    My skill set is building global brands and how to work with affluent/high-net worth clients.

    Goal of new branding program: Motivating women to own their strengths, claim their fame and change the world.

    Opt-in page about to go up! http://www.brandstrategysecrets.com Not there yet!

    If this sounds good to you, or you need help and feedback on your brand-send me an email: corinne@findfiercefocus.com

    I’m here to help whoever I can & build a list that’s focused on women, zero-mid-6 figures.
    My list is primarily men, 6-7figures. I want to see more 7 figure women out there!

    Would like to build JV relationships where we support each other.

    I’m from Philadelphia. Right next to New Jersey;)

  31. Amethyst’s perspective on over giving is fascinating…

  32. Robin says:

    Hi all, I’m Robin Maupin, a cancer survivorship coach for women dealing with breast and/or gynecological cancers. I help these women to discover self-empowerment, inspiration and their own amazing courage.

  33. Ruzica says:

    Hi PJ, Amethyst, and all! Great to be here! I am from Windsor Ontario, and I am just starting out my Life Coaching career. I am definitely feeling like a messenger. Also, I’ve heard that building your list is the single most important thing when starting your business. So yeah, thank you for this opportunity!

  34. Suzie Cheel says:

    Hi I am The Heart Whisperer and I resonate with what Amethyst is saying especially about giving, speaking right to my heart. I need to get into receiving :)

    • @Suzie –

      there is no “getting into receiving” there is Surrendering into it…. Ahhhhhhh……

      Giving is ACTIVE Receiving is….. Receptive! :-)

      Would LOVE to support you in Surrendering into Receiving. The messages from your heart…. and the messages that money wants to send to you too!

      It would be my pleasure to SERVE You!

      Link for the course if you resonate to join the pahty!!! http://www.theempoweredmessenger.com/m3list

  35. OMG that is right on the nose, Amethyst, about being persued vs. invisible! So struggling with that. Totally on the nose!

  36. Robin says:

    By the way, I’m in Southern California and my business is Womens’ Cancer Connection (www.womenscancerconnection.com)

  37. Welcome all — joining the fun a bit late. Please “Like” my page and learn more about me at https://facebook.com/magneticmoney.

  38. Corinne Rita says:

    This is truly great content- what a leader really is & how to expand and grow. You are empowering everyone on the call, Amethyst.

  39. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s the link to download the handout:

  40. Corinne Rita says:

    Would you post the link to the handout? Was taking notes when it was announced and didn’t see it above.
    Appreciating the clear “get with reality” approach.

  41. Having problems getting the handout. Not arriving in my inbox.

  42. Thank you, Amethyst, for bringing up the Karmic contracts! So much going on in my life comes from that level as well as from what I grew up with. UGH …. so much I need to accept, adjust and clear <3 Thank you so so so much for clicking on the lightbulb!

  43. I am too much of a giver, and have an icky feeling when selling (yes I just admitted this) and needing to sever ties from the past, and while working on this, I know I will be ok. Thanks Amethyst and there is no coincidence I was brought to this call!

  44. As I expected, Amethyst’s message today was amazing! I really appreciate the handout and gifts. Thanks! :)

  45. PJ Van Hulle says:
  46. Barry Selby says:

    Wow, so much good stuff on the call! Amethyst rocks and her message touches me.
    I am the Love Doctor. I help single successful spiritual women attract their ideal and divine partner, ensuring that they attract what they deserve, and that they honor who they are. I am a published author of 50 Ways To Love Your Lover, a professional speaker, and creator of the Romance Blueprint program, 90 Days to Your Amazing Relationship! I love serving the feminine, and it is my mission.

    Book – http://50WaysToLoveYourLover.com
    Program – http://RomanceBlueprint.com

  47. niki rebin says:

    Thank you, Amethyst for this deeply insightful call. You really delved into the depths of understanding about some of our money issues, and opened new opportunities for growth.



  48. Maia Alpern says:

    I LOVED the abundance vs wealthy explanation! Thank you both so much for today!

  49. Amethyst says:

    FYRE in the Hearth!! Let’s Welcome WEALTH! Questions?

    PJ SALUTING YOU as the SOURCE today of this amazing platform and opportunity. I am so GRATEFUL!

  50. Barry Selby says:

    Amethyst, my biggest eye-opener from your talk surprised me – the 3rd option in the frequency which is wealth, and the analogy really brought it home. I get now why the idea of abundance never stuck for me, and it was too amorphous for me to wrap my head around. I understand and am focused on the idea of wealth management, much more real and accessible. Thank you for opening my eyes to this.

  51. Hello everyone,
    I am life coach, author, speaker and workshop leader in the field of metaphysics. Specifically helping individuals reach the highest vision of themselves by connecting mind,body, and soul. What I have figured out is the sacred texts and scripture is like reading a headline in a newspaper or magazine. The headline will get your attention but you really don’t know what things are about until you read the full story! I teach the full story with frameworks and tools on how to use these ideas practically in your life without judgement and dogma attached.

  52. Breathing in the light and the love from all of you – so appreciate your time and attention today – forgive my mistake on the handout url

    Here it is again for those who missed it: http://www.theempoweredmessenger.com/moneyhandout

    Please be patient with our server if you don’t get it the first time come on back a bit later k?

  53. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here are the links:

    Handout for the call:

    “When Money’s Tight” Simple Steps to Feel Safe and Powerful Again so you Can Attract Your Divine Clients, Ask For Money and Get Back into the Current of Cash FLOW! (valued at $77!):

    Money, Magic and Miracles

  54. Amethyst, I really enjoyed listening to your story and your wisdom sharing. I especially loved the “Tuning In” of understanding the Frequencies of Scarcity, Abundance and Wealth – wow! That was the Big Ah Ha for me. I’m looking forward to the MC Course – Bring it on!

  55. becca says:

    Ah ha! Amethyst’s mention of being chosen last in school triggered a memory for me – always being chosen last in volleyball. I was little and couldn’t get the ball over the net. Interesting that that could make a difference now… something to think about.

    I’m Becca, i help people transition into the raw food lifestyle, as a raw food chef, teacher and coach.

    • Definitely think about whether or not you are “dropping the curtain” on your energy when it comes time to ask for money @Becca so you can hide and not be disappointed about not being chosen!

      Wondered who that particular story was for! Thank you for letting me know it was you!

  56. melinda says:

    I was in the rare gold and silver coin business for over 20 years. When I found the gold and silver within, after I let it go to my ex-husband, I began to list build from a soul fueled money space. Been doing so ever since…. Blessed to be of divine service…. with my latest Prayergasm… More spillage of the riches are building and building ~ list building would be nice too!

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