“How to Easily Build Your First Profitable List-Building Machine in Just One Afternoon” with Adam Urbanski


“How to Easily Build Your First

Profitable List-Building Machine

in Just One Afternoon”


With Adam Urbanski,


June 17th, 2014

You Will:


  • Overcome the single biggest obstacle to quickly building your list; in just the first 20 minutes of this call you’ll make more progress than you’ve made in the past 12 months!
  • Discover a step-by-step process how to turn just one idea into a list-building and profit-generating machine in only a few hours
  • Learn three shortcuts to quickly create a magnetic opt-in bribe
  • Find out how to instantly monetize your list-building efforts and start making money the moment you start building your list
  • Boost your opt-ins with these three little-known but powerful ways to drive pre-qualified visitors to your opt-in page
  • Take advantage of the growing content delivery trends and pocket a small fortune from your list building efforts while your competitors are scratching their heads HOW you are doing it!


Adam Urbanski is known as The Millionaire Marketing Mentor® and for good reason. He built a multi-million dollar business in less than 10 years starting with only $194 and a limited ability to speak English. Today Adam shows his clients how to go from zero to six figures in only a few weeks, and teaches over 70,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, and online marketers how to transform their hard, labor intensive businesses into automated money making machines that Attract Clients Like Crazy®


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  1. I really look forward to this call – I haven’t heard Adam present before but I know the name.

    I am especially interested in learning about the “growing content delivery trends” as I am finding that we need to cater for the very different needs of our tribes – some like video, some audio, some the written word, some like ezine, some like to engage on blogs and some on social media.

    I’m also all about great and valuable content!

    Author of The Antianxiety Food Solution and host of the The Anxiety Summit

    • Hi Trudy, great to see you here!

      I am really looking forward to this as well….

    • Julia Neiman says:

      Trudy, Adam is a marketing genius. You should get on his mailing list and attend his free webinars.

    • Hey Trudy (and others)…

      We didn’t get to talk about the trends… So just a three tips about it…

      1. Multi-purpose your content into multiple media. Nothing new, but becoming more and more important. Especially using audio. A large population of people online access content via mobile devices. And audio is much easier to consume than text. Also, with platforms like iTunes and YouTube the multi-media content can reach more people.

      2. Audiences are becoming increasingly less loyal, so deliver your best stuff early, or they might never see it! To put it differently – don’t save your best for last!

      3. Charge for your content. At all levels. There is so much free that more and more people are willing to pay for having that content logically organized and conveniently stored in one place. And what seems to be gaining in popularity in “closed-end” membership products. Meaning, instead of selling a membership that goes on forever, you sell a membership that requires only a few payments – like 8 payments of $49. After that the member has access to that membership, but you don’t need to be adding more stuff to it. It’s done. So these are very narrowly focused, very specific topics. They are also much easier to sell because they can have a pretty low-price points. These are ideal for entry point products to deliver good value and build good will with your new subs.

      I hope this gives you some ideas… ;)

  2. I’m Leonardo “The Companionator” Bustos. I help singles 44 and above find love. My website is http://www.TheCompanionator.com. So glad to be here!

  3. Ruth Thirtle says:

    Really looking forward to this call. Have to admit I have not heard of Adam before but this looks great.
    I help business owners create leverage, particularly through their sales funnel, so anything that speeds that up souds good to me.

  4. Sally Rubin says:

    Hi Adam and PJ!
    Thank you for this call.
    Hi Trudy, Loved the anx summit!
    Sally Rubin
    author, The Overfunctioning Woman’s Handbook: Uncommon Sense to Deal With Impossible Jobs and Impossible People

  5. Looking forward to this call today. My pen is itching to take lots of notes!

  6. Howdy!

  7. Hi,
    This will be sure to be great content!
    I am the owner of Big Sur Retreat Camp, and ready to learn how to get more people informed of this great opportunity to get out into the wild in comfrot and style.

  8. Lauren Sweet says:

    Hi, really glad to be learning more list building mojo.
    I help people love and accept themselves and their bodies at any size so they can lose weight easily and naturally. You have tried hating your weight away, now try loving your weight off.

  9. Jessica says:

    I’m Jessica, founder of the soon-to-be-renamed Write Ahead Consulting Inc. I help emerging entrepreneurs plan the start of their entrepreneurial journey. It’s business planning for non-conformists!

    • Ruth Thirtle says:

      I love it Jessica – would love to find out more about that. Think some of my clients would be keen on that…

  10. Looking forward to this this very topic is on my to do list already! for after the call!

  11. Hey I’m Charlie.

    My business is Being Human Ally Inc. I help business leaders who are living with chronic health issues live more balanced, fun filled, and ultimately more productive lives. All my programs are designed to help you become your own greatest resource and ally.

    I am very excited to be here… i have found the content on the List-a-Palooza sooooo out of the box and awesome. I can’t beleive how much more there is!!!

  12. Hello,
    I’ve heard Adam speak before, but it’s been a few years. Will be good to hear him again.
    I help women make the difference in the world they came here to make while still nurturing their awesome self in the process.

  13. Does anyone know how to include our pic with the post?

  14. I’ve been following Adam’s training. He’s awesome. He’s given me ideas that I’m using with my Rich Chicks Money Bootcamp that’s for successful entrepreneurs that need to focus on profit and growth to take their business to the next level! You can check it out here. http://www.feliciastreeter.com/bootcamp. And those that need to give their money meaning and not just track the numbers go here http://www.feliciastreeter.com/services. Check them out. If it moves you. Feel free to join.

  15. Hi everyone! I hear PJ on the line, and I’m excited for Adam’s training. :)

    I just got back from Kauai and I’m excited to jump back into list-building. I got jazzed up on my purpose and offerings during my time on the island (I was at the Wealthy Goddess Mastery Retreat led by Kendra Thornbury). Here’s what I do:

    I help women who are passionate about healing and beautifying the world through their business to bust through their fears of being seen and paid in a big way. The main way I do this is through my Money Breakthrough Photoshoots, where I help them expand their visibility, marketing buzz, and be seen as the expert they are so they can get paid really well.

    What do you do?

    xo, Janelle

  16. Janelle Alex says:

    Hey! I am here today…yay! Missed most of last week :(

    Looking forward to hearing what Adam has to say.

  17. Hello Everyone, This event has been so educational and I am having a blast. It is a pleasure to share this time with you all.

    My work is to help people lower their cost of living, improve their well-being, and increased realized wealth. Join my newsletter to keep posted on the release of my forthcoming book and other incredible information. Go to my website to join: http://www.jazzyeco.com

    Like my on Fridays FB Fan Page Party. Jump over to my Facebook Fan Page and give a like. https://www.facebook.com/jazzyeco

    Have a great day.

  18. Hi Everyone! I’m a book writing and publishing consultant up here in Seattle, Washington. I help experts write the books they’ve been dreaming of writing. Really looking forward to this call.

  19. Barry Selby says:

    Adam is a gifted master teacher and knows his business. Looking forward to listening.

  20. Looking forward to Adam’s talk! The idea of setting things up “in an afternoon” is a REAL attractor for me!

  21. Hello & Merry Meet! I’m Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio – owner of Blogging with Gypsy – http://bloggingwithgypsy.com. I help with WordPress installs, setups, customizations & training, blogsite maintenance, and blogsite planning. Ultimately I help my clients create a web presence that reflects your authentic truth and help bring magick back to your dreams.

    I have learned so much from Adam when it comes to marketing!

  22. Hi I am Shelly! My partner in crime Patty and I help women in their 40′s and 50′s navigate mid-life transitions. We are in the process of building our website and have an online program ready to go!

  23. Hi All! Henry here. Glad to be back this week, and looking fwd to hearing what Adam has to share!

  24. Fiora says:

    I am a fire performer (fire eater/fire dancer). My goal is to learn enough about the sales and marketing aspect to stay booked on a regular basis and be able to leave my other jobs. I put out my first newsletter a few weeks ago. At this point, my list consists of event planners/managers and venues that I have cold called and sent promotional material to…

  25. Hi,
    I am Kim. I am a leadership expert and I am so excited to be here to learn live on this call.
    Thanks PJ and Adam.

  26. Gladys says:

    Can you post the link to the call here. I don’t seem to be getting the link emails

  27. Joan Silva says:

    Love the fear of commitment … not fear of success or failure

  28. Adam… everything you are saying is speaking to EVERYTHING that is UP for me today!!! I am literally in tears with relief that I am not the only person who has this multifactor stuckness happening….

  29. Oh man, I SO know what Adam means about the comparison demons!

    Loved this quote: “To a third-grader, a fourth-grader is a god.”

    I need to write that above my computer!

  30. Sally Rubin says:

    Adam, Did I miss the frog-factor?

  31. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s the link that Adam just mentioned for the free list-building training:

  32. Ruth Thirtle says:

    Thank you. Awesome gift. Thank you!

  33. can you please repeat the link for Adam’s training????? thanks in advance

  34. PJ Van Hulle says:

    The 5 things Adam just mentioned:

    1. Lead Magnet / Free Bribe
    2. Squeeze Page / Lead Generation Page / Opt In Page
    3. Follow Up Machine
    4. Traffic
    5. Offers (Paid)

  35. What about MailChimp?

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      It has some of the same issues that Adam mentioned with aWeber. I often tell my clients about it if they’re just starting out and the idea of one more monthly payment just completely freaks them out.

      But if you can swing $30 / mo, sendpepper.com is way better.

  36. Ruth Thirtle says:

    love love love Infusionsoft – works so well with these concepts!

  37. Emily Levy says:

    I agree with you, Adam, about GetResponse being better for this audience than AWeber. Here’s my affiliate link for GetResponse, should anyone want to use it: http://www.getresponse.com/index/buildcommunity
    (Of course, if Adam shares an affiliate link, please use his!)

  38. Please ask Adam to comment on One Shopping Cart as a contact management system. That is what I use and wonder if it might work against me with the criteria he is talking about now. Thank you.

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      1SC is fine if you already have it. You can add a few contacts manually without them freaking out. At least that was my experience with them a few years ago. They don’t want you to import lists though so if you’re moving to 1SC, you’ll run into the problem that Adam was talking about.

  39. Ruth Thirtle says:

    I received the confirmation from Adam on the traning that says it is for a live training last week. Is that the glitch he was talking about?

  40. Donna says:

    Have you used fiverr.com for any of this work? I have heard of this site for some of the opt-in, newsletter stuff…

    • I have used Fiverr. It’s a little hit and miss. But I look for someone who has lots of positive responses and that usually works well. Sorry, I can’t pass along any recommendations as I haven’t used in awhile. But I will in the future, and do recommend it. Use the search capability to narrow results, otherwise it’s overwhelming!

  41. Kim Corrick says:

    Please spell is it leadpages.net. Or leafpages.net

  42. Corinne Rita says:

    WOO-HOO! Thank you for bringing us Adam Urbanski! He’s bottom lining it!

    I work with “High Octane” Entrepreneurs (most with ADHD whether they know it or not!) at Fierce Focus. He just nailed the top challenges business owners get blindsided by. Biggest call to action is: Make a decision. Do it.

    I need help with what to give as a freebie emphasizing”why you need branding right now” that doesn’t create overwhelm and excess information. I can babble on abut branding and marketing for hours. How do you NOT drown people with information?

    Ebook- what length is best? Short course-how many emails? Video- how many and how long each?

    How many autoresponder emails are best and in what timing so don’t alienate your prospects?

    I’m looking to get people on my list and invite them to a webinar for a July launch.

    Can you recommend best direction to get people opted-in for a new program launch positioned for up and coming women entrepreneurs who need to learn how to brand their business. They may not know what branding is, why they need it, or how they’ll never create a sustainable business without it.

    Also- I send out a bi-monthly email blast to my main client base- they’re 90% men, minimum 7 fig business owners, and I write to that audience. I am known for focus and action.

    Now I am positioning this new program for women who are new-ish to entrepreneurship and are under or moving toward 6 figures. Although the theme is branding, it is about being a business owner overall. I want to be known there too for focus and action. But, I’m guessing that I need to send out a different email sequence?

    Thanks for reading!

    What about optimize press?

  43. Corinne Rita says:

    Lead pages better than optimize press?

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      I still use Optimize Press and like it. I also like that it’s a one time investment.

      From what I understand, Lead Pages has a shorter learning curve, provides more templates and gives you the stats on various templates.

    • Corrine- we use both, The great thing about leadpages is hat they connect with your database so it goes right in -

  44. Renae says:

    Hello — just got on-line was listening in the car until I got home. Hearing some GREAT information.

  45. It’s leadpages.com. Super easy to use & good conversion.

  46. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s the PLR resource that Adam just mentioned:

  47. I use Aweber & have experienced the limitation that Adam mentions although I love them otherwise. I was advised by a coach not to switch to another service because I would lose a number of people from my list. Your thoughts?

  48. WOW! awesome information!

  49. Awesome! Can’t comment so much because I’m taking notes! What about you?

  50. Corinne Rita says:

    I have to unabashedly say that I LOVE ADAM URBANSKI!

    Thank you SO much for this fast-paced, do it now, ADHD-ish (which I relish as an ADDer) talk.

    PJ you completely rock with all you offer!
    Thank you for your generosity in all you are doing to help us build a list fast.

  51. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Adam’s Joint Venture Profit System:

    Enter promo code “palooza” for a $200 instant rebate! :D

  52. Coach Stacy says:

    Another gem in Adam, PJ thanks for sharing. Hard to believe the hour is over already :(

  53. Per the tweaking of Private Label Rights products, did Adam mention site to go to to create your own graphics?

  54. Corinne Rita says:

    Just bought it! Thanks!

  55. This guy has jokes! :) I am curious about the recordings Adam was mentioning. Was that a free resource or a paid bonus for his continuing education?

  56. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Here’s the link that Adam just mentioned for the free list-building training:

    Here’s the link to Adam’s Joint Venture Profit System:

    Enter promo code “palooza” for a $200 instant rebate!

  57. When you ask an author on master resale or ezine to reproduce their content, is there some sort of confirmation or form you use to confirm their permission?

  58. Is there a place where you can find JV partners of all sizes?

  59. Angela says:

    In Canada we have a new privacy law that will not allow us to use verbal opt-in to add someone to our lists, along with many more other things. Aweber is our best friend when it comes to compliance in Canada.

    We can’t even have a check box on the entry form as the opt-in or an automatic check box on a web form. The Canadian customer must click the opt-in link themselves.

  60. Sally Rubin says:

    Did Adam skip the frog-factor?

  61. 1 incredible AHA! How to write an awesome book using the best of other authors!

  62. Angela says:

    This content was so incredible! I will have to listen to this recording several times to get the most out of it!

  63. Great stuff- I am writing furiously… perfect timing for my product launch “dialling for millions”

    <u big take away- do amazon book reviews / videos- multi purpose use as well!
    thank you

  64. Janelle Alex says:

    Loved the concept of doing Amazon reviews. That was a brand new idea I had not heard before. Great idea :)

  65. Joan Silva says:

    are videos better than a free report for the free bribe?

  66. One of the great ideas he had for me was one of the opt-in gifts. Using the compilation for the ebook for me is something I really like. I think it would help me to build relationships with other experts as well which is key for me.

  67. Sally Rubin says:

    PJ and Adam,
    The profits link says 97, but the offer verbally was 297.
    Which is it?

  68. Tracy Hoobyar says:

    What a great session! Got some amazing take aways, including the top ways to get traffic. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Amazon review tip. I will be working on that in the upcoming months.

    Also love some of the tips on doing strong JVs…it falls right in line with the Social Media Day telesummit I’m putting together for June 30…can’t wait to have PJ and several of the other members here on it. I will be setting up the FB ads for it today!

    Thanks for putting this together. :)

  69. Tremaine says:

    Can Adam go over the A.D.D. breakdown please?

    • Sally Rubin says:

      Tremaine, I think I got that A.D.D. ….
      ADD: Ask people what is it you want to learn on the topic; Deliver: how do you teach in such a way that you can take this call and divide it into articles Divide: into articles that can be used for promotion (allows you to monetize right away)

      • Tremaine says:

        Thanks so much, Sally! I got most of it, just missed the last ‘D’.
        Thanks PJ and Adam for a great call! Lots of useful info and tips to get started immediately!

  70. Sally Rubin says:

    Here is what is says: “Complete JV Profit System Power Pack Now For Only 497
    Or Use Our Easy Payment Play – Just 97 Today”
    Is that correct?

  71. Kim Corrick says:

    My ahah! I can do this now if I use this info! Now to find a joint venture partner!

  72. My biggest ahas — wow! the whole call LOLz but here are a couple of nuggets that I love!

    “It’s easier to change course once you are in the air!”
    Adam’s ADD formula (Ask, Deliver, Divide) & CCC method (Clarity, Capability & Confidence) really put things into perspective!

    Thanks for a great call, Adam and PJ! So much info and notes to digest!! <3

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Thanks! I also loved that quote: “It’s easier to change course once you are in the air!” :D

  73. Loved today’s session! Thanks Adam and PJ.

    I missed a large chunk of the meeting to take a call but I like Adam’s advice to create our own graphics whenever we use PLR content…make it ours.

  74. Great call. Thank you PJ and Adam…

  75. Take away and what I’m going to take action on is this. For the rest of the year, I’m going to do guest interviews via teleseminar. I’d like to do 2-3 per month. So If you’re interested, let me know. If we’re a match, I’d love to have you to my list.

    Here’s my website: http://www.feliciastreeter.com – where you can learn about me.

    Interested? You can fill out the contact form or email me at info@feliciastreeter.com.

    Looking forward to rocking this out!

  76. I’m at a nonprofit with very little marketing budget. Got a lot of great ideas about how we can appear bigger and better with only a small investment, and GROW THAT LIST! We also find that much of our list is “passive”; people sign up but don’t engage. Need to work on that.

  77. Emily Levy says:

    Thanks for a great call, PJ and Adam!

  78. Fiora says:

    How do you apply the bribe to a business where you are selling entertainment? As a performer, I am a little lost-I can’t afford to give away performances as an opt in reward, obviously…a little help?

    • Hi Fiora,
      What if you give away a sample video of one of your performances, or tips for anyone who is looking to hire a performer like you, or tips/lessons for someone who may be interested in learning how to do what you do?

  79. Master-Resale-Rights.com – Make it your own by adding screen captures and creating your own graphics — especially the cover photos. Visited the site – great variety and gives dates so you can decide if OK to purchase

  80. The compilation ebook idea is powerful. Also the “4th grader is a god” quote helps reinforce the sentiment one of the other guests shared that we are good enough as long as we’re 2 steps ahead of the people we want to help. Great stuff, Adam!

  81. Question for Adam…

    I want very much to do a TeleSummit… I am working on building my list from 1000. The people that I want for my TeleSummit are people who are big names and, therefore, large lists. I have chosen these people not only because of their list size but because they are such high caliber people in the field of my industry. I want the best high level leaders in both business development and Soul Purpose, Intuition adept experts. I am a Soul Purpose Expert, Healer, and Intuitive for Entrepreneurs. I have held back producing a TeleSummit for at least 2 years because I had not yet been able to get past the hurdle that I want to do a TeleSummit with such high profile people yet I have such a small list. I know that I could offer many types of products of value to their lists. That is my only current leverage that I know that I could offer in exchange for the fact that my list is so small… Such products would include long distance healing, intuitive readings, and harnessing the power of their Soul Purpose path to design their signature systems, etc. that are direct extensions from their Soul Purpose power. Please give me any suggestions of how I met approach such people … Thank you for your candid and rich content…

  82. misia denea says:

    I liked that Adam mentioned survey your list, ask them ” WHAT IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST QUESTION YOU HAVE FOR ME” develop a webinar about it from there .
    Also going to e-zine articles and asking authors of articles with resourceful material that pertains to your niche.
    THANKS PJ for always having a great line- up!

  83. PJ.. What would be the difference, essentially, between sendpetter.com and Get Response? Thank you….

  84. I was so excited to hear him mention GetResponse. I have been really happy and they just launched their own lead pages so I can create my opt in forms right in the my mailing system. Now I just need to get my butt in gear and built in my Follow Up Machine.

  85. Adam, on the call you recommended GetResponse and explained why you don’t recommend Aweber. However, on the video training, you recommend Aweber. I do use Aweber. I’m just wondering why you switched your recommendation. Is it that Aweber changed things with regards to the ability to import contacts?

    • Angela says:

      Leanne as Canadians we have to follow different rules in regards to how we market… I did a free training on the new CASL law that came into effect on July 1st. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it, I can send you a link.

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