List-a-Palooza Testimonial Power Hour!

List-a-Palooza Testimonial Power Hour!

Step 1:

Read about how to leverage the power of testimonials:

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

How to use testimonials to drive traffic to your website & build your list:

When you give SOMEONE ELSE a testimonial, make sure that they include a link to your website with the testimonial. If you’re giving a video testimonial, say your website during the video.

Often people will be inspired by your testimonial and want to check YOU out, not just the person who you gave the testimonial to.

How to use testimonials to increase your conversion rate:

Third party endorsement and social proof are HUGE!!! In my experience, the testimonials that your clients and colleagues give you contribute more to your opt in rate and sales conversion than your hottest and most eloquent marketing copy.

Pepper your sales pages with testimonials, and include them in your speaking presentations, videos and e-mails (basically… everywhere!)

How to gather powerful testimonials:


When appropriate, you can even WRITE THEM FOR THEM and have them edit / approve

Often when my clients are raving about the amazing results they’re getting from working with me, I say “That’s awesome! Can I use that as a testimonial?” and when they say yes, “Great! I’ll e-mail you what I just heard you say and you can edit or approve it. Does that work?”

Everyone has always appreciated this because it makes their life easier.

The most powerful testimonials often revolve around:

1. The specific results they’ve gotten from working with you
2. What they appreciate most about your character & abilities
3. What they appreciate most about the process you’ve taken them through
4. Whatever else they feel inspired to share

One of my favorite testimonial templates is:

“Before working with [YOUR NAME], _________________, and now _____________________.”

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Step 2:

If you’d like me to feature you on my website and in my marketing, please leave a testimonial for me as a comment on this blog post.

NOTE: Remember to include your title (ex. Master Hand Analyst, Business Coach, etc.) the URL for your website that you want me to send people to.

Please comment on one or more of the following:

1. The specific results you’ve gotten from working with me
2. What you appreciate about my character and abilities and working with me in general
3. What you liked best about List-a-Palooza
4. Whatever else you feel inspired to share

Step 3:

Write 3 testimonials that you wish people would give YOU. What would you love for your clients and colleagues to say about you?

This is for your own internal use – you don’t have to post these here on the blog.

Step 4:

E-mail 3 or more colleagues or clients that you feel would be willing to give you a testimonial and provide the testimonials that you wrote about yourself as examples for them to edit / approve.

People are busy! By giving them a first draft to work with, you will get more testimonials.


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  1. JeeJee says:

    Before I bumped into the List-A-Palooza group on facebook, list building wasn’t a big part of my day to day operations. But PJ has showed me what an important and fun biz practice this is. And wow, she’s so generous by opening up the walls between us all in this community to share, grow, promote each other and ourselves. It really is a blessing. I love seeing power hour emails in my inbox! PJ is knowledgable and so obviously generous with her time and sharing your gifts with the world. I’m so grateful.


  2. Noga says:

    I can always count on Pj to deliver valuable and current information that will support me in taking my business to the next level! Pj creates such a supportive community, and leads a movement this way. I completely trust her to bring me the best value, and that’s why I come back again and again to learn with her! Thank you Pj!

    ~ Noga Vilozny
    Organizer & Designer,

  3. I signed up for the List-A-Palooza not knowing what to expect. PJ brought in great experts to share their wisdom and I learned quite a few new things. But the best experience for me was the “Power Hour” where we implemented what we had learned on the calls. Thanks PJ for being innovative and helping me to learn new things about growing my lists!

    Candy Messer
    Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, Inc.

  4. Flora says:

    List-a-poolza provided me magical substance & inspiration!

    Last April I decided to take a chance on PJ Van Hulle’s List-a-poolza. I had listened to hours of business advice and training from the internet’s best, but nothing seem to fit my hoodoo business – My work not only includes being a spiritual adviser but also using sticks, stones, roots and bones to help improve the luck of my clients. List-a-poolza offered me the perfect blend of ideas, inspiration, challenges, and experts to help me reach out and grow my list by building lasting relationships with a whole new pool of clients. No matter what your business PJ Van Hulle will help you make the 90 day magick you need to grow a lucky list of clients who want what you have to offer this world.
    Thank you PJ & Best of Blessings
    ~ Flora Elmore, Your Luck Expert

  5. Rose Hawley says:

    Before List-A-Palooza I was drowning in a sea of social media possibilities. With List-A-Palooza, PJ brought together a ton of cutting edge information that cut those possibilities down to the manageable size and then gave us Power Hours to implement those techniques.

    In reality though, I think the true power of List-A-Palooza is the amazing community that PJ created. I know that I will be working with people I meet here for years to come. Thank you PJ!

  6. This is my second year in List-A-Palooza, and I just love it! I love Pj’s energy, her directness and her sense of humor. She always brings in great experts, and I always learn something new about building my list. I love the Power Hours…my absolute favorite :) I’ve actually made some great connections through the Power Hours, that may result in future collaborations and JV partnerships…we’re talking.

    Thank you Pj, you rock!

    ~ Julia Maria Lloyd

    Intuitive Business Success Coach,

  7. Helen says:

    Help! I can’t find the number for today’s testimonial call. The Guest ID was accepted for the number I had, but no one is there. I want to be on with you!

  8. This is my first time joining PJ’s List-A-Palooza and she is a goddess. Because the calls are when I am at work I have to work in my own time. This is not an issue in the least because she is so motivating and supportive that I feel the same live support even after studying on my own. I feel I have an actual working direction and I feel successes already and I am JUST getting started!!! I’m so excited! Thank you PJ!!

    Crystal Bertolacci
    Spirit Guide Coach
    Learn to hear the guidance from your own angels!

  9. PJ, my first List-a-Plooza experience was amazing! I exponentially grew my list, gained valuable marketing experience, and now have an increased confidence for sharing my business and the impact it can make. I was most impressed by how engaged you were during the whole process. You really modeled everything you’ve been teaching us. Thank you for your wonderful example.

    Benecia Ponder
    Business & Life Prosperity Coach

  10. Tony Dollars says:

    I had no real idea of list building or the many possible approaches to it before joining List-A-Palooza. I made every meeting I could so that I could learn as much as possible from what PJ and her guests have shared. My desire to provide great service while being great source for artist development, I have now learned so many wonderful ways to reach out to people and be that great service they need. I’m so grateful PJ offered List-A-Palooza!

  11. Thank you PJ for your time and effort to give of your knowledge on list building through the free List-A-Palooza challenge you offered. I have learned and applied the information from all the teachings and it has helped to improve my business greatly. It was like having a free coach that gave me step by step process that focused on specific actions to help get results.

    Angela Watson

  12. I was not able to listen to many of the calls, which is why I signed up for the replays at my convenience. This summer I was really putting my website together and it’s almost completed! I took notes during most of the calls and had a strong desire to check out the “free gift” that PJ’s guests offered to those who tracked Lisa-A-Palooza. Thanks, PJ, for the great effort. I intend to grow my (currently) small list to let others know that God loves them unconditionally!

    Shirley Kufeldt – Bible Bites

  13. Linda Ursin says:

    I’m sorry I can’t join in this power hour. I have surgery tomorrow morning.

  14. PJ has a vast knowledge of the coaching industry. I can always count on he to deliver valuable and current information that will support me in taking my business to the next level! She’s great at being supportive by sharing, promote others in her field. I am highly impressed with all of PJ’s coaching classes and the wonderful weekly power hours. She’s a wonderful example to me. Thank you.

    Cora Belle Marburger
    Your Ace Virtual Assistant

  15. Erika Kalmar says:

    This was my first time at PJ’s List-a-Palooza and if you hear about this event, jump on board without hesitation! It’s unlike anything else you’ve seen on the market, guaranteed – and 100% free!

    It’s not just about the expert trainings, but the wonderful, super active and supportive community (well over 1,000 members!) – all looking to help their peers. It takes a very special person to create this level of engagement.

    Hint: even if you have a BIG list already, join PJ’s event and model her – there’s a lot to learn from her creativity, level of organisation and more…

    Erika Kalmar
    Business Success Mentor
    Founder of Get Ready To Coach

  16. I don’t travel during the summer-why would you if you didn’t have to. So, I was thinking, “What am I going to do with my summer?” In pops an invitation from PJ to build my list this summer. I thought that was a good idea. I’ve been on every call except for one, participated in every power hour, except for maybe one. I’ve encountered some amazing people and gotten serious about building my list. PJ this is an amazing program. I have studied and saved your links, formats and processes. Not so much to ‘steal’ but to modify to fit my needs. You are a sweetheart, but know your stuff. It’s been great and I’m going to miss it.
    Results-I doubled my LinkedIn to over 500, started with a handfull on facebook fanpage, now have close to 100 and grew my twitter account. I’m serious about growing my list. I’m planning my first telesummit in Oct. If you know someone who targets retirement age baby boomers, send me a note

    Cathy Severson

  17. Cindy says:

    Thank you for putting together this Power Hour. I have wanted to join in this group so many times but each time I was pulled away for some crazy reason~bad excuse I know and it won’t happen again that is for sure~lol.
    And for that I am so glad I took the time to join your group today as I can see from all the comments you have helped many people with their list building.
    I have had an issue with getting my customers to write testimonials on my website for quite sometime even though I know they are ecstatic about my products. I really like your idea about writing it for them. I will be emailing a few of my customers today and hopefully more will be added to my testimonials very soon.
    I do have a question for you. On my site menu where I would ask for these testimonials, I have categorized it as Guest Book/Comments. In your opinion and maybe from others~Is this okay as the title or would it be better to rename it Testimonials?
    I look forward to learning much more from you. Thank you PJ.
    Cheers Cindy Braid owner Double Dragon Jewelry Ltd
    Showcasing beautiful Silver Jewelry from around the world.

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Thanks, Cindy!

      I wouldn’t actually call it “testimonials.” I would call it “Success Stories” or “Client Kudos” or something like that… it’s more enticing than testimonials. :)

  18. PJ Van Hulle has cheered, guided and informed me through marketing via Listapalooza! With genuine enthusiasm and skill, she’s helped me connect with dozens of other smart, heart-based entrepreneurs who make a difference. PJ’s Little Book of Prosperity is another excellent resource whenever you need abundant inspiration!

    Martine Joseph

    Author, Humorist and Speaker

  19. I am a couple of years into list building and this is my second year with PJ’s Listapalooza. First off, I truly appreciate how much effort and attention to detail it takes to run this event and keep it going for 90 days. Wow PJ!!

    Additionally the process of learning, application and more learning is really how adults learn and I’ve loved both the strategies I’ve learned about for the first time and the tweaks I’ve learned for strategies I already have in place.

    PJ, thank you for helping to grow Gay Girl Dating Coach. You’re focus and commitment are helping so many of us who serve to heal our communities reach our ideal clients.

    with gratitude,
    Mary Gorham Malia
    Chief Officer Of Love
    Gay Girl Dating Coach

  20. m says:

    1. The specific results you’ve gotten from List-a-palooza
    * I really enjoyed the NO-COST quality information from experts in the field.
    I can’t believe the summer has gone by that quick, I remember when Lista-palooza started around Memorial Day( my bday weekend!) and now we are close to Labor Day
    I just moved to California from Washington DC last year ,so I knew building my contact list would be key for my business. I use Facebook alot, but my blog, twitter and pinterest were not being used very well .Now I have increased followers on all of my social media!
    I also have met some great individuals who I have connected with and may look into JV in the future. Amazing!
    What you appreciate about my character and abilities
    *As a curvy woman I appreciate that you are an amazing speaker and business woman. When I am teaching classes and coaching clients I feel great , but since many of the well known female coaches are “fit looking” or slim I think I have let that be a mental block to keep me from doing huge speaking engagements etc.
    and working with me in general
    3. What you liked best about List-a-Palooza
    I enjoyed the Tues/Thurs afternoon training calls , the Wednesday Power Hours and the Friday emails that explained what was covered during the week I only missed one of the training calls
    ( last thursday) I was in another training.
    4. Whatever else you feel inspired to share
    THANK YOU PJ and all who participated.

  21. Although I came in a bit late to Listapalooza, I was immediately drawn to PJ’s energy and to those of her amazing speakers. PJ offers much important content and is so obviously passionate about sharing cutting edge information with other entrepreneurs to help us all thrive. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I hope to connect with many of the entrepreneur participants and look forward to more from PJ. She is a shining light and an extraordinary connector.

    Shell Mendelson

  22. Pj is truly a marketing genius in every sense of the word.i have loved participating in list a Palooza so much that I am completely convinced of how much pj cares a show she has given the path for my global expansion and success. I have pj s expertise and brilliance in my camp as we do my first VIP day with pj this week. There is no reason to wait to struggle to be confused or frozen. No more dreams deferred, were getting my 100% healthy programs up and in The style only dear pj can bring to the project. My lists have doubled in size and I am on a trajectory to global ‘love-vasion’ I am so excited to be expanding my reach and pj is truly my guide for the journey!

    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Thanks, Julie Renee!

      What website & title do you want me to use for you?

      Looking forward to our next VIP Day! :D

  23. Bridget says:

    What I love most about PJ and her approach is the way she brings ‘fun’ into work in an authentic way.
    I am learning every time and sometimes I am hearing what I have known before and just not got around to. It can be so lonely building a business as a solopreneur but being part of this group has taken some of that away. And knowing that there are many others who are also learning at the same time is encouraging. I’ve been working on who my ideal client is for years, and now that I know who I want to serve – micro and small businesses who just can’t afford the big dollar coaching programmes – I’ve created a very affordable resource that I hope will help them get clear on their ideal customer.

  24. Amy C. Maier says:

    PJ Van Hulle’s List-a-Palooza was the jump-start I needed to make new connections. I started my business in May with zero contacts, and just a Facebook personal page. I picked up great tips from every interview, and following PJ’s guidance, in 90 days I’ve added over 700 new contacts on my Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! PJ is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable – a valuable resource and mentor for entrepreneurs at any stage!

    Thank you for organizing such a great telesummit, PJ!

    Amy C. Maier — Video & Voice-Over Academy

  25. I’m so glad we get to do this PJ!

    List-a-palooza is THE best list building program that I know of! My list has grown by over 1500! But even better, is the fact that I have made incredible connections with some amazing people.

    I’ve seen so many direct results already: I was a featured expert on a summit hosted by a fellow list-a-paloozan; I’ve done guest blog posts; I’ve had some guests blog for me; I got a live speaking gig; I was invited to create a bonus report for a teleseries; and I’m in discussions about other summits and other possible collaborations.

    Based on what I learned on one the calls, I’m doing my very first launch and preview call – which is SO exciting! I would have to say that one of my biggest take-aways was to host my own summit. I’m in the planning stages for a food-mood summit for later this year and I am beyond thrilled about this!

    PJ is incredibly smart and giving of her time, brings in the greatest guest speakers and shares the best list-building resources. She truly rocks as the queen of list building and connections! I’m so impressed that I’ve joined her year-long List-Building Rockstars program. This way I can continue to grow my list, my business and my reach, so I can have a bigger impact with the work I do. Thank you PJ!

    Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist and

  26. Joyce Hansen says:

    It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the different social media messages. PJ’s List-a-Palooza program keeps everything simple and easy to deal with. There’s no pressure and you can plug-in at your own speed. The Power Hour made the real difference for me. Here was an opportunity to put everything we learned from the expert presenters into immediate use. This was my first experience with List-a-Palooza so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I learned more, made more contacts and increased my social media analytics from this free program than from the one’s I’ve paid for. Thanks to PJ’s tireless generosity my business expanded more in 90 days than all of last year. I’m now a big PJ and List-a-Palooza fan. I’ll definitely be back next time and will be shamelessly promoting it.

    Thank you PJ and staff.

    Joyce Hansen

    Coach and trainer

  27. Sarah Schwab says:

    Participating in List-a-Palooza was a breakthrough for my business. PJ leads a dynamic community and includes things that I haven’t seen in any other free online program. The trainings are wonderful, and I was exposed to so many excellent experts in the industry. But, it was through the Power Hours that I was able to make meaningful connections. I was selected to speak in another teleseminar, I grew my social media presence, and I *quadrupled* my list! PJ and her community of followers is energetic and caring, not to mention driven to succeed! It’s great to be part of a community that understands each other.

    Sarah Schwab
    Creator of Digital Campaigns

  28. I hopped on the 2013 Listapalooza bandwagon because I was seeking some really fresh, fun approaches to list building and boy did PJ Van Hulle deliver! Not only did she create a top notch roster of engaging experts for us to learn from in all sorts of areas, but she also created these really fun (and effective) power hours allowing all of us to not only build our lists, but our social media follower bases as well. The added benefit that I wasn’t expecting, but was really happy to experience, is that during all of this, PJ, through the alchemy that is Listapalooza, created a really vibrant, exuberant community of list building go getters who I plan on keeping in touch with and networking with for a long time to come. (oh and she’s really kind, approachable and a great interviewer to boot!) :-)

    Susan M. Baker

  29. What I really love about working with PJ is her desire and ability to share her amazing wealth of knowledge and experience in a way that is both clearly understood and gratefully non-judgmental. She is truly a beautiful blend of talent and heart when delivering her teachings. Even when serving great numbers of people simultaneously, as during list-a-palooza, she was able to answer questions quickly and thoroughly. She has that wonderful ability to make me feel like I, and my success, really matter to her. She taught us to give our clients our personal attention when reaching out and she is absolutely a woman who walks her talk.
    Before List-a-palooza I was beginning to think that the train of modern technology and marketing options had left the station and unfortunately, I was not on it. My passion is teaching others to craft and Live their Lives with Joy ~ enjoying both Peace of Mind and Financial Prosperity by making Choices and taking Actions in alignment with their Personal Beliefs and Values. I felt terribly limited in my ability to reach out to serve people who, without me being able to teach them and guide them in the powerful way that is uniquely me, will continue to lives their lives feeling stuck, unhappy and so fearful they will never be able to make ends meet.
    Now I’m navigating social media on more platforms than I even knew existed. I’ve enjoyed the learning process and left my tech intimidation behind. Through this amazing experience of working with PJ I have created momentum to continue on my path, serving those who I am meant to serve in the highest way.
    Thank You PJ. Great working with you!
    Denise Toffey

  30. I have really loved meeting so many like minded and motivated people. PJ, you definitely attract a wonderful community! Throughout list-a-palooza I’ve been happy to read what others have shared about how they are giving back in the world and feel so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful group
    :-) Denise Toffey

  31. I was initially introduced to PJ’s work through hearing her speak at other events. I was drawn to her authenticity, expertise, and infectious up-beat spirit. This was the main reason I decided to join List-a-Palooza, and I am so happy that I did! For me, list building felt like an overwhelming, but necessary burden, however, PJ has the ability to communicate big ideas in a way that makes them easy to implement and even fun! Now I am excited about list building, and creating a thriving business that I love! I am grateful for PJ, the experts she enlisted, and the thriving, supportive community she created. This has been a beautiful experience, and I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you, PJ. You have helped me to confidently grow my business, and create a wonderful life for my family. This means the world to us! Many blessings to you!

    Cynthia L. Ryals, CPC, CSC
    Speaker, Transformation Coach, Energy Therapist
    Evolved Life Solutions, LLC

  32. Jen Jones says:

    I have so enjoyed working with PJ and Listapalooza. Before I joined with her, I was unsure what the best ways were to build my list in this new changing marketing environment. Now I have the confidence and the tools in place to effectively build my list and my influence. Thank you so much, PJ, for putting this valuable training together! Your passion and authenticity made the experience not only educational, but fun! My tribe thanks you, too! ;)

    Much love,
    Jen Jones
    Self-Love Igniter

  33. Flesché says:

    PJ, Thank you for the opportunity to connect with hundreds of new colleagues and to build my list through all of my social media sites. I have learned a ton from the calls and your short and sweet weekly cheat sheets. Thanks to the inspiration, I am hosting my first tele summit in September!

    You rock!

    Flesché Hesch
    CEO & Business Coach for Moms

  34. PJ’s really good at breaking down the elements of list building into do-able, concrete actions that don’t require tons of time or specialized knowledge — or even a grasp of the bigger picture. It comes into focus as you those small, specific tasks become habit and start to deliver.

    ~ Anastasia Ashman,
    Personal trainer for your digital media core

  35. Kyria says:

    For me it was amazing to learn 1. that I was getting in my own way with list building 2. its easy when you have a plan “a personal power hour” 3. asking questions to get to know your audience, not about what you’re “selling” to them.

    I loved the light hearted natural feeling connection PJ has with the group. PJ doesn’t come off as above anyone, showy, or a stiff trainer with memorized content. She is real, fun, and knowledgeable about list building. On the weekly calls she asked the questions I think we all had instead of railroading into a guest speakers sales pitch.

    The calls were fabulous! I loved the text message reminders and that I could take the calls on my drive home. I particularly like Marcia’s call (I still need to find the download she offered). The calls had usable information! Again no fluff here or straight hard sales pitches!

    For me the best part was creating the habit of posted an engaging QOTD. By connecting with other members I learned how to refine my QOTD to my style and to going deeper with my page fans. If we didn’t do that on a weekly basis I would still be left wandering around FB and twitter looking for ways to engage my audience.

    Kyria Kalata
    Life Coach – Living Your True Voice & Loving Your Life
    Get a Life, Too! with a little coaching:

  36. Kyria says:

    For me it was amazing to learn 1. that I was getting in my own way with list building 2. its easy when you have a plan “a personal power hour” 3. asking questions to get to know your audience, not about what you’re “selling” to them.

    I loved the light hearted natural feeling connection PJ has with the group. PJ doesn’t come off as above anyone, showy, or a stiff trainer with memorized content. She is real, fun, and knowledgeable about list building. On the weekly calls she asked the questions I think we all had instead of railroading into a guest speakers sales pitch.

    The calls were fabulous! I loved the text message reminders and that I could take the calls on my drive home. I particularly like Marcia’s call (I still need to find the download she offered). The calls had usable information! Again no fluff here or straight hard sales pitches!

    For me the best part was creating the habit of posted an engaging QOTD. By connecting with other members I learned how to refine my QOTD to my style and to going deeper with my page fans. If we didn’t do that on a weekly basis I would still be left wandering around FB and twitter looking for ways to engage my audience.

    Kyria Kalata
    Life Coach – Living Your True Voice & Loving Your Life
    Get a Life, Too! with a little coaching:

  37. Sharita Star says:

    Sorry to be a bit late here, had a passing in the immediate family today… but certainly wish to share my endorsement for PJ!

    This was a year when I was already learning how to leverage my business, and magically PJ and List-a-palooza appeared to truly perpetuate this process in an even more powerful way! It has been amazing to discover the supportive community that she has created, and my numbers via social networking have been happily increasing since been a part of PJ’s innovative ways of helping others connect and grow in their area of expertise. The wealth of information was astounding, and you’ll find all the top notch people in PJ’s court who are always ready to generously share their wisdom as well, and offer more ways to assist any up and coming business owner to go from surviving to thriving. I’ve had the honor of meeting some of the absolute nicest people, making new friends and equally booking numerous new radios shows to help promote my work. My GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE to You Dear PJ, your fabulous tribe and oodles of LOVE to EVOLVE! =)

    Author Sharita Star, ‘It’s All in the Name’
    Psychic of the Planets

  38. Karen Wyatt says:

    Before I started List-a-Palooza I was clueless about how to build an email list to help promote my book. In fact I was confused about whether I even needed a list! Now, because of what I’ve learned from this series, I have implemented 4 new changes to my website, newsletter and opt-in pages and already my list size has doubled. But the best part of List-a-Palooza is working with PJ! Her energy, enthusiasm and authenticity shine through everything she does. She is truly committed to helping her clients grow their businesses and transform their lives with integrity. I would recommend PJ to anyone without hesitation.

  39. Jim Berns says:

    Any further suggestions for someone who wants to offer trainings to massage therapists?

  40. Jim Berns says:

    In the List Building Success Kit include your ‘cliff notes’ overview that you did today? It was fantastic to listen to your overview.

    Jim Berns
    Co-author “Ortho-Bionomy A Practical Manual’

  41. Even though no one else may see this, I know you will PJ! I gave a little of my testimonial on today’s closing ceremony blog but I also wanted to add:
    Working with PJ was stressLESS! PJ is extremely authentic inside and out. I have a new found respect and appreciation for list building strategies. Although each speaker brought a different element to the calls one common theme remain consistent (even without saying it); “Your money is in your list”. Very simple! No matter what online/offline marketing practice you choose to follow, a subscriber list is vital for your clients and potential clients. People say customers are the bloodline for your business, after participating in List-A-PaLooza I say List building is the artery carrying the blood for your business success!

    You get sooo many questions answered by these amazing experts, questions that you’ve been banging your head trying to figure out by doing Google searches. The speakers presents their tips and strategies so “matter of fact”; you truly feel like you’ve cheated yourself for not following these tips sooner!

    I know its hard to narrow down actually which investment is best for your ROI, but truly hands down List-A-Palooza is IT!!

    I am a #LifeAfter9to5 business coach helping inspired entrepreneurs break free from their cubicle jail cell!
    Sounds like your target? email me
    Sounds like your struggle? email me
    Join the #LifeAfter9to5 Movement!

  42. I first heard PJ speak in a telesummit and was immediately drawn to her upbeat energy and deliberate use of language. She was to the point and gave very clear and useful tips. I thought to myself “I have to see what this woman is up to!” And then I got the info on Listapalooza. I was stunned at the low investment, AND the course was exactly what I needed, so I immediately signed up. I am a fitness coach, so my time for listening to the calls is when I am on cardio machines at the gym. Since I can’t take notes, I find that I am texting myself all this information to implement when I get home. It’s so funny, but it works! I have grown my list by 20% since taking this course and still have a TON of useful info to implement. I am so thrilled with the results and the content from this course that I signed up for PJ’s next offering: List Building Rockstars. I have a long way to go but I know I am in good hands.

    Miranda Zukowski
    The Fitness Coach for Busy Women

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