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List-a-Palooza Rocks!


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  1. Kristen says:

    Here is my blog-I provide health coaching so it is on all areas of health. I ask questions each week so it is easy to comment!

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing your blogs! And comments too!


  2. Aditi says:

    My blog is about finding ways to live with joy, I talk about work, relationships, life, food, and happiness.

    Today I wrote a post about green juice. A lot of people been asking me about it so I gave a very basic overview of what it is and how it can help you!

    If you are curious about juicing or are a juicer yourself, would love to hear your experience in the blog comments for others to learn from your experience!


  3. Here is my blog – I work with folks in chronic physical and/or emotional pain understand how what they say and the thoughts they think can have a direct effect on how they feel. I look forward to your comments!!

    Thanks so so much!

  4. Hi everyone,

    Here is a blog I wrote on everyday techie terms that entrepreneurs should know.

    Looking forward to reading your blogs too! Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. krista says:

    Hi gang! Thanks so much! I’ll start commenting away! My blog is here:

    Thanks in advance! :)

    • Beth Frede says:

      Hi, Krista- I enjoyed your blog post and left you a comment!

      Beth Frede
      Creative Revelations – Life coaching + art for midlife moms and mamas

      Get your free gift: “Finding Serenity in the Present” virtual art kit

    • Lordiel says:

      Thanks Krista! I signed up on your list. ;0)
      I feel like I’m in a candy store and turning around in circles looking at all the goodies. Awesome!

    • Jennifer says:

      Lovely post and nice reminders for how we shouldn’t let the ‘little’ things slide if we want to keep our prospects’ and customers’ trust.

  6. My blog gives “GLD Nuggets” to help women entrepreneurs tap their Midas Touch to have more magical success in business.

  7. Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to this power hour and commenting on your blog posts!

    My blog helps women find natural solutions for anxiety, stress, depression and emotional overeating

    I’m sharing a few blog posts because I have a few target markets and I know some posts will be of more interest than others…feel free to pick one and comment if it sounds appealing to you – thanks!


  8. My blog theme is virtual assistance for business coaches and life coaches.

    You are welcome to comment on any blog post, but the one I will share here is:
    “Why Coaches Need a Virtual Assistant.”

  9. Sarah Arrow says:

    Hi Everyone, I write about blog-centric social media.
    This post will go on my menu tab in about 14 days time and I will be actively driving a heap of traffic to it
    Off to comment on everyone else’s now as I’m 8 hours in front of you and will be asleep come power hour.

    • Karen Clark says:

      I commented!

    • Sarah – I’m unable to comment…I get this msg You appear to be using an automated comment submission application. Please do not try to automate your spam on this blog! (if you feel this message is in error please contact admin)

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, I tried to comment on your great post – but got 2 different error messages. :(

      So here are my thoughts:
      “Wow! What a ton of content. And all very useful. I’m a big Godin fan, but even I have missed the idea of a ‘start here page’. What a neat concept and fantastic ‘evergreen’ content for your blog or website. I’ve bookmarked this page because I’m going to need to spend more time digging into all the resources you provide. I love posts that give that way! “

    • Chris says:

      I commented and signed up for your list.

      I must say your site has a lot of kick ass tricks I hope to learn.

  10. I’m a painter…and vary from small daily paintings to larger more ambitious ones:

  11. Peggy Nolan says:

    My website is The Stepmom’s Toolbox where I provide tips, tools, and advice to women in the stepmom role. I posted this yesterday (I’m also participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge), 5 Ways Commiserating Can Stunt Your Emotional Well Being.

    I look forward to connecting with you!


    Get a free copy of Ten Tips For Stressed Out Stepmoms at


    • Lordiel says:

      WOW! You were needed today on my radio program. A stepmom called in and was upset explaining how she was bending over backwards to the point she had worn herself out and decided to stop doing so much. She could have used these tips because others were making her feel guilty and selfish.

  12. M. Juliana says:

    I have a web tv show + podcast about manifesting, intuition, mindset, consciousness and all things woo-woo!

    Here’s a post I’d like to boost traffic to ‘How Do I Get Over My Past?’ :

    Thanks in advance :)

  13. Hi Folks, I’d love comments and likes on my first guest blog post for Mind Body Green.

    Thanks and I look forward to reading your blogs. :)

  14. Hi everyone,
    Thanks to all for taking the time to do this for each other. My blog and online practice revolves around helping people heal from eating disorders and chronic dieting through changing their relationship with food, weight and activity.

    Thanks so much for any likes and comments.

    Tracy Brown RD,LD/N

  15. Hi-
    My blog is about living healthy, doing yoga and pilates, and stress reduction, especially for women over 50.

    Thanks, and I am looking forward to reading your blogs!

  16. Mara J says:

    My blog is about life, career and finding happiness. There is a mix of philosophical musings and solid career tips. I decided to share with the LBC tribe a blog I wrote about productivity and preventing burnout because I think it apples to all entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs.

    Thanks so much for any thoughtful comments.
    I look forward to reading your blogs today as well.

    Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.
    Professional Coach

  17. Happy Power Hour, List-a-Palooza friends! My blog has been niche-less for a long while… it was borne out of a space to “let my hair down” from my professional website. Well, much has happened since 2004 yet my blog lives on. With that in mind, please know I am going through a transitional time in my life work.

    My primary focus now is on teaching & facilitating writing and creativity programs.

    The blog post I share here is about using your phone to improve your writing skills.

    Happy Commenting!

    With Gratitude,

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Writing & Creativity Camp with JJS
    PS – Working on my catchy signature for the future.

    • JeeJee says:

      I absolutely loved the post you shared. Excellent tips. I would have never thought of ways like that to use my cell phone to help me write. I just tweeted and am posting to my FB page.

      Have a great day and thanks for the share.

      Marketing Coach & Intuitive Mentor

    • Great tips Julie!

    • Jennifer says:

      I liked your tips Julie! I hadn’t thought of using my phone for more purposeful, ethnographic type of field notes to help in later writing – buy why not?! It has multiple note-taking apps and it’s always with me. Great ideas.

    • Blaze says:

      Hi Julie…

      I left you an idea for another writing prompt on your site. Happy 4th!

  18. Tammy says:

    This post is a fast, easy read about ways to keep from feeling stressed in our lives: “10 Commandments of Low-Stress Women”

    Thank you so much for the comments and feedback!


  19. I don’t really blog so very much any more; I shifted my focus to my newsletter and I update my blog once a month from there!

    It’s for small businesses and professionals who are looking to either improve the web portion of their offline business, or get a website up and running. I help them to make the jump to serving online in addition to offline, get really clear on what they do and why, grow their business and free up some time for themselves. (Work in progress)

    Looking forward to connecting with you all!


  20. Morgana Rae says:

    Hi y’all. The theme of my blog is Abundance and Prosperity. The REAL theme is healing your relationship with money… as if money were a real, flesh and blood human being who adores you.

    Here’s a fun, naughty, and maybe mind-bending article I think you’ll enjoy,
    called “Hot, Sexy, and Ready for a Tumble”:

  21. Dot Hurley says:

    Hi fellow List-a-Paloozas,

    my blog is a library of content related to natural and alternative health – with focus on women’s health. This particular post is about the dangers of fat around your middle.

    thanks in advance for comments. I’m looking forward to browsing everyone’s blogs

  22. Karen Wyatt says:

    I write about using the difficult times of life to inspire transformation and healing. By focusing on “what really matters” we can find meaning and purpose even when life challenges us!

    Thanks everyone!


  23. Peggy Lusk says:

    Happy Power Hour, List-a-Palooza friends!

    My blog is primarily focused on financial topics, but does also contain several posts about my own personal growth. I’m afraid I’m guilty of not being as active on my blog as I’d like to be; that is one of my goals for the next month.

    The blog post I’d like to share is about developing financial intelligence, which is knowledge and skills gained from understanding finance and accounting principles. You can find that here:

    I would love to have any comments you have that will help me to connect with people. I am looking forward to connecting with each of you through your blogs as well.

    Peggy Lusk, CPA, PMP
    Financial Coach and Harley Rider :)

  24. Karen Clark says:

    My blog them is having social media success with your business.

    Recycle Your Facebook Posts

    Have you ever shared something brilliant on Facebook, but gotten no response? Frustrating, isn’t it?

    Often it isn’t because your post was not compelling or interesting, but that for some reason Facebook’s Edge Rank system simply decided not to show that post to as many people as it could.

    Here’s how you can recycle your poor-performing posts to get more traction the second time!

  25. Hello everyone, so excited to be here!

    I blog to help lightworkers become heart-based entrepeneurs and attract wealth (spiritual & financial) fast.

    Here is my blog post I’d love to share today: 7 truths on living your dream. If you love your spiritual guides, paradox and truth bombs, you’ll enjoy it.

    Thank you & Look forward to connecting with you more!!

    Yiye Zhang
    author, spirit guide, intuitive coach

    Leaping from being an employee to self-employment? You need a mindset make-over, here is a practical guide to remove your self-doubt in 9 weeks

    Wanna become a heart-based entrepreneur, but feel stuck/fearful/embarrassed at the moment? I understand and I’ve been there too, but within a year I built a creative online biz that provides for me financially, emotionally and spiritually. It’s never too late to live your dream and there is always a solution to your challenge. Click here for some FREE direction and guidance, regardless of whether you end up working with me.

  26. This article, It’s Time for a (R)evolution, is from one of my blogs:


    • In another group, they suggest that you like and blog comment on at least the 10 listings right around yours. I’m thinking that is a great idea and ensures that even people far down on the list will get comments. Blog commenting takes a fair amount of time because you have to take the time to read the articles. As social media interactions go, it is the most time consuming of the choices. So, that is what I am going to do. Join me in that if it feels right to you also.

      Have a fabulous day,

      • Peggy Lusk says:

        I’m going to attempt to comment on all I am able; although they might not all be today. I have found it helpful to ignore the replies to the original thread out here on this post; and just focus on the original threads. Some people show here several times, so it takes extra time to find I’ve already seen for their blog or facebook page from a reply to someone else’s original thread.

  27. Sarah Schwab says:

    My blog is about how to attract clients online using personalized, automated e-mail campaigns. Are you using e-mail marketing effectively? Check out my post called “I Can Do It (My E-mail Newsletter) Myself” and let me know what is working (or not working) with your e-mail marketing.


  28. Katie says:

    I support busy women with nutrition and wellness coaching! I blog a few times a week and have how to do videos too! Would love your support :) Thank YOU!

    • Mara J says:

      I loved your post and replied but something from a previous post to another blog got accidentally attached to my post (sorry…internet faux pas!). I will try to post again correctly. You might want to delete my first post……Apologies!


      Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.
      Career Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Consultant
      Fulfillment Life Coaching
      Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life?

    • Great post. I left you a comment.

      Heather R. Montoya
      Families Living Optimal Wellness

      Get your free report:
      “Lower Stress, Better Parent”

  29. Hello Brilliant ones!

    My blog is about EMPOWERMENT “Personal, Business and Spiritual.”
    I Empower Busy Women in Business, Coaches, Authors and Speakers
    who may be struggling with the slow growth of their business, staying focused
    and may have challenges with maintaining healthy internal structure and embracing
    a success mindset.

    This is an empowering post to motivate Women in Business to use Teleseminars/Webinars to Build their list “authentically!”

    I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.

    Robin “The Empowerment Diva”

  30. Megan Corwin says:

    Hello all,
    Below is a link to a new personal blog about mobile phone photography. I just love taking photos with my iPhone and am addicted to Instagram (@megancorwin)

    According to my stats, here’s the most popular post:

    I have to approve comments, so please don’t fret if yours doesn’t show up right away. I will publish it. :-)

    Looking forward to finding some great new blogs!


  31. Hello everyone! I write about organization and tech organizing. My focus is working with busy professionals to use their technology to organize their lives. Think of me as your tech coach. I would really appreciate comments on the post below but feel free to browse around my site and sign up for my ezine.

    Thank you all and I can’t wait to read and comment on everyone’s posts here!

  32. I support individuals in their unique awakening process: from crappy job to true freedom; from toxic relationship to deep connection with self and others; from lack of energy to vitality and joy.

    Enjoy this blog article with lots of juicy sharing about how to utlize energy healing as a holistic process to become more embodied, live fully and have the ultimate fulfillment you truly seek.

  33. Hi Everyone,
    My blog has been free form for a little while and I am moving to focussing on beliefs about success. My latest post is on moving from feeling like a failure to feeling a success.

    Take care,
    Mary Jane

  34. Jennifer says:

    Hi fellow List-a-paloozans!

    I’m a business and market research specialist, helping other small businesses to find the information they need to make pitches, proposals, target niches, find new locations and generally grow their business. Knowledge is power!

    My blog at is the lighter side of my business and features highlights, news and tips on searching, research strategies, small business news, marketing, cool tools and resources.

    A particularly helpful post is this one on resources freely available from libraries to help small businesses do research – and if that seems daunting, you can always contact me to help!

    Also enjoy the more recent posts I have on a 30 Day New to You Challenge I’ve started – modeled after many other great challenges (hint, hint!) – and the only rule is try a skill, tactic, or tool that is ‘new to you’ and not part of your routine now. Join me and keep me accountable on my journey!

  35. Christiane says:

    My blog Tarot for Business is about applying the spiritual wisdom of the Tarot to help you build, nurture and improve your work, career and business ventures.

    This article for example demonstrates how you can use Tarot cards to increase your productivity:

    Hope you’ll find it useful, and I look forward to seeing you there!

  36. I am a Dating & Relationship Coach for Women

    My blog focuses on dating and relationship advice, insight and inspiration for modern women.

    My latest blog covers one of the biggest mistakes women make when first getting to know a man. This is often one of the biggest sources of heartache, disappointment and frustration for women who are dating. Don’t let this happen to you!

  37. m says:

    So I have a wordpress blog, what I actually do is use Hootesuite and my wordpress, FB, Twitter and linkedin pages are synchronized. What I have been doing for the last few months is posting inspirational quotes and info about my yoga classes and health coaching via hootesuite so that they get posted to all my social media ( save tumblr and instagram )
    So in an effort to streamline my blogging and social media postings I have been using Hootesuite.. and i really love Hootesuite. I only have created one blog post… around valentines day. I have followed the yoga tenet “BRAMACHARYA” which is a sanskrit word that roughly translates to holding back from sensual pleasure and over stimulation as it relates to the senses.. namely sex. I moved to Califronia from DC in september 2012 and told myself that I would be celibate for at least one year ( the idea is to stay single and celibate until my BELOVED comes into my life) so here is what I posted about my journey through celibacy. … celibacy is a new teritorry for me as most of my adult ( and adolescent ) sex life is been quite….. adventerous….
    If anyone is blogging about yoga, sexual,spiritual & mental health ,meditation, sexuality, lgtq, queerness, feminism etc.. I’d love to connect with you ! thanks … NAMASTE

  38. My blog/podcast is Trade Show Insights, and I offer tips & tools to help with exhibit marketing.

    Here’s a post on Speaking the Attendees’ Language … which could actually apply to any of your marketing:
    (You can either read or listen before sharing your comment.)

    Thanks – I look forward to checking out your blog as well!

  39. Karen Clark says:

    Oops! Looks like my post did not go through yet, I am going to try again! :)

    Have you ever shared something brilliant on Facebook, but gotten no response? Frustrating, isn’t it?

    Often it isn’t because your post was not compelling or interesting, but that for some reason Facebook’s Edge Rank system simply decided not to show that post to as many people as it could.

    Here’s how you can recycle your poor-performing posts to get more traction the second time!

    Let me know what you think!

  40. Fern Weis says:

    I help parents raise respectful and responsible teens who launch well. Parents are facing many challenges with their teens and tweens: lack of responsibility, not listening or engaging, acting out, poor grades, caving in to peer pressure, and making dangerous choices. And they fear their children won’t be ready to be on their own. My blog (and group and individual coaching programs) teach and support them as they learn to set limits, communicate and listen better, be more consistent and confident…. and ultimately have a better relationship, too.

    Here is my latest post, “Why don’t kids listen? Because we’ve taught them not to!” Your comments will be appreciated!

  41. Mara J says:

    Another great exercise PJ! It is so much fun reading everyone’s blogs. I have to say I am turned off by the video blogs. I can’t pin point why…..maybe because I can scan text quickly and I am impatient :D

  42. Toni Nelson says:

    I LOVE blogging:) So glad you are doing this PJ! Here’s the link to my post.

  43. Hello! After browsing through to the end I have found that not only am I the only male here, I have a video blog, which means I shall probably be persona non grata very shortly.

    So please be kind as you learn how to make an deep and authentic connection with your tribe when you’re all by yourself and actually want to use video, but don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot:

    • Mara J says:


      Welcome! It is just a personal thing that I don’t take time to watch videos. All of of folks love them. I like the video and text idea so you hit both types of people those that love video and those who don’t.

      Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.

      Career Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Consultant

      Fulfillment Life Coaching
      Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life?

    • Candy Messer says:

      I found the info helpful, but think it would be better if it was broken down into smaller chunks. Just focus on one aspect for each video and more will probably watch through the whole thing.

      • So true. That was my first real attempt to connect with my tribe from a couple of years ago. But it turned out to be quite helpful for certain people. Later videos were much shorter and more focused.

    • I happen to LOVE videos — especially short and informative ones — but I will watch longer ones if they are interesting.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ha! But Steve, you don’t just have *a* video blog, you are a KING of video. :) So I’m sure we’ll all learn something from your post.
      And like others have said, I like best when a post/article combines text and video in case I don’t have the time or inclination to watch the video (or deal w/ turning Flash back on). We all learn in different modalities so we need this variety. Thank you!

  44. Dawna Kreis says:

    Hello, all!

    My blog shares information on turning one’s small business in a heart centered (client focused) business.

    My current blog post is 3 Tips for More Heart Centered Client Care –

    I look forward to connecting with you this afternoon!

  45. Mara J says:

    If you have trouble saying “NO” you can also check this out:

    It is one of my more popular blogs. I just turned on comments today. I was scared of spammers so I kept them off but this is much more fun. Thanks PJ for giving me the courage to take comments!

    Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.

    Career Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Consultant

    Fulfillment Life Coaching
    Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life?

  46. Mara J says:

    If you have trouble saying “NO” you can also check this out:

    It is one of my more popular blogs. I just turned on comments today. I was scared of spammers so I kept them off but this is much more fun. Thanks PJ for giving me the courage to take comments!

  47. Pam McCall says:

    In this article I share why I call myself a Time Engagment expert and why I feel Time Managekment is outdated.

    Pam McCall
    Time Engagement Expert and
    Women’s Small Business Resource

  48. Good afternoon to everyone!

    Here’s one of my blogs.

    “Finding the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Business Needs”

  49. Jumping in a little late! I blog about blogging! LOL Also, social media, entrepreneurship, working at home, and online marketing. You can find my latest post here:

  50. Erin Kurt says:

    My blog offers fresh branding, marketing and wealth consciousness tips and strategies that help you magnetically attract high paying, ideal clients.

    My latest blog is called, “The Honest Truth on How to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur”

    Erin Kurt
    Business Coach & Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs

    Get your Free Audio/CD:
    “The 4 Step Guide to Becoming a Wealthy Woman”

  51. Joe Cheray says:

    Here is my blog I decided to change things up a little with regards to social media and how I represent information on it this time around. I wanted to do more hands on projects. Things I find of interest in the social media channels I frequent.

    Here is one of my pillar posts I would love to have some more traffic too.

    Feel free to browse around the rest of my posts if you wish too. Thank you.

  52. Erica Fath says:

    I am looking forward to discovering lots of new sites.

    My site is all about my journey on the online world and the internet.

    There is so much to learn to have a presence online and for those of us who weren’t raised with an electronic gadget in our hands, it’s an even harder challenge. There is much truth to the statement I’ve often heard of “I needed my 5 year old grandchild to show me how to use my cell phone” or “My teenage grandchild showed me how to find Facebook”

    Come join me on my journey …

  53. Gary Loper says:


    Happy to share my most recent blog post.

    3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making with Your Twitter Profile (And How It’s Costing You Business Opportunities)

    Looking forward to your comments
    and connection on Twitter

    Connect with other List A Paloozians on Twitter
    follow my list of 280 fellows list builders

  54. Beth Frede says:

    Hi everyone-

    My blog focuses on helping women in midlife to embrace who they authentically are, tap into their natural creativity and live life on their terms.

    The blog post I’d like to share is “Getting what you want in life- what’s REALLY stopping you?”

    Thanks- I’m off to check out your blogs now!

    • Mara J says:

      Hi Beth,

      I love the Bear analogy. Left a comment. If you want to check out mine you can link to it through my website:

      Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.

      Career Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Consultant

      Fulfillment Life Coaching
      Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life?

  55. Erica Fath says:

    I think my first post ended up somewhere in the vast undisclosed properties of cyberland.
    Rather appropriate since I was posting the link to my site.

    I share my journey to this mysterious land of the internet. I share my struggles, my victories and my thoughts.

    Come join me at

  56. Tara DuBois says:

    Blog – Live Life Unbound
    Provides marketing strategies and motivation for online businesses. Here is a post that was really fun to pull together. :)

  57. Candy Messer says:

    Hi all,
    My blog is located at and deals with bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, and issues related to these topics for small business owners.

    A recent blog post I wrote discussing the results of a sales tax audit for one of my clients can be found at

    Thanks for checking it out. I look forward to reading many of your posts as well.

  58. My blog is all about helping woman entrepreneurs. Still a work in progress with two new video podcasts being launched next week.

  59. I teach ways to break the chains of emotional eating and live an authentic joy-filled life. Here is a post about it —

    Thanks, everyone! :)

  60. Gina Hiatt says:

    I license membership site software based on accountability. In my ongoing blog post series on how membership sites work to make you money, I’ve posted one on why membership sites are so powerful for client retention.

    I welcome all comments and likes, and I will do the same!

    Gina Hiatt, Ph.D.
    Finish Agent, Inc.

    Recurring income for you, exceptional results for your clients!

    • Mara J says:

      Great blog! I do one-on-one coaching and have thought about groups, but I do all my work on the phone or skype. I like the idea you propose and am curious about how it works. I would love to have a conversation if you want to connect:

      Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.

      Career Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Consultant

      Fulfillment Life Coaching
      Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life?

  61. Kim Springer says:

    Hey everyone! My new blog is a place for budding entrepreneurs. I help the entrepreneur-minded manifest their vision into an online business and manifest success. Here’s my power hour post … thanks in advance for the comment love:

  62. Hi everyone! This is great I’m making so many great connections!
    My Blog – Create Abundance By Gardening
    Where you can come join the Keep On Growing Gardening Club and be connected with me and my gardens!

    Come share something about your garden or your garden dreams!

  63. Erin Summ says:

    Hello everyone! Happy Power Hour! :-)

    I will be on and off playing today, as I have a full day, but wanted to post this blog of mine. I have been majorly behind in blogging, so this one is from February! Yikes!! Anywho, here it is. Looking forward to reading others, too!

  64. I write about baby boomers transitioning into retirement. My blog today is for everyone. Do you have a list of the 100 Things to do Before You Die? (Yes, PJ, I borrowed it from you ;-)) This is with a twist. Take a look at the categories to see if you can add anything. Plus share something you’ve done and would recommend to others. Have fun with the one.

    I’m also looking for experts to contribute articles monthly to this website. Specifically, I’m looking for a nutrition expert to write about healthy eating with recipes. I’m also looking for someone to write about fashion after menopause. The only requirement is it be original to keep Google happy.

  65. Sandy Lurins says:

    My blog is for women who want to find “Real Health” — to positively transform their lives with real food, mindful eating, and greater life purpose.

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    I don’t care how old or young, you should have a list of things to do before you die. This is for fun, not personal growth. Take a look and comment.

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