“How to Create and Market Webinars That Generate an Avalanche of Ongoing Subscribers, Clients & Sales”


“How to Create and Market

Webinars That Generate

an Avalanche of Ongoing

Subscribers, Clients & Sales”


With Janis Pettit


July 11th, 2013


Webinars are an income generating powerhouse. They are much more effective than tele-classes and they give you an opportunity to offer a real high value interactive and educational experience to your prospects while generating as much as 5 figures in new sales per month. 
On This Call, You Will Discover:


  • 3 Huge Business Problems that keep online business owners from making enough money and how webinars eliminate them
  • The 7 Mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed with webinars
  • The 2 biggest keys to dramatically increasing your webinar registrations
  • Specific case studies: 3 top online entrepreneurs give you an inside look at their webinar success
  • What and how to sell on a webinar


Janis Pettit is known as the Big Results Business and Marketing Mastery Coach and Mentor. Since 2001 she’s helped hundreds of small and solo business owners worldwide turn their ideas, knowledge and expertise into a substantial 6-figure income and lifestyle business. Through coaching and online learning, she shares her many business success shortcuts, strategies and systems with thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

Janis is a seasoned entrepreneur. Since leaving a career as a New York actor 25 years ago, she has owned four successful businesses including a corporate training business and a 3-star New York Times rated restaurant. She has hosted her own cable TV business talk show and was also named to “50 Women of Achievement” in the Business Journal.
She is a contributing author to the Amazon best seller Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income, a sought after public speaker and frequent guest on business radio shows. Janis lives in Raleigh NC. 

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  1. Looking forward to this call!

    I do teleseminars but not webinars and would love to find out recommended software. Some webinars that I’ve attended have been a real pain in terms of signing up and attending.

    Also I’d love to know if there are stats on the popularity/successes of webinars vs teleseminars or does it really still just boil down to personal preference for host and attendee?


    • Janis – great info so far – please clarify – did you say 90 slides in an hour? wow – when I do an hour PP live presentation I tend to do 20-30 slides. I’d love to know if you fell there is a different strategy for webinars?

      • Janis Pettit says:

        Trudy– Yes I usually have about 90 slides, but that’s because I usually end up dividing my original slides into 2 or 3 slides each so they don’t have too much text. My rule is one slide for every 1 or 2 points you’re making.

        When you do a live presentation people are focused on YOU, not the slides. When you do a webinar they can’t see you, just the slides, so creating visual interest is crucial. Take your 20 or 30 live presentation slides and beef them up by adding some of the comments you make when you do it live. You can also use just a simple image to make a point, then elaborate with what you say.

  2. I’d like to know more about webinars.

    Thanks Janis

    • Janis Pettit says:

      I hope you were able to listen in Cora. The first webinar is a learning curve, which I try to shorten for my workshop participants. But once you learn what works you can put one together in a few days, including your marketing materials.

      We use the same webinars again and again by putting them in an automated system and what I love is that people are purchasing my products even when I’m not there! Of course we give them great customer service once they do, but my webinars are running even when I’m on vacation.

  3. Hello everyone! Listening in on the web.

  4. I’ve never done a tele-seminar or webinar, but I know a webinar would be very helpful for me to teach clients information. Looking forward to hearing some great information.


    • Candy, I just checked out your website. It’s great! I like the layout, the look, and how easy to navigate it is. :)

    • Janis Pettit says:


      Imagine a webinar that gets people excited about what your service can do for their business. They can optin to see it on your home page at any time. I know when I hired a bookkeeper and started getting monthly P&L’s that let me see if I was reaching my sales goals, my business growth accelerated and it took a huge task off my plate. You could explain all that and include customer testimonials.


  5. Cheryl says:

    Hi PJ & Janis! Excited to hear about today’s topic!

  6. I’m eager to find out more about webinars, teleseminars, as I am planning a Telesummit in February of 2014, & would like to offer some pre-quel materials. Also interested in evergreen content generations. Thanks!

    • Janis Pettit says:

      I hope you got a good idea of how they can boost your business. As I mentioned, they are a form of video. Video is hot and can increase your sales by as much as 80% if it’s interesting and compelling.


  7. this I feel could be the turning point of my business!! Excited!

    • Janis Pettit says:

      It added an extra five figures a month to my business and keeps on working. Video is THE way to go and webinars are a type of video. It increases sales by as much as 80%!

  8. Kim Fennell says:

    Hi Everyone,

    So excited to be on this call and learn about successfully incorporating webinars


  9. Rose Muenker says:

    Super topic — eager to learn insights!

  10. StepmomCoach says:

    OK I’m here. I got in.

  11. Ikeena says:

    Happy to be here on the call with you all today! Thanks PJ and Janis for this wonderful topic!
    I’m so eager to learn how to pick the right targeted topic and offer it to the right people!

    If you’re interested, my business, Keena’s Kitchen, has been very busy this Summer and some local Foodie Communities have really taken notice! We’ve been nominated to participate at the San Francisco Street Food Festival–the largest Street Food Festival in the Bay Area! We would truly appreciate your support!

    If you’re so inclined, we could really use your VOTES today to ensure that we have a space sponsored by Whole Foods Market at the festival this August 17th! VOTE for US with your Facebook login and help us share our food and our message of organic, local and sustainable eating with the world! Click here to VOTE: http://www.sfstreetfoodfest.com/local_forager_contest.php

    Thanks for your votes and support; and stay connected as we will be rolling out an AWESOME webinar this Fall on Organic Foods!

    Cheers to a wonderful call today!

    Chef Ikeena~

  12. Kimle says:

    Should you use a webinar mainly for list building, or should there be an offer?

    • Janis Pettit says:

      Both Kimle! You can use a webinar for list building, because everyone that registers is now on your list. Then you can include an offer at the end and get new clients each time. But….you need to have the right formula for creating the webinar. It’s got to a combination of great content and creating curiosity to know more, which your product will provide.

  13. carla says:

    if I sell angel pins, what could I do a webinar on that would be of interest?

  14. Ikeena says:

    Joint Ventures? Is this a webinar platform? Can you give their site address?

  15. Shayla says:

    Great info Janis,

    Thanks so much! I have a WP site and I use Infusionsoft. My opt in page is WP. Did I understand you to say that it’s better to have the opt in page within IS instead of in WP, in order to more easily automate webinar deliveries?



  16. StepmomCoach says:

    Question for Janis. If you do 4 webinars a month, are they the same or different topics?

  17. StepmomCoach says:

    Another question for Janis. What program does she recommend to do automated webinars?

    • Shayla says:

      I think Janis mentioned instantteleseminars.com. Also gotowebinars.com. Both of these are very popular. And the newest kid on the block is google hangouts.

  18. for an evergreen/ongoing product or service, how often should you do a webinar? and should you mix it up between your products and services?

  19. Anne says:

    I’m a holistic nutritionist…but I am am not sure where my people hang out … I know what my people are having problems with I call it the tri-fecta of modern living; poor sleep, low energy and chronic pain. Most of my clients are well educated women

    - I have tried FB Groups for Pain, Fibromyalgia with little success generating leads. Almost 100% of the people I work with find me fr a Google search….I also get hits in the 100′s every day from a handful of my blog posts that people keep searching for…so I know I am on the right track with my service offerings.
    Anyone have any suggestions for me on how to find these folks?

  20. PJ, Thank You for such a great resource. My question is:

    If I’m just getting started on building my list or have a very small list, how do I find/target the right audience for my service? What’s the best way to find them, attract them? I somewhat understand Facebook but I love LinkedIn because my Body Language business is ideal for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Are Ads the best way to do this or eblasting my LinkedIn contacts?

    Thank you.


    • Desiree says:

      Rick, try finding someone who does have the audience you are looking for. Maybe they offer a different service but they would complement yours. Approach them for a joint venture webinar where they get a portion of the sales. You create the webinar registration and they mail to their list and that will help you grow your list.

      People that might be interested in offering you to their list might be branding experts, speaking coaches, direct sales teams, etc.

      Please don’t eblast your LinkedIn contacts. Social Media is all about building the connection before blasting them.

  21. Erica says:

    Ok want number is she on?

  22. What was the link to get her webinar success sales slides?

  23. How do you make it interactive in a recorded webinar?

    • Erica says:

      Heather you read my mind, I’m thinking maybe “pretend” as if you’re on the call, but I don’t like that because callers will hear the “void” in authentic connection.

  24. Cheryl says:

    I have a very specified business…I teach people how to be an advocate for their children who have special needs. I have a FREE webinar I put on every Monday night (become the voice for your child) to promote a class that I have to help parents on understanding the special education system. Where is the best place to promote this, and how? I do not have a list, I cannot get people to sign up for this. I have run some Facebook ads, and my business is all over the internet.

    • Desiree says:

      Cheryl, have you tried joining groups on sites like CafeMom specifically for special needs? Look for localized groups on MeetUp.com that you might be able to offer a free in person training. If you “google” Parents of special needs groups” you’ll probably find an abundance of groups that would love to offer their members your training. You can also offer a freebie for everyone who signs up for the webinar – like a reference guide and where to find information and resources.

    • Cheryl,
      I suggest connecting with people who serve your market and yet offer something else. My colleague Julie Matthews http://www.nourishinghope.com is an expert in nutrition for autism. I know of a number of therapists who focus on special needs kids too.

      One thing that wasn’t mentioned is delivery preference – perhaps your market would prefer teleseminar and are too stressed/rushed to attend a webinar?


    • Lynne says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Try becoming a partner with Autism Speaks and checking out other organizations that work with special need kids.

      I used to work for Autism Speaks and if you go to their website http://www.autismspeaks.org/ then go to “family services tab” and then look under partners you may get the name and number of someone you can talk to about what being a partner means and how you can offer your services to the community.

      There are a lot of special need kis organizations that may have something like this.

      I hope it helps.


  25. Erica says:

    I was excited to do webinars at first but now, not so much! Its kind of overwhelming. But great tips for what I could write down.

  26. Diane Marie says:

    Great topic. Loving it and very beneficial information.

  27. Cecilia Mota says:

    Hello PJ,

    If I were to offer a Webinar a week, does that translate to a different topic every week and every month? If I were to offer only 2 per month, from your experience, do new people register to listen to your replays so your list continues to grow? Is a weekly webinar the best plan to follow if you also have other strategies like Live workshops and private coaching clients. Dont want to overwhelm myself.

    As it relates to partners/joint ventures, am I to offer the same Topics that I’m already offering on my own or are we talking about different Topics when presenting through my partners? I understand that they have their own list of followers that may not know me but just want to make sure I understand this.

    Lastly, do you ever go a break from offering these teleseminars to do your bootcamp, go on vacation, continue your learning or other personal/professional development matters.

    Thank you so much for all you do.



    • Erica says:

      Great questions Cecilia! In two weeks I am offering “Webinar Wednesdays” 2nd and 4th Wednesday, my target market are inspiring entrepreneurs who need help transitioning from FT employee to FT entrepreneur! #LifeAfter9-5. If you or someone you know would like to partner with me, lets connect! We have to start somewhere! I’ve done webinars before but never this intensed and they were always free.

      • Judi Snyder says:

        Hello Erica, I offer a financial transition (i’m an advisor) with the same target client. My program is called From Corporate Chaos to Enlightened Entrepreneur, 12 Weeks to Work Optional Wealth my focus is on all of the financial/investment stuff! email me if you want to chat judi@jpsnyder.com

    • Janis Pettit says:

      Hey Cecilia. Here’s how it can work. I’ll give you an example in my business. We have 5 webinars. That’s it. We run them all the time with joint venture partners and through an automated webinar system. We also promote them to my community and do Facebook ads. Once the webinars are created they keep working for your business each week.

      Everything I teach is about strategy and this is a strategy that can keep new subscribers and clients coming to you each month. Plus think of how you’d be serving others by offering them great content.


  28. StepmomCoach says:

    I’ve done webinars before but never automated. I’d love to learn more about what programs Janis uses to automate her webinars

  29. I really enjoyed the call and appreciate all of the great content. Seems really simple, but I am realizing even more how important the first and second steps of the seven are.. to address the urgent need of my clients in the product and webinar and to come up with a great title and topic. Thank you PJ and Janis.

  30. Janis, GREAT info!! I have offered webinars as a course and also used them to sell people into it. I love it and would like to learn more. Have had Stealth Seminar for a few months but have yet to implement. Looking forward to seeing the answers to the other questions on the blog.

    How important in your mind is the design of the slides? Can they be fairly simple? I am not a Powerpoint ninja! I usually just use simple text and throw a few of my own hand drawn cartoons in for personality.


  31. Tony Dollars says:

    As usual PJ, another home run! The person that invest in everything you’ve brought to the table can’t help but succeed, taking in consideration its done with an attitude of gratitude for being able to help others, while implementing it all, including wonderful products and service, (lets not leave out great customer service). Thank you PJ!!!

  32. Judi Snyder says:

    Missed her info, can someone post the site to sign up for her webinar and/or her program?

  33. Lynne says:

    Thank you Janis for a great hour of learning about webinars! I too have done webinars but with out the great success you talked about.

    I will be implementing what you spoke about today and once I really bring together the urgent need of people and look at re-organizing my packages to fit specific needs I’ll be purchasing your training programs.

    And PJ! You have completely inspired me and put me on the right track. When you said your primary goal is passive income so you can have more time to do the things you desire to do it resonated with me very deeply. I feel as if I really “Got” what I’m to do now and the various ways I can get my products, packages and services out to more people. I have 30 years worth of material that I’ve not marketed correctly and now I just need to organize myself and systematically begin selling what I have.

    Today has been an answer to many prayers! Thank you again ladies!!

    • Janis Pettit says:

      Hi Lynne. I’ll look forward to having you in the workshop. Everyone who uses this formula has been thrilled with the results. You’ll learn not only how to create a compelling webinar that sells your programs, but how to get an ongoing stream of leads. One without the other doesn’t work.

      Mastering the marketing system is CRUCIAL. You can have the best products in the world but you have to step out, be visible and stand in the spotlight!


  34. Joseph says:

    I seldom leave comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here “How to Create and Market Webinars That Generate an Avalanche of Ongoing Subscribers, Clients & Sales” with
    Janis Pettit. And I actually do have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it only me or does it seem like some of the remarks look like written by brain dead visitors? :-P And, if you are writing on other social sites, I’d like to keep up with anything new you have
    to post. Could you make a list of all of your shared sites like your
    twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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