Closing Ceremonies – How to Integrate & Build on List-a-Palooza

“Closing Ceremonies”

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

“How to Integrate & Build

on List-a-Palooza”


With PJ Van Hulle

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

August 29th, 2013


List-a-Palooza Rocks!

On this call you will:

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

  • Get a “Behind the Curtain” Look at What PJ Has Discovered in Hosting This Event that Can Help with Your Own List-Building
  • Learn How to Integrate the Information from List-a-Palooza without Getting Overwhelmed
  • Review Some of the Highlights and Hottest Tips from List-a-Palooza
  • Have the Opportunity to Share YOUR Biggest “A-has” and Get Featured on PJ’s Website
  • Discover Who Are the Winners of the List-a-Palooza 90 Challenge (Highest Amount and Highest % of List Growth as Well as Final Affiliate Leaderboard)
  • Find Out Where to Go from Here – How Will You Leverage the Momentum of List-a-Palooza to Grow Your Business to the Next Level?

    List-a-Palooza Rocks!

    PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker who works with speakers, coaches, & consultants who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part.

    She is a certified trainer with 14 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and the creator of the List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge.

    Through her signature programs, like Prosperity 101 and Big List Big Profits, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world to grow their businesses and improve their relationship with money.

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  1. PJ,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work in putting this event together! I can only imagine what 90 days and 12 weeks, with over 20 speakers was like! Whew! I gained so much from this year’s List-a-palooza and have made some great professional contacts and have grown and put ideas into play. It’s been wonderful! I hope you have a vacation scheduled soon!

    To happiness and great things in the future!

  2. PJ, you’re very inspiring to me. I don’t want these training sessions to end. I’ve really enjoyed listening to all your speakers. I do know that you put a lot of effort into setting up your 90-day challenge. I have learned so much from you and your many speakers. I didn’t want to forget to thank you. You’re listed on my business website as a referral I’d recommend to other business owners. ☺

  3. Hi Ladies,

    A HUGE thank you to PJ Van Hulle!!! Thank you for producing the 90-challenge with such generosity, grace and style. What a wonderful model of take-care-of-business you are! Loved my time with you. You’re the BEST! :)


  4. Noga says:

    (Pj, please feel free to use this as a testimonial!! :)

    “Pj, you are so amazingly generous to put this List-a-Palooza event on! I want to personally thank you for helping me (in just 3 short months!) increase my list by 66%!!!”

    Love and Blessings,
    Noga Vilozny
    Designer, Consultant

  5. Rose Muenker says:

    You sound fine, Pj!

  6. Rose Hawley says:

    You sound fine. Can’t believe we are almost done.


  7. Rose Hawley says:

    Headset sounds even better.


  8. Donna Lang says:

    You are Great! I’ve enjoyed all of the interviews I’ve listened to. What a GIFT of intelligence and heart you are to the world.

  9. Thanks so much PJ for giving all of us this great opportunity to connect with so many other people.

  10. Hi everyone,
    Great to be here! I have had so much fun and gotten so much clarity and great info!
    BTW, I use HootSuite every day and I love it! :-)
    Love, Genevieve Kohn

  11. PJ, I just want to say thank you for all the hard work, structure, and expert speakers you’ve incorporated into this event. I could not have built and continue to build the relationships I have without your event!

  12. Kemya Scott says:

    PJ, these highlights are great! This challenge has been the most phenomenal virtual event I’ve ever attended! It has really given me a new way to think about virtual events and building a thriving business in general. And I’ve connected with so many amazing people. I can’t thank you enough!

  13. Donna Lang says:

    2 Questions:

    What tool do you use to create Affiliate Links?
    What tool do you use to remind people about your tele-classes with mobile messaging?

  14. Lynne says:

    Hi PJ,

    You sound clearer on the headset. Thanks for doing this great wrap up!

    I’ve learned so much from this 90 day challenge. It has helped boost my business 60%. What’s been offered has been invaluable.

    Thank you!

  15. Hi Ladies,

    A HUGE thank you to PJ Van Hulle!!! Thank you for producing the 90-challenge with such generosity, grace and style. What a wonderful model of take-care-of-business you are! Loved my time with you. You’re the BEST! :)


    Judith Stephens

  16. Hi PJ!

    One of my biggest takeaways (though there were numerous) that I keep readily at hand now is from the Lisa Sasevich call was something she said towards the end…

    “when you will commit, they will commit”…basically if you take action – your ideal clients and the people you were meant to help will take action too.

    Love that!

    Susan M. Baker
    Escape Hatcher

  17. Hi PJ,
    Can you please repeat the link to the video you just mentioned? Thanks!

  18. Sue Wilhite says:

    PJ, the whole List-A-Palooza program was an “AHA!” I found a great community of talented people that have skills and knowledge that I never dreamed of. The biggest benefit for participating has been making the contacts all over the world. I’ve gotten questions answered, and I’ve grown my list, and I’ve gotten ideas for moving forward, and I’ve gotten more support than I’d ever dreamed of. Thank you, everyone – and of course, standing ovation for PJ!

    Sue Wilhite, Master Voyager Tarot Consultant

  19. PJ Van Hulle says:

    List-BuildingRockstars Program (60% off during List-a-Palooza)

  20. PJ Van Hulle says:

    Big List Big Profits Program:

  21. i.e. the video about how all the pieces fit together. :-)

  22. PJ, List-a-Palooza has been phenomenal. You provided so much value and training, the most I have ever gotten from a free program. I wasn’t able to listen to all the calls, but will absolutely be getting the kit so I can slowly work through the training over the next several months. I have learned so much, some of which I have implemented and some I am planning in the near future. One of the biggest benefits I would like to thank you for is the connections I have made with the other professionals in List-a-Palooza. We offer complementary services and are planning to joint venture together. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

  23. PJ Van Hulle says:

    VIP Day with PJ:

  24. Jill says:

    Thank you for the inherent value packed into the 90 day challenge! I love your maxim, “Progress not Perfection.”

    Just one big takeaway was the use of twitter reminders for webinars, teleconferences & telesummits. Would love to have the resource that enabled you to do this.

  25. Its really hard to sum up just one ah hah but for me overall was:
    Almost every expert speaker really honed in and emphasized building and sustaining relationships. This was a confirmation for me because I always wanted to position business to build quality relationships and not just the number of people in my list. When working relationships strategically the success and income will come!

    The clarity from all the experts was priceless! I encourage anyone looking to start or build there business not just their subscriber list to really invest in List-A-PaLooza

    PJ said something that just resonated with me ” Everything you do effects everything else”
    Imagine applying 10% of the tips and strategies effectively giving by the experts; now imagine applying 90% of the speakers tips and strategies? That’s how effective you’ll be!

  26. My biggest take-away was when Suzanne Monroe quoted Max Simon: “You can help everyone with your work, but you can’t market to everyone.”
    I have found this to be so true! Still honing my target market. I know parents need my help, but I’m not sure they are willing to pay for it. It’s been a learning process.
    Thanks again PJ!
    Genevieve Kohn

  27. Linda says:

    PJ this has been an amzaing experience and educaton. Thank you for bringing us so much information.
    I missed Christian Mickelsen’s call today. Is there a way to listen again?

    I appreciate the opportunity to get everything in the kit for such a reasonable cost. It will be a resource going forward.

    Thanks again, Linda

  28. Joyce Hansen says:

    What an intense hour filled with highlights and sharing the things that worked and didn’t work. That was really inspirational to have you share so honestly with us. I learned so much.

  29. PJ, I’m in the beginning stages of building my business, so early on felt overwhelmed because I didn’t have a lot of infrastructure in place. But ‘progress not perfection’ really resonated for me and I’m so glad I joined up!! I took my time, listened to the speakers, read the posts, and took a TON of notes that I’ve categorized and filed. I’m evidently a Farmer’s Market kinda guy :-). And of course I got the List-A-Palooza List-building Kit so I have these fabulous resources at hand when I’m ready for them. This is a chockful, BRILLIANT resource to own, no matter the price. So I recommend to everyone that they get this for themselves.

    List-a-Palooza was the most content-rich, well-organized virtual event I’ve ever attended! Your generosity of spirit and in offering your expertise is awesome!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing and bearing yourselves.

    Here’s to everyone’s unbridled joy and success!!

  30. Rose Muenker says:

    Pj, I am so thankful that I attended your extraordinary program and especially that I got to experience you! Your generosity, passion for what you do, and talent for distilling so many ideas and approaches into information I can wrap my mind around. Thank you!

  31. Gwenda says:

    Thanks, PJ – your work lives on …

    I am setting a new goal of a telesummit within the next 6 months for artists to build their art careers. It will be fun to work on!

  32. Rose Hawley says:

    Wow Wee! What an amazing amount of information! So glad that I am continuing with the List Building Rockstars. I can’t wait to see what will happen with the two Balanced Living Expos I am hosting!

    ~Rose, Founder of Mindfully Organized

  33. Thanks so much PJ!!! This was so much fun

    My 3 biggest takeways from Listapalooza are:

    1. The best way to figure it out is to jump in and start making mistakes & learning together with a safe supportive group

    2. The long list of tremendous tips for planning a winning telesummit

    3. How to spot partnerships & collaborations that fit

    I’m so glad I participated in Listapalooza. The connections have already started paying off for me. Thank you PJ!

    Here’s To Your Unspeakable Joy,
    Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™

    Soul Power Makes Better Decisions On Purpose

    Download a FREE Coaching Audio and a whole pile of simple strategies to instantly avoid the burnout & struggles of creative problem solvers who have a true heart for helping others

  34. My ‘AH HA’ was to set those VIP days up ASAP. Clearing the way as we speak.

    Great info, very overwhelming in a good way. I am so happy to have been a part of this dynamic summit Thank you again PJ. You are like an internet guru energy drink on steroids. Love you.

    Career Counselor and Coach for ADDers

  35. Thanks PJ and all the speakers for another fabulous List-a-Palooza event. Great getting the recap and hearing the stats. I wasn’t able to participate nearly as much as I did last year. Each time I did though, I greatly enjoyed it and always learned something new.

    Great stuff!

    Have a fabulous time kicking back and relaxing after all this intensity.

    D. Takara Shelor
    Bestselling author, speaker, engineer


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