Client Attraction Breakthroughs That Can Get You As Many Clients As You Want – Faster and Easier Than Ever Before (with Christian Mickelsen)

“Client Attraction Breakthroughs

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

That Can Get You As Many Clients

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

As You Want – Faster and Easier

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Than Ever Before”

August 29th, 2013


Join Christian Mickelsen for this special training where you’ll discover…


  • How to Create a “Client Rush” on Demand Any Time You Want One
  • The Step-By-Step Formula for Signing Up New, High Paying Clients During Intro Sessions
  • A Breakthrough New Way to Get More Clients Than You Can Handle (And How To Handle Them)

    List-a-Palooza Rocks!

    Christian Mickelsen is the author of “How To Quickly Get Started In Professional Coaching: The Truth About What It Really Takes!”, and has been coaching for more than a decade.

    List-a-Palooza Rocks!

    He’s been seen in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and the Boston Globe. He served 2 years on the Board of Directors for the IAC (International Association of Coaching), and has created numerous support programs to help coaches become highly financially successful.


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  1. Kemya Scott says:

    This call was fabulous! Thank you Christian for generously sharing your roadmap to success and client getting emails gift. This is a HUGE bonus and exactly what I need!

    PS – I never thought of doing a Groupon for an introductory session. What a brilliant idea!

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