Discover the Hidden Gold in Your E-mail List

 Discover the Hidden Gold in Your E-mail List


You’ve probably heard that, “the fortune is in the follow up,” but if you’re like most of the 1,000’s of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the last 14 years, your follow up systems leave something to be desired.
Here’s why “the fortune is in the follow up,” and what that looks like…
According to my friend and online marketing expert, Vrinda Normand, in most niche markets, or the specific group of people you serve:
3% are actively shopping for what you offer
7% are aware and open to your services, but not looking
30% are not aware of their problem or your solution
30% may know you exist, but it’s not the right time
30% are simply not a fit

This means that if you’re not following up, you’re leaving behind the 67% of people that might be ready to sign up for your products or services down the road!
When you follow up consistently, you will stay in front of these people. Maybe they’re not ready now, but when they are ready, you’ll be at the top of their mind and therefore you’ll be the one they hire over someone that didn’t follow up.
Imagine how much more money you could put in your pocket just by staying in touch with those 67% of people who may need you in the future.
The easiest and most effective way to follow up and nurture those relationships is to build an e-mail list of clients and potential clients who have “opted in” and given you permission to send them e-mails.
A good rule of thumb for monetizing your list is to shoot for $1 per subscriber, per month. So if your goal is to generate $10,000 per month in income, focus on growing your e-mail list to 10,000 subscribers.
With a profitable e-mail list you can:
● Attract more clients and sales
● Turn current clients into repeat clients
● Fill your seminars and programs
● Promote other peoples’ programs that you believe in and earn $1,000′s in affiliate commissions

Building your list is like taking advantage of compound interest. The sooner you start, the better. And the longer you nurture your list, the more profitable it will be.
To quantum leap your e-mail list to the next level, I recommend participating for FREE in the List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge.

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  1. Pam McCall says:

    I have been hearing so much talk about follow up lately. If we could only measure the cash left on the table from failing to follow up.

    I am a work in progress on this subject, working on this every day as it was overlooked before.

    P J thank you for this opportunity again with Listapalooza.

    I would love to have your followers connect with me by joining my bi-monthly Engage and Prosper News-Sign up on this page.

    Pam McCall
    Time Engagement Expert and
    Women’s Small Business Resource

  2. Laurie Varga says:

    PJ, very good advice and thanks for the stats. The numbers help make it feel real as opposed to just feel-good advice. I’m still busy building content so people actually have something to subscribe to but in the next month or so I’m going to launch my e-mail list and I want all the help I can get.

    - Laurie

  3. I remember listening to one of Vrinda’s interviews where she talked about this, PJ.

    And I also remember reading somewhere that people usually need to see an offer between 3-7 times before they’re ready to take action on it.

    My email list DEFINITELY plays a key role in my overall marketing strategy – thank you for all the List-a-Palooza tools and resources that you provide to help me build that list!



  4. Shanthi says:

    Magnificent PJ,

    Thanks for the tip. My goal is to earn $10000 per month. But I am at 680 in my list. When will I ever get to 10000 in my list? but hey! now, I know that that is going to be my goal .

    Thanks for your inspiration….


    • PJ Van Hulle says:

      Don’t worry, Shanti, you can make $10,000 per month with a tiny list or no list at all… it’s just easier with a big list.

      Make sure to tune in to our List-a-Palooza training call w/ Elizabeth Purvis… we’ll be talking about how to make 6-figures and beyond even with a small list.

      And 680 is a great start! I remember being really impressed with my friend who had 300 people on her list. :)

  5. Ah, PJ, if it were only possible to start this all over again!!

    I didn’t get involved in your palooza until a few weeks ago (at the Twitter power hour), and regret missing what must have been some pretty juicy interactions.

    Next time I won’t be so hesitant to jump in!

    Love and blessings,

  6. Lorraine says:

    Focusing all one’s attention on 3% doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in comparison to the 37% who are interested in what you have to say too. Then there are the 30% who will be glad to meet you when they are ready.

    LOL – the image that comes to mind is spending the entire senior year trying to get the quarterback to go to the prom with you when there are guys from basketball, volleyball and soccer teams always hanging around. And then only to find out you meet your true love three years from now in university.

  7. This is a great article. I made sure to invest in a back end business system that can help me keep in touch, otherwise follow up could be too daunting. Blending systems with relationships is proving a good mix. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


  8. It’s good to remember why it’s so important to continue to follow-up. Don’t worry about the no response and think you shouldn’t continue to follow-up periodically. I heard a statistic that said it takes 7-12 touches before someone decides to use your service. Thanks for sharing!

    Candy Messer
    Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

  9. JeeJee says:

    Building a list is essential. However I wouldn’t suggest to a newbie to focus all their energy on building a list at the start. What they require is cash so they have more time to build their list. What they need is clients, and they can do that by having conversations with the people they meet, in their circles and so on. I would definitely suggest they have as many conversations as they can and once they have some clients they can give focused attention to building their list or they can do both concurrently if they have the where-with-all. All that said, PJ’s tips are great, I absolutely love and appreciate List-a-palooza (what a brilliant idea) and I definitely recommend the list 90 day list building challenge.

  10. AnaG says:

    Very insightful and helpful article, and I think it helps to really know what’s going on to see how our message can be clearer and more precise and how we can help others in a wider way.

    Thank you!

    The List-a-palooza is great and finding it very helpful. It’s such a wonderful idea to get to know people on it too.

  11. Kemya Scott says:

    These stats are a real eye opener. If you neglect the follow-up you’re pretty much wasting time connecting with people. Having a list is one thing, but knowing what to do with the list makes all the difference. Participating in List-a-palooza has given me the tools and resources necessary to build and nurture my list. It’s a great and fun business building challenge, thanks PJ!

  12. Wow, I only have about 350 people on my list right now…if I could make $1 per person per month, I’d be thrilled…I guess I need to enlarge my vision…but right now, I’m not making nearly that…guess, we have to start somewhere?

  13. Tanner says:

    Follow up is key. Often I feel I may be reaching out to my tribe too often, but in reality they don’t even notice or remember seeing half the things I send out. And yes, it takes multiple touches with a client before they usually ever buy one of your products. It’s all about building the relationship over time.

    Tanner Kennedy
    Helping Women to Create the Love Life They Desire

  14. Tony Dollars says:

    So very true PJ. We can get so caught up in what we’re doing for ourselves that it can be easy to forget the reason we ARE a business entity, “To be of service to others.” Following up, making sure they have what they need is so important! Thank you for this!

  15. Using a mailing list as a long term strategy for nurturing customer relationships is so important. A quality mailing list really is an asset.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hi PJ.
    Yes, I’ve been told and really recently hit myself upside the head with this, that “the fortune is in the follow-up.” I have so many leads that never went anywhere simply because I didn’t follow up enough (or at all). Mostly it was due to not having a good system to record and track them (biz cards, slips of paper, a reminder in my head, note on calendar, etc.–all over the place!).
    I finally took some time this weekend to review some online CRMs and found several very good (and free or inexpensive) ones, like Less Annoying CRM and Insightly. I finally decided to go with Insightly and sign up for it tonight. It’s going to make my follow-up much more streamlined for me and my VA.
    It also serves as a project management system–bonus!
    Now, to take the time to input all the old leads…. At least I can start with the most current and all future ones.
    Thanks for the reminder, and hope this post helps others with a way to be better with THEIR follow-up. Get a CRM now–don’t put it off like I did!!!

  17. I like how you spell it out, and I do believe it is true. My obstacle is finding the time to do it! I think it needs to be scheduled in with no if’s and’s or but’s. Just schedule it in and stick to the schedule. This, in an ideal world where schedules don’t get all messed up!! I have yet to figure out when to do this, but find I really do enjoy connecting with people.

  18. Peggy Nolan says:

    Thank you PJ! I like the $1 per person on my email list. That makes sense to me.

    Now I’m off to grow and nurture!


    Peggy Nolan

  19. Keri Kight says:

    PJ you are absolutely right. It is so important to stay in front of their eyes and build a relationship. Most people are not going to buy the first time they come across your website. You have to give a great first impression and then strengthen the relationship. Follow up is so very important.

  20. Wow, what interesting percentages! and what a great reason to be doing that follow-up and staying in front of the people that are on your list and may be interested later or may want to get to know you a bit better first.

    I agree, consistency is key. I send my ezine out twice a month and make sure it contains valuable free information and resources, as well as various products or classes I’m offering at the time

  21. I heard these percentages somewhere else recently too. My systems for my email list have certainly changed since I started my list about 3 years ago, I am MUCH more out in front of them than I used to be!

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  25. Carrie says:

    Thank you for stopping by my facebook page and sharing this post PJ! I appreciate you and all that you do!

  26. Hi PJ, great article. Like many small and solopreneur business owners, my business to-do list tends to creep as I keep adding more and more things that some expert says I “must do.” This year, I’ve taken a big step back and am focusing only on listbuilding and two social media sites where I’ve had a lot of success. I do really believe that listbuilding is one of the best ways a small business owner can invest their time.

    Learn the 5 Essential Skills for Solopreneur Success in my free e-course. Sign up here:

  27. Marilyn says:

    Great perspective PJ, once again you provide quick, easy and attainable tips and a clear understanding of what to do and why. Thanks for all you do.

  28. What a great perspective, PJ. I love how you break everything down to dollars and ‘sense’. I love the $1 tip. I am learning so much about the importance of follow up. This is something I need to work on so my list gets consistent communication from me. Thanks for these quick and wonderful tips, PJ!

  29. Thanks for breaking this down in a mathematical way. I love to see the data and numbers for tasks we are “supposed” to do. When you think about the fact that you are creating the relationship with the people on your list, sending out good quality emails on a regular basis becomes so much more important.

    I have been doing this with the Mindfully Organized 2 Minute Tips and it is really a win-win. I love sharing information and the people on my list get a little piece of what is in my head every week or so.

    Rose Hawley-Perry, The Declutter Your Mind SO YOur Soul Can Shine Coach
    Mindfully Organized

  30. Looking to grow to 10,000. PJ, thanks so much for your golden nugget insights!

  31. This is awesome advice PJ! I now make it a practice to devote time every day to growing my list and to sending them valuable content and offers. It works!

  32. Great article PJ! Thanks for making it very easy to understand and thanks for the great reminders and the stats. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! :)


    Patricia Young
    Inner Prosperity Academy


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