5 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients


“5 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients”



If you’re like most people, selling may seem uncomfortable, unfulfilling and even frightening. Turning prospects into clients requires both art and knowledge. But with a little bit of practice, selling will become play and the results will start to show.
What Is Selling Anyway?
When you think about it, selling is part of life everyday life. It’s everywhere: in your job, in your family, in your community work and more. At its basics, sales is simply the process of having people adopt whatever it is you offer: an idea, a product, a new way of solving a problem.
When you’re looking for a job, encourage your child to do her homework, starting a new community program or simply planning a family trip, you’re selling your ideas, your plans, and your vision. To get people to buy in to whatever you’ve got, you have to be absolutely clear about the value of your product, service or idea and share it in a way that inspires others to participate.
Why Is Selling Uncomfortable?
If it’s so simple, why is selling so uncomfortable and even frustrating? Well, it’s all about how we do it. The old wave of professional selling techniques have put a lot of pressure on us by changing the target – they shifted our attention from the clients’ needs to the companies’ needs.
The aggressive cold-calling techniques, the new approaches on how to close deals and up-sell clients, all of these have made selling such a daunting process. This new style pushed us way out of our comfort zone and left us totally confused about how we could actually help clients.
The huge difference between being salespeople at work and embracing sales in our everyday life comes from a very simple reason. At home, we don’t even realize we’re selling. We believe we can help by sharing genuinely valuable information and ideas.
How do you apply that to turning more prospects into clients?
Here are five easy steps:
1. Confidence Is Key.
The main rule to effectively turning prospects into clients is confidence, and confidence comes from doing your research. Confidence is the stepping stone for your business. Ask yourself the following questions:
- Do I believe in the value of my products or services?
- Do I believe in myself?
2. Target the Right Clients.
Pareto’s Principle states that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. So, identify those 20% and cut out the other 80%. Find out the characteristics of the 20% of your clients and target your marketing towards them. Soon, you will increase the percentage of the clients who are generating more revenue for you.
This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about niche marketing!
3. Build Strong Relationships.
A big part of running a successful business is building powerful relationships and truly connecting with people.
“The stronger your network, the stronger your net-worth.”
4. Learn to Serve.
Be a giver. Provide without any expectation of return. Help others achieve what they what. This is a bold approach and it takes a lot of courage to lead with a giving hand. It also takes faith to believe that the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.
5. Add Genuine Value.
You add value to people’s lives when you know how to make them feel special and unique. One of the best ways to do that is to listen. Genuinely listen. Listening helps you learn a lot about other people’s challenges and their priorities and you add value by helping them solve their problems and create new opportunities.

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Platinum Mastermind Retreat in Pacific Grove

For this year’s Sales Retreat, I rented gorgeous private ocean front home right on the California Coast for my Platinum Mastermind clients.

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In this picture (from back to front / left to right): Sandra Edwards, David McCracken, Pamelah Landers, Sally Rubin, Lee Richter, Gwenda Joyce, Pam Whitman, & PJ Van Hulle.

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Here are some of my favorite pictures from the retreat:


Qi Gong by the ocean in the morning was super rejuvenating!


This fruit plate was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest. Here’s the original recipe. In fact, quite a few of the recipes I tried at this retreat were from Pinterest.


Hot Tub right by the ocean. Oh yeah! This was a wonderful treat.


Thank you for a fabulous retreat!


3 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

“3 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs”


It seems obvious that if you want more business, you have to do more marketing, right?  However, when cash is tight, most business owners look for ways to cut costs, and often the first thing to go is money that is being spent on marketing.  Then of course, fewer clients come in, and cash gets even tighter.  This becomes a downward spiral that can take you right out of business if you’re not careful.

I’m NOT suggesting that you have to spend a lot of MONEY on marketing.  Here are 3 tips for attracting more clients that won’t cost you a dime:


Tip #1: Keep it Personal


When you’re having a conversation, writing an e-mail, updating your Facebook page, or standing up and talking about what you do in front of a room full of people, speak directly to one person at a time.

Remember that you may be sending an e-mail to 50 people, but only one person at a time is reading that e-mail.  Instead of writing “you guys” or “Hi everyone,” write as if you’re sending only one e-mail to one specific person.  If you can, use that person’s first name.

When speaking to a group, make eye contact with one person and speak to that person for at least 5 full seconds before you switch to someone else.

When you do this, the people that you’re speaking to or writing to will feel more connected with you at a personal level and therefore will be more likely to refer you or buy your services.


Tip #2: Ask for Referrals


My most effective marketing strategy for the last 9 years has been asking for referrals, especially from strong strategic alliances, people who serve the same target market as I do without being in competition with me.

It takes courage to ask for referrals.  However, people that are referred to you will be more likely to buy your services and usually more pleasant to work with in general.

The easiest way I know to ask for referrals is to call a potential referral partner and talk to them or invite them to lunch.  Here’s a short script you can use (courtesy of Joe Stumpf of By Referral Only):

“I have some time right now to work with two new clients. Before I put an ad in the paper to attract someone that is not referred to me, I thought I would give you a quick call and offer my time to people you know who might need my help.  Who is the next person you know who is most likely to need my services right now?”


Tip #3: Create & Maintain a Facebook Fan Page


Did you know that Facebook now directs more online users that Google?  Facebook fan pages allow you to get your message, brand or product to more people, faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

It doesn’t cost anything to create a Facebook fan page.  The main advantages to having a fan page instead of only having a regular personal Facebook page is that:

1.      You aren’t limited to how many fans you can have

2.      You can advertise your business

You want to include Facebook as part of your marketing plan in a way that attracts more clients instead of just creating more busy work for yourself.  In order to do that, provide your fans with regular updates that they enjoy, even something as simple as a funny or inspiring quote.  Don’t bombard them with sales pitches or they will “unlike” you.  Offer new fans a special gift or bonus that leads them into your sales funnel.

Here’s an example:



Please leave a comment & let me know what you think of these tips.  Thanks!