How to Create a Twitter Account

“How to Create a Twitter Account”

1) Go to

2) On the right hand side of the page, look for the “New to Twitter” box

3) Fill in your Full Name, e-mail address, and desired password

4) Click the yellow “Sign up for Twitter” button

5) Choose a Username and type it in the Username field (if different than the Username Twitter has auto-generated for you)

Note: If you are setting up a Twitter account for your business, make your username something relevant to your company or your company name, so people searching that topic/industry will find you.

For most speakers, coaches, and consultants, I recommend making your Username your actual name when possible so that people can search for and find you easily. For example, my Username is @PJVanHulle.

6) Read the terms of service

7) Click the yellow “Create my account” button

8) You now have a Twitter account!


“How to Customize your Twitter Account”

1) Go to

2) Click “Sign In” at the very top on the right hand side of the page

3) Enter your username OR email, (you can login with either) and your password

4) Click the blue “Sign in” button

5) Look for an icon that looks like a tiny person’s silhouette with a down arrow to the right of it in the upper right of your page

6) Click the tiny arrow to see the drop down menu

7) From the drop down menu, click “Settings”

8) From the menu on the left, click “Design”

9) To Choose from the many default themes available, scroll down until you have found one you like and then click on it

a. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button!

b. To customize a default design, select the default design and save changes

c. Then scroll down and click the “Change design colors” link

i. This will now display the colors of the background, text, borders, and links

ii. To change any of these click on the color and then select the new color you would like

d. Once you have decided be sure to click the “save changes” button!

10) To add your own background image

a. Scroll down below the default backgrounds to “Customize Your Own” and click the “Choose file” button

b. Find a picture from your computer than you want to upload

c. Be sure to click the “save changes” button!


“How to Tweet”

1) Sign in to Twitter (see above for instructions)

2) From your home page, look for a white field toward the upper left that says “Compose new tweet…”

3) Type your “Tweet” in that field (make sure it’s under 140 characters)

4) Click the blue “Tweet” button


“How to Mention Someone in Your Tweet”

1) Start typing a tweet as normal, but to include a person/company/etc that has a twitter account, type the “@” sign followed by their twitter username
Ex. To mention PJ in your Tweet, type @PJVanHulle in the box


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