About Real Prosperity, Inc.


Hi! I’m Penelope Jane Smith (formerly PJ Van Hulle), the founder of Real Prosperity, Inc., and I love inspiring other entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms and to make choices from a place of freedom and joy… instead of debt and obligation.

Specifically, I love working with speakers, authors and coaches all over the world to grow their tribes (usually in the form of their e-mail lists) so that they can attract more clients and sales, with less time effort and stress… all while reaching more people and having a greater impact with their message.

I hate seeing entrepreneurs struggle financially, constantly hustling to get more clients to make ends meet (instead of living paycheck to paycheck, they’re living from client to client), and NOT doing the things they love because they don’t have enough money.

That’s why I created Real Prosperity, Inc. and programs like List-a-Palooza and List-Building Rockstars to help other entrepreneurs to grow their e-mail lists (their tribes), which makes attracting clients and selling programs online WAY easier.

In fact, I’ve put together a special report to get you started, called “How to Jumpstart Your E-mail List.

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Here’s What People Are Saying:


“PJ is a dynamic speaker who will knock your socks off. She’ll give you valuable content that will totally blow you away.”
- Sharla Jacobs, Award-Winning 6-Figure Success Coach, Thrive Academy


“I’ve seen a ton of speakers, and a lot of people that have great knowledge and great content yet who are not really dynamic, if you want someone who’s got great content, is also going to make the entire room swoon, you’ve got to book PJ for your next event…she’s fun, funny, informative and compelling, everything you want in a speaker, Book PJ now!”
- Marshall Sylver, The Millionaire Maker, Sylver Enterprises


“Wow… this is a highly engaged community! PJ has a gift of bringing people together… and they always leave feeling better than when they arrived.”
- Nancy Marmolejo, Marketing Whiz, Talent and Genius


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About Penelope Jane Smith

Penelope Jane Smith works with speakers, authors, and coaches who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part.

A few years ago, she thought she had it made. Starting with $10,000 of her own money, Penelope acquired over $6,000,000 in real estate, created a 6 figure seminar company, and was on track to be able to retire by the time she was 31.
Then the real estate market crashed, and everything changed.

Suddenly, her credit was ruined, she lost her home to foreclosure, and she was forced to declare bankruptcy. After seeing her empire crumble, Penelope realized that MAKING money and KEEPING money were two entirely different skill sets.

By focusing her energy on helping other people avoid the financial challenges she had experienced, Penelope was able to turn her company around and take her sales to double what they were before the real estate crash.

She is now more passionate than ever about providing people with the financial education they never received in school.

Penelope is a certified trainer with 17 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity and co-author of Make Your Connections Count

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