The Power of Your Permanent Wealth Account


“The Power of Your Permanent Wealth Account”


How much money has flowed through your life? How much have you kept? If you haven’t kept very much money, that’s because you didn’t have a structure – until now.

In his Prosperity Consciousness course, Fredric Lehrman invites you to imagine living in a time before bank accounts and finance on paper. See yourself carrying around a leather pouch and receiving your income in the form of 10 gold coins. You buy shoes. You eat. Eventually your pouch is empty and you do work to go get 10 more gold coins. Your pouch fills and empties and fills and empties – a natural ebb and flow. Most people spend as much as they make. When their income goes up, so do their expenses.

Now, imagine that you have a SECOND POUCH. And every time you put 10 gold coins in the first pouch, you immediately take one of those coins and move it to the second pouch. You continue to add and subtract from the first pouch, but the second pouch, you NEVER spend those coins. Eventually that second pouch would grow until it’s too heavy to carry around anymore.

This is the idea of the permanent wealth account.

Open a bank account that is completely separate from all your other accounts with the sole intention of putting money in there and never ever touching the principle.

Remember the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs? You wouldn’t ever kill the golden goose, would you? You’d want to live off of the eggs. The permanent wealth account is your Golden Goose.

Having this account reinforces two very important beliefs:


Belief #1


“I have money.”



What you focus on expands. If you’re always complaining about how you’re broke and have no money, it’s hard for money to come to you.

It’s easy to receive more of what you already have. So if you already have money, it’s easy to attract more.

Belief #2


“I have more money than I’ll ever need.”



What an abundant belief! You’ll never touch the principal, which means that you have more money than you’ll ever need.

In my experience, the amount of money in my permanent wealth account is the amount of money that moves easily in my life. It’s like a magnet for more money. When I got to $10,000, I found it easier to attract another $10,000.

It’s easy to calculate 10% of your income. And it’s easy to live off of 90% of your income. You won’t even notice it’s gone, as long as you pay yourself first.

You MUST pay yourself first!!! Otherwise, that 10% will get spent.  Every time you receive a check, automatically transfer 10% into your permanent wealth account. Do this until it becomes a habit and is automatic for you.

If you don’t have any income, start by contributing whatever you can. The practice of managing your money is more important than the amount.

You’ll have so much fun with this account that you’ll want to put more money in. Having fun is important! You’ll start by putting aside 10% of your income, and soon you’ll find that you can contribute even more.

Please post a comment below and let me know how this is going for you!  Your Permanent Wealth Account is a powerful tool.


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10 Unconventional Ways to Love Yourself

 “10 Unconventional Ways to Love Yourself”


When most people talk about love, it’s either a noun that means “a profoundly tender, passionate affection,” or a verb that means “to have love or affection for.”

But what does that look like specifically?  How is that love expressed?

Here are 10 ways that I express my love for myself.

I invite you to make your own list, and feel free to swipe some of mine, if they work for you.

#1 Vacuum

Vacuuming is one of the quickest and easiest ways to shift the energy in a room, and your energy, too.  I hated doing it until I realized that having the room freshly vacuumed had such a huge impact on my mood & productivity.  And while I do my best to have my assistant do most of the vacuuming, when the timing doesn’t work out that way, I’ll do it myself as a profound act of self-love.

#2 Light Candles

This is an easy way to shift energy, too.  There’s something about lighting a candle that creates a sacred & special feeling for me.  I love having one going while I work, and sometimes even when I work out.

#3 Get a Massage

A good massage can make me feel like a whole new person!  I recommend going for at least 90 minutes if possible.  If money is tight, you can go to a massage school and have students practice on you for a fraction of the price.  Some reflexology places are great.  Also, you can keep an eye out for special deals on sites like Groupon.

#4 Lay on Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are great self-massage tools.  Start by placing one on your lower back on either side of your spine and then lay on your back.  Breathe and relax for 2 minutes and then move the tennis balls up a bit.  Repeat this process for a total of 10 minutes.

#5 Take a Long, Luxurious Shower

Some of my friends make fun of me for showering twice a day, but it feels so good!  I can go in feeling tired and cranky and come out feeling refreshed & energized.

#6 Get Super Soft Sheets

This is one area in life where I believe in investing in the best.  Life is too short for scratchy sheets!  In my experience, a higher thread count doesn’t always equal a more snuggly and wonderful sheet… so test the different sheets by feel until you find some that you love having against your skin.

#7 Give Yourself Time for Slugga-Bedding

Have you spent a lazy Sunday morning waking up, laying around in bed, and falling back asleep?  That is the lazy and delicious experience of slugga-bedding.  Once in a while, I like curling up with a good book and my kitties and allowing myself to drift in and out of consciousness all morning.

#8 Get Your Eyebrows Done

I feel SO MUCH prettier and sexier when my eyebrows look good.  Every time I look in the mirror, I think, “Wow!  I look great!”  It’s totally worth the pain, expense, time and hassle.

#9 Watch Funny Movies

When I watch funny movies, I feel my heart open, which makes me feel more loving towards everyone in my life, including myself.

#10 Make a Gratitude List

When I get in touch with everything in my life that I’m grateful for, this opens my heart and makes me feel more loving, too.

Have fun discovering your own ways to love yourself, and feel free to share in a comment here!


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