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Wow! What an intense week it’s been! The #ThriveHero video contest just wrapped up, and thanks to a LOT of support from amazing family, friends, and colleagues like you, I actually WON the contest!!!
Here’s my “Hero’s Journey” video that I submitted, in case you’re curious (if you watch it, make sure to check out the silly thing I did with the license plate when I show the photo of my car).

This experience has changed me forever at some level. I’ve stretched and grown and learned quite a bit in just this one week.
I have to tell you… I felt uncomfortable with the level of support I was asking for. It wasn’t too terrible to ask people to click “Vote” one time, but asking them to do it once a day for 5 days and maybe even enrolling some of their friends in doing it, too… Eek! I had a lot of fear come up around not wanting to annoy people. So it definitely pushed my asking and receiving muscles!
And while tend to shy away from competition most of the time, being neck-in-neck for #1 throughout the week with my friend, Erin Delaney, actually left me feeling even closer and more connected with her. I’m so happy and grateful that we were able to have it feel collaborative and loving while still both totally going for it with our whole hearts.
I’m putting together a Gratitude Bundle of goodies to thank you for all your love and support. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, if you’re inspired by my story and curious about working with Jesse & Sharla yourself, I recommend checking out their free video training series, “5 Keys for Attracting Clients without Struggle and Getting Paid Well for the Work You Love.” Click here for access.
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