Don’t Miss a Step: Take Time to Celebrate!

 “Don’t Miss a Step: Take Time to Celebrate!”

The path of a goal, whether a goal set for your personal life or in the course of business, is generally seen as having four steps:
1) Assess the situation
2) Set goals for how you want it to be
3) Take steps to achieve the goals and
4) Achieve the goals (completion)
After Step 4, many people return to Step 1 with the question: “OK, what’s next?” And then it’s on to Step 2 and 3 and 4 again.
Hold on. Stop right there.
There is actually a very important fifth step that many of us leave out.
Step 5 is where we celebrate our achievements!
After working hard to reach our goals, taking time to celebrate gives us the opportunity to:
• Capture the Learning
When we take stock of what we’ve learned along the way to our goals, we can consciously incorporate those lessons in the future.
• Acknowledge Our Internal Resources
In achieving goals, we bring forth various internal resources, such as courage and persistence, to meet the challenges. To have others acknowledge us—and to give ourselves credit, as well—is deeply satisfying. Too often, we miss seeing these qualities in ourselves and others. Acknowledging our strengths has the power to call us forth to use them even more.

• Build a Sense of Unity
Nothing can bond people more than striving toward a common goal and then sharing in the joy of the achievement. However, if you don’t stop to appreciate the people who helped make it happen, connection and goodwill can break down. Your team will feel more inclined to go the extra mile if you give them the appreciation they deserve.
• Send a Message to the Universe
Stopping to savor and celebrate your successes sends the message out into the Universe that you know how to appreciate this success and that you are ready for more!
• Have fun!
Knowing that you get to celebrate in a fun way after your goal is achieved is a great motivator. You’ve done a fantastic job—of course you want to be rewarded with some fun and enjoyment. You deserve it!
There are countless ways to celebrate and savor your successes. Whatever brings you a sense of joyous completion is the ticket.
What’s one success want to celebrate? Post a comment below!

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How to Improve Your Relationship With Money

 “How to Improve Your Relationship with Money”


Just like you have relationships with other people, you have a relationship with money. First, decide that your money is important to you and worth spending time with. If you’re in a relationship with someone and you tell them “you’re just not that important to me,” how long do you think they’re going to stick around?

Do you keep your cash organized in your wallet or crumpled up in wads around the house with piles of loose change? I encourage you to treat your money with respect.

When money is important to you, you are willing to spend quality time with it, just like with someone you’re dating. Schedule a regular time to give your money your full attention.


During your “Money Date,” you can find out how your money is doing by reviewing your financial statements, balancing your checkbook, or reconciling your accounts.

In the past, when I didn’t have a regular “Money Date,” I handled my finances randomly. I would balance my checkbook and pay bills when I got around to it, which meant that sometimes I was organized and sometimes my finances were in total chaos. I wasted hundreds of dollars in fees that could have been avoided if I was monitoring my finances more closely.

Now that I have regular and consistent “Money Dates,” I have clarity around my finances, and I make better decisions. I love it, and I believe that you will, too.

Please comment on this post and let me know how this experience is for you.


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A New Approach to Self-Care

 “A New Approach to Self-Care”


Lately, it seems like we live in a culture in which we equate our value as human beings with how busy we are and how many items we check off our “to-do” list each day.
And when our “to-do” lists spiral out of control, it’s tempting to carve out more time by neglecting our own needs (not getting enough sleep, eating fast food, skipping a trip to the gym, etc.)
But actually, when you feel really busy or stressed is the WORST possible time to abandon your self-care because studies have shown that neglecting your own self-care makes you LESS productive and efficient overall.
Self-Care Is Not a Luxury.
Self-care is an investment in the maintenance and rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit. It’s absolutely necessary to help you be able to take on the stress and challenges that are constantly coming at you in our fast-paced world.
Self-Care Is Not Being Selfish.
You may have been taught that it’s noble and good to put the needs of others before your own. But actually, when you’re exhausted and stressed and cranky, how available are you really to support your loved ones?
When your needs are met, you can show up for others as the best version of yourself. You’ll be happier, healthier, and have considerably more “bandwidth” to help other people.
Taking care of yourself is one of the best possible things you can do for the people you love.
Treat Yourself Like a Ferrari.
What would happen if you were to care for your body as if it were a high-performance vehicle?
When you’re diligent about caring for your Ferrari properly (providing high-quality fuel, keeping up with regular oil changes, etc.), it can operate at its best for you.
Likewise, when you’re diligent about caring for yourself properly, you’ll be able to operate at your best for your business and for the people you love.
Discover Which Practices Work Best For You.
My sweetheart goes to the gym for two hours a day, five days a week. While I admire his consistency and discipline, I can’t find it in myself to commit to that. However, walking or getting on the elliptical runner for twenty minutes is something that I can get myself to do that boosts my energy significantly. And once I get started, I often exercise much more than that.
Personally, I need my self-care practices to be QUICK, or I won’t do them consistently. Taking a moment to set my intention for the day or stretch my calves, or write down five things I’m grateful for before going to sleep… these are all things I can accomplish. 30 minutes of meditation? Not happening.
The point is, find what works for YOU so that you’ll actually do it and get to enjoy the benefits.
Here’s a great place to start… determine what optimum health looks like for you in these key areas:
• Getting Enough Sleep
• Eating Well
• Exercising
• Drinking Enough Water
“Gamify” Your Self-Care.
Gamification is “the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.”
Just knowing that certain self-care practices are good for me are not enough.
I need the serotonin rush of checking something off my list. I need credit. I need accountability.
That’s why I created my Self-Care Score Card. This is a score card that I fill out throughout the week, earning points for completing specific self-care practices. At the end of the week, I send my score card to my accountability buddy.
I’m calling this a new approach to self-care because I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this.
If you’re curious, you can download a copy of my Self-Care Score Card here as well as a blank template to create your own:

Sample Self-Care Score Card

Blank Self-Care Score Card Template

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