5 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients


“5 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients”



If you’re like most people, selling may seem uncomfortable, unfulfilling and even frightening. Turning prospects into clients requires both art and knowledge. But with a little bit of practice, selling will become play and the results will start to show.
What Is Selling Anyway?
When you think about it, selling is part of life everyday life. It’s everywhere: in your job, in your family, in your community work and more. At its basics, sales is simply the process of having people adopt whatever it is you offer: an idea, a product, a new way of solving a problem.
When you’re looking for a job, encourage your child to do her homework, starting a new community program or simply planning a family trip, you’re selling your ideas, your plans, and your vision. To get people to buy in to whatever you’ve got, you have to be absolutely clear about the value of your product, service or idea and share it in a way that inspires others to participate.
Why Is Selling Uncomfortable?
If it’s so simple, why is selling so uncomfortable and even frustrating? Well, it’s all about how we do it. The old wave of professional selling techniques have put a lot of pressure on us by changing the target – they shifted our attention from the clients’ needs to the companies’ needs.
The aggressive cold-calling techniques, the new approaches on how to close deals and up-sell clients, all of these have made selling such a daunting process. This new style pushed us way out of our comfort zone and left us totally confused about how we could actually help clients.
The huge difference between being salespeople at work and embracing sales in our everyday life comes from a very simple reason. At home, we don’t even realize we’re selling. We believe we can help by sharing genuinely valuable information and ideas.
How do you apply that to turning more prospects into clients?
Here are five easy steps:
1. Confidence Is Key.
The main rule to effectively turning prospects into clients is confidence, and confidence comes from doing your research. Confidence is the stepping stone for your business. Ask yourself the following questions:
- Do I believe in the value of my products or services?
- Do I believe in myself?
2. Target the Right Clients.
Pareto’s Principle states that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. So, identify those 20% and cut out the other 80%. Find out the characteristics of the 20% of your clients and target your marketing towards them. Soon, you will increase the percentage of the clients who are generating more revenue for you.
This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about niche marketing!
3. Build Strong Relationships.
A big part of running a successful business is building powerful relationships and truly connecting with people.
“The stronger your network, the stronger your net-worth.”
4. Learn to Serve.
Be a giver. Provide without any expectation of return. Help others achieve what they what. This is a bold approach and it takes a lot of courage to lead with a giving hand. It also takes faith to believe that the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.
5. Add Genuine Value.
You add value to people’s lives when you know how to make them feel special and unique. One of the best ways to do that is to listen. Genuinely listen. Listening helps you learn a lot about other people’s challenges and their priorities and you add value by helping them solve their problems and create new opportunities.

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Big List Big Profits!

Big List Big Profits!

If you weren’t able to attend my Big List Big Profits event last weekend, here are some tips that I posted on Facebook throughout the weekend that I thought you’d find valuable.
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Tip #1


Tip #2


Tip #3


Tip #4


Tip #5


Tip #6

Did you find these tips helpful? Please leave a comment below! :)
If you’re curious about Big List Big Profits, you can click here for more info.

What Is Conscious Business?

“What Is Conscious Business?”

Last weekend, I had the good fortune to attend Bill Baren’s Conscious Business Playground event.
Before this event, I had been feeling like I was standing alone in a river, the currents made up of what other people in my industry were doing. Sometimes, I felt tempted to let the current carry me away, but I had to remind myself to stand strong for what was in alignment for me.
WARNING: Rant Ahead (proceed at your own risk).
For example, many of my close friends and colleagues have a lot of success with launches. Just the idea of living in “launch mode” completely exhausts me.
Many of my close friends and colleagues have a lot of success with offering free strategy sessions or consultations, in which they offer packages of one-on-one coaching. I have zero interest in doing this. I have always felt called to work with thousands of people from all over the world, like I’m doing now, which I feel is making a bigger impact than working with just a handful of one-on-one clients.
I don’t know about you, but I got into business for myself to create MORE freedom, not less. I’m interested in building a legacy and a community… not in building my own prison, where I feel shackled to my business by “golden handcuffs.”
And while we’re talking about this, I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk about “charging what you’re worth” as an excuse to gouge people and send them spiraling into debt. Yeah, I said it…
I’m all for building a business that supports you financially and allows you to live a fabulous lifestyle that’s in alignment with your values.
But what is with all the hype and pressure around making 7 figures? Is it really about creating massive value and supporting yourself financially, or is it mostly about ego? I’ve seen too many of my colleagues focus on the money and let the client experience and results fall by the wayside.
I’m over it.
I’d rather work at frickin’ Starbucks than build a business that isn’t in alignment with my truth and my passion.
At Bill’s event last weekend, I discovered that I’m not alone in feeling this way. And it was a huge relief.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this… simply leave a comment on this blog post.