List-a-Palooza Opening Ceremonies! (with PJ Van Hulle)


List-a-Palooza Opening Ceremonies


(with PJ Van Hulle)


“How to Jumpstart Your List


Maximize Your Results

from List-a-Palooza”



In this exclusive FREE training, you will learn how to:


* “Jumpstart” Your E-mail List if You’re Just Starting out or Haven’t Focused on List-Building for a While


* Re-Connect with Your List if You Haven’t Communicated Recently


* Implement the 3 Keys to Building a Successful E-mail List (plus One Easy “Set It & Forget It” List-Building Tactic that You Can Implement While On the Call)


* Quickly Create Professional Opt In Pages for Under $100 so that People Can Join Your List Automatically


* Maximize Your Results from the List-a-Palooza 90 Day Challenge


PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker who works with speakers, coaches, & consultants who love what they do but want to make more money with less effort and stress.


She is a certified trainer with 14 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and the creator of the List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge.


Through her signature programs like Prosperity 101 and the Big List Big Profits she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to grow their businesses and improve their overall relationship with money.


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Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

 Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

5.22.2013 image


I remember having dinner with Tim Ferris, best-selling author of the 4-Hour Workweek, a few years ago and discussing e-mail.


When I shared that I felt frustrated that I didn’t have time to respond to all of the e-mails I received, he offered to send me 300 messages a day or more… whatever it took to make me realize that, at some point, I simply would not be able keep up with it all, and I would have to learn to accept it.


So it’s hard to get my attention via e-mail. Not because I don’t care (I do care!), but because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with it all.


Many of your clients and potential clients are probably in the same boat. In the flood of e-mails hitting their inbox every day, how do you get your message to stand out?


Is it even worth it? Or is e-mail marketing dead?


In my experience, your e-mail list is one of the greatest financial assets in your business.


With a profitable e-mail list you can:

• Attract more clients and sales

• Turn current clients into repeat clients

• Fill your seminars and programs

• Promote other peoples’ programs that you believe in and earn $1,000′s in affiliate commissions


Having a big, profitable e-mail list provides entrepreneurs with an uncommon level of financial security because you can even out your cashflow and generate more income when you need to, simply by clicking “send” on an e-mail.


Without a profitable e-mail list, being an entrepreneur can be so much of an uphill struggle that many lose steam and eventually throw in the towel.


If you’re not focusing on growing your list, you’re setting yourself up to continue to work much harder than you need to.


Also, most of my clients care about making a bigger difference in the world, and having an e-mail list that you regularly provide value for allows you to expand your energy and your message to many more people and make a bigger impact, even if not all of them become your clients.


Many people change their physical address more often than their e-mail address these days.


They’re still opening and responding to e-mail.


And just because they’re on your e-mail list doesn’t mean that e-mail is the only way you can communicate with them. I also use text messaging (for people who request it), voice broadcasts, and regular snail mail.


Also, you can use your e-mail list to create a “Custom Audience” for Facebook ads so that only people on your e-mail list see that particular ad.


During List-a-Palooza, we do weekly “Power Hours” to help build each other’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest followings, too.


Ultimately, it’s not about e-mail specifically. It’s about taking amazing care of and providing exceptional value for your “tribe” in a way that’s also scalable for you so that you can make a big difference without burning out in the process.


In short, I believe that growing a big, profitable e-mail list is one of the smartest things that you can do in your business to set yourself up for long term success.




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The Secret to Perfect Bacon (and Growing Your E-mail List)

“The Secret to Perfect Bacon

(and Growing Your E-mail List)”



My friend Amethyst Mahoney challenged me to share my recipe to perfect bacon as part of an article on list-building and here it is!
I love bacon (if you’re one of my vegetarian or vegan friends… don’t judge me!), but I used to make it very rarely, partially because I don’t think it’s particularly healthy but mostly because cooking it was such a hassle.
Only a few strips at a time fit in one frying pan, little bits of grease could fly up and burn me, and it never seemed to cook evenly… parts would be burnt and others still too raw.  I had to flip and twist each piece to get the whole thing cooked.
I also love growing my e-mail list, but this was a “should” on my to-do list for about 6 years before I got serious about it.
Then I discovered the secret to perfect bacon (and growing your e-mail list):


Challenge Conventional Wisdom


Here are some questions to ask to challenge conventional wisdom:

  • Is there a better way to do this?
  • How can this be easy?
  • What’s the highest and best use of my time?

Conventional wisdom tells us to cook bacon in a frying pan, but baking it in the oven works so much better!
You can cook 1-2 packs at a time, instead of just a few strips, and it cooks evenly without giving you grease burns or getting your stove top all messy.
Here’s the recipe…


Baked Bacon:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Cover a baking sheet in aluminum foil (this make clean up super easy)
Arrange bacon slices side by side on baking sheet (don’t overlap them)
Place baking sheet of bacon on the middle rack of the oven
Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes
Check bacon for your desired level of crispiness and cook a little longer if necessary
Place cooked bacon on paper towels (I use tongs to pick up the bacon) and pat with paper towels to absorb extra grease

Here are just a few examples when it comes to growing your e-mail list…
Example #1
Conventional wisdom tells us to put up a “Brochure” type website with a bunch of navigation tabs like: Home, About, Blog, Store, Contact, etc.
There’s nothing wrong with having a website like this… it works well for SEO, building credibility and allowing potential clients to check you out from a distance.  However, it’s not the most effective way to build your e-mail list and to generate sales online (just like the frying pan is not the most effective way to cook bacon).
What’s far more effective is to drive traffic to an Opt In Page.  Click here to see an example.
Not only is a website like this simpler, easier and less expensive to set up, it will also massively increase the number of visitors to your site that join your e-mail list.
Here’s a great resource for creating inexpensive professional Opt In Pages.
Example #2
Conventional wisdom tells us to ask people to “Join Our Mailing List,” but people are busy and already get more e-mail than they can keep up with.  That’s why it’s more effective to offer them a valuable gift (like a free report, training video, or eBook) in exchange for their contact information and let them know that they’ll also be added to your list.
Example #3
Conventional wisdom tells us that free list-building tactics are better than paid advertising.  In some cases, that’s completely true.  However, most free list-building tactics (like social media) take a significant investment of time to get results.
If you know what you’re doing with paid advertising, you can get better results in a fraction of the time.  For example, 1000′s of opt ins for List-a-Palooza have come from Facebook Ads, which only took me a few hours to set up, track and manage.

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