3 Secrets to 6 Figure Tele-Summits

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

3 Secrets to

6 Figure Tele-Summits


With Sage Lavine

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

June 28, 2012


List-a-Palooza Rocks!

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Have you thought about hosting a tele-summit?


And more importantly, have you considered the QUANTUM LEAP you can make in your business by hosting a tele-summit? 

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Join Sage Lavine to learn how she’s added 12,000 women entrepreneurs to her community and grew her company to 6 figures with her Women on Purpose Tele-Summit and she’ll teach you how to:

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

  • Grow your client list… by 1000′s
  • Inspire those thousands of people to CHANGE THEIR LIVES
  • Create passive income for months after the summit is over
  • Turn your finished summit into a product you can sell again & again
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Get speaking engagements (for YOU!) around the world

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Sage Lavine is a Spiritual Business Coach and Purpose Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs.  She is the CEO of Purpose2Prosperity and host of the Women on Purpose Telesummit series which has inspired over 10,000 women in 103 countries.

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Sage teaches women entrepreneurs to fill their practice and create sustainable financial and spiritual wealth through creating a business they love. Sage believes in purposeful entrepreneurship as a way to create world change toward social and ecological solutions and that every heart centered business owner who gives back through humanitarian efforts is a step in the right direction for the planet. Sage also inspires her students to love themselves and each other SO much, that we can’t help but ALL succeed… together.


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List-a-Palooza JV Networking Power Hour

List-a-Palooza JV Networking Power Hour!


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The Fastest Way to Grow Your List with High Quality Subscribers

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The Fastest Way to Grow Your List with High Quality Subscribers –

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How to JV with Bigger Players who are Happy to Promote for You


List-a-Palooza Rocks!

with Sharla Jacobs

June 26, 2012

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

Join award-winning million dollar mentor, Sharla Jacobs, and you’ll discover:

List-a-Palooza Rocks!

  • The most important question you must ask yourself BEFORE you approach any potential JV partners
  • The interview strategy that added 1,100 people to her list in a matter of hours on a call that generated $31,500 in sales.
  • The best secret for creating and maintaining long term relationships with JV partners
  • What matters most to your JV partners so that you present your opportunities in the most compelling way.
  • How to get started… even if you have no list and no relationships with bigger players.
  • And so much more…


Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentor, Sharla Jacobs, with her husband Jesse Koren have been proclaimed as, “The Leading Authorities in Holistic Business Training.

After struggling to build their own practices and then figuring out a heart-based method for attracting tons of clients, they have taught over 10,000 Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and other Heart-based Entrepreneurs how to increase their business success.

They have supported hundreds of third-world entrepreneurs through sales of their book, “Sell is Not a 4-Letter Word: How to Serve More Clients and Create a 6-Figure Practice.”

After going from zero to $175,000 in their first year of Rejuvenate Training, they have now given over 4 million dollars of scholarships to Holistic Practitioners and Coaches who are ready to attract more clients and earn 6-figures and beyond in their business.

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List-a-Palooza Opening Ceremonies (with PJ Van Hulle)

List-a-Palooza Opening Ceremonies


(with PJ Van Hulle)


“How to Jumpstart Your List


Maximize Your Results

from List-a-Palooza”



In this exclusive FREE training, you will learn how to:


*  “Jumpstart” Your E-mail List if You’re Just Starting out or Haven’t Focused on List-Building for a While


*  Re-Connect with Your List if You Haven’t Communicated Recently


*  Implement the 3 Keys to Building a Successful E-mail List (plus One Easy “Set It & Forget It” List-Building Tactic that You Can Implement While On the Call)


*  Quickly Create Professional Opt In Pages for Under $100 so that People Can Join Your List Automatically


*  Maximize Your Results from the List-a-Palooza 90 Day Challenge


PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker and financial literacy expert who works with speakers, coaches, & consultants who love what they do but want to make more money with less effort and stress.


She is a certified trainer with 13 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and the creator of the List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge.


Through her signature programs, Prosperity 101 and the Client Attraction Blueprint Total Success System, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to attract and KEEP more money.


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