3 Costly Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

“3 Costly Marketing Mistakes to Avoid”

Mistake #1: Spending Thousands of Dollars on a Fancy “Brochure” Website


Many entrepreneurs and business owners think that they need a fancy website to be in business nowadays, but actually, a “brochure” type website is the least important component of your online marketing blueprint, often the most expensive, and the least likely to bring in more sales.

I know several business owners doing over 7 figures each year in sales that still don’t have a website like this.

The mistake that many entrepreneurs and business owners make is in thinking that if they have this type of website, it will help them make more money.  They spend thousands and thousands of hard earned dollars and get ZERO RETURN.

There’s nothing wrong with having a website like this. Just understand that it’s probably not going to generate more sales for you unless you know how to drive traffic to the site, have some kind of special offer on the site, and have a way to capture prospects’ information and follow up with them.  Just having the site alone doesn’t mean it will make you money.


Mistake #2: Trying to Be “All Things to All People”


When you try to work with “everyone,” you usually end up working with “no one.”

Until you get specific about the type of person you work with, you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

If you sell skin care products and say, “I work with anyone with skin,” it’s too broad.  No one knows who to refer to you.  You’ll probably get a few clients, but nothing compared to what you’d get if you said something like, “I help people with eczema.”

Focus on solving a specific problem for a specific group of people.  This is called niche marketing, and I believe it’s the cornerstone of marketing success.  When you do that, your potential clients will realize that you work specifically with them and recognize themselves as your clients.  Also, everyone you talk to about your business will now have a clear idea of who to refer to you.

Here’s a great article by my friend Tad Hargrave on 16 Ways to Know if Your Niche is the Root Cause of Your Marketing Woes.
If you’re not clear on how to identify your niche or how to market to you niche, click here for the most comprehensive program on niche marketing in existence.


Mistake #3: Not Following Up


Consider the following statistics that my friend, Vrinda Normand  shared at the first Client Attraction Blueprint 2-Day Intensive:

In most niche markets, or the specific group of people you serve:
3% are actively shopping for what you offer

7% are aware and open to your services, but not looking

30% are not aware of their problem or your solution

30% may know you exist, but it’s not the right time

30% are simply not a fit

This means that if you’re not following up, you’re leaving behind the 67% of people that might be ready to sign up for your products or services down the road!

When you follow up consistently, you will stay in front of these people.  Maybe they’re not ready now, but when they are ready, you’ll be at the top of their mind and therefore you’ll be the one they hire over someone that didn’t follow up.

Imagine how much more money you could put in your pocket just by staying in touch with those 67% of people who may need you in the future.

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