“When I Grow Up” — How to Find Your Authentic Business Voice (with Cyndee Paulson-Heer)

“When I Grow Up” — How to Find Your Authentic Business Voice

(with Cyndee Paulson-Heer)

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

* The 3-Pillars of Your Authentic Niche

* How Niching is the Key for Your Business Success


* The Difference Between Picking a Niche and Discovering Your Authentic Business Niche

* How to Create a Business That Brings You Joy AND Profit

* Cyndee’s Branded 6 Step Process for Finding Your Authentic Niche


Cyndee Paulson-Heer specializes in helping speakers, coaches and consultants find their niche and effectively share their MVP (Message, Vision and Purpose) with their Target Market, to build community, trust, and status though their Business Blogs and Books.

She offers an Author Coaching program as well as an Author “Short-Cut” program which allows entrepreneurs to get published easily and affordably.

Cyndee is an award-winning published columnist and editor, with 45-years of writing experience. She is the author of the upcoming book “When I Grow Up: How to Find Your Authentic Business Voice.”

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Niche Marketing Rock Stars Meet & Greet!

Niche Marketing Rock Stars Meet & Greet!


Please Introduce Yourself!

Here’s a template:

1. My name is _________.

2. For fun in my spare time, I like _________.

3. Good strategic alliances for me are _________.

4. What I do is _________.

5. My website is: _________.

6. What I’d love support with is _________.

Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks! (with Jenn August)

Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks

(with Jenn August)

In this call we’ll explore:

Why do some businesses owners soar while others fail?
Why do some business owners seem confident and go out and get new clients while others hide in the corner?

In this call, you will finally understand how your subconscious blocks can negatively affect your business pipeline and your sales conversions… and what to do about it!

You Will Discover:

* The Hidden Reasons You’re Struggling to Find Your Niche

* Where You Are Leaking Time & Money in Your Business without Even Realizing It

* How Who You Are Can Be a Natural Magnet for Who You Are Here to Serve

* What You Might Be Doing That Is Sending Potential Clients Away

* How to Get Your Subconscious Mind on Your Team to Create Success


Jenn August has been called the “Mother of Business Hypnotherapy” and is one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success.

John Assaraf of the smash hit The Secret said “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!”

Jenn’s patented C3 system has helped thousands of business owners clear their subconscious blocks and double, triple and quadruple their income. The most important thing that happens for her clients is that they are no longer living in fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. They see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission and begin to live a life of true purpose and abundance.

She is the author of the block buster program: “Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks” TM, and as the co-creator of a global association called Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs International (SWE) she gets to support business women all over the world to accomplish their goals.

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Do You Stand Out On The Web? — The Naked Originality Checklist (with Suzanne Falter-Barnes)

Do You Stand Out On The Web? — The Naked Originality Checklist

(with Suzanne Falter-Barnes)

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

* What You don’t know about your target market that’s hurting your bottom line

* Whether your brand is unique enough or not

* The critical mistake almost all marketers make

* And why your business may be getting lost in the shuffle


Suzanne Falter-Barns is the Web’s leading expert in Platform building, branding and niching. She helps solopreneurs, consultants, coaches and conscious entrepreneurs create a powerful, unique online presence that conveys greater credibility and more impact. Her clients have gotten called cold by CNN, USA Today, Sixty Minutes, PBS, Wall Street Journal and more, as well as attracting major publishing deals.

Suzanne speaks along with Jeffrey Van Dyk, a leader in the coaching industry who works internationally to help business owners, speakers and coaches find their higher purpose and create powerful, meaningful work from it. Jeffrey has nearly two decades of experience in training and development, and has worked alongside such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, and Ariel Sharon.

Together Suzanne and Jeffrey help anyone learn how to tap deeply into their purpose in life, and package it as a magnetic online platform that attracts the perfect market you are meant to serve. They offer plenty of hands-on, practical tips for audiences on how to shape their online presence to truly be irresistible.

Their business, The Spiritual Marketing Quest, helps solopreneurs craft a purpose-based platform that stands apart powerfully and gets noticed by media and audiences alike.

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How to Make an Additional $5,000 a Month on Facebook (with Austin Walsh)

How to Make an Additional $5,000 a Month on Facebook

(with Austin Walsh)

You will learn:

* How to Generate Leads on Facebook and Turn Them Into Sales

* The #1 Mistake People Make with Facebook

* How Austin Discovered His Niche and Built 2 Successful Businesses through Social Media While Still in High School

Austin Walsh is a 19 year old entrepreneur who earns multiple 6 figures as a Facebook and social media expert and speaks in all over the world… all while still in college.

He has supported other top speakers and entrepreneurs like Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Walsh, and Gary Goldstein to boost their presence on Facebook.

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